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worth a cook: making and ordering food with apple devices

Many of our readers likely fondly remember when, in early 2016, Apple debuted an iPhone 6s screen commercial in which that Sesame Street favorite, Cookie Monster, used the device in his attempt to bake a batch of succulent cookies. Particularly highlighted was the ability to activate Siri in a hands-free manner simply by uttering “Hey Siri”, with Cookie Monster using this feature to set a timer. Still, this is hardly even a hint of the true extent to which Apple devices can help us in our culinary efforts. YUM’S THE WORD WITH THESE RECIPE APPS Much of the valuable functionality of an iPhone for chefs - novice and veteran alike - is, of course, in its apps. The mobile app revolution certainly hasn’t left the kitchen untouched; download the right apps and…

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apple ranked the most intimate brand for millennials

THE APPLE ECOSYSTEM Creating an ecosystem , or a collaborative network is essential for successful technology companies. Many companies create a ‘family of products,’ but none do it quite like Apple. The Apple ecosystem draws in customers with a single device, often the iPhone, before the customer branches out to purchase Apple’s other products. The seamless transition between Apple products is one of the many reasons for Apple success. Apple’s iCloud, photo stream, airplay, airdrop, WiFi hotspot, Apple Pay and more help integrate all of Apple’s products together. Using these technologies, you can start a Pages document on your laptop, leave to go out and continue editing the document on your iPhone, or you can receive phone calls and texts on your laptop, even when your phone isn’t in the same…

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remembering a great year for apple: january-june 2018

12 MONTHS OF TRIUMPH FOR THE CUPERTINO GIANT With just several short laps of the clock-face to go in 2018, we can finally draw a little breath and reflect on the last 12 months of incredible innovation in consumer tech by Apple. We’ve had new products, revolutionary upgrades and another year of record-breaking sales and mind-blowing ideas coming to life. It’s impossible to cram in-depth coverage of all of these developments into one article, of course, so we’ve instead put together a two-part piece containing this year’s highlights in high-impact Apple tech and notable news. JANUARY – FEBRUARY It really doesn’t seem long since last year’s holiday season, does it? As always seems to be the case as one year passes into the next, the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 was…

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byu blockchain summit seeks to explain blockchain technology

As comedian Ellen DeGeneres explained last week on her television show: “Everybody is talking about bitcoin, nobody understands it.” Students, business professionals and investors tackled that question as they came together last Friday at Brigham Young University for its first-ever Blockchain Summit. The summit, organized by BYU law student Ryan Lewis, pulled in an impressive array of experts working in this very new field. But what is blockchain, how does it relate to bitcoin and how will it affect the layperson? As Chad Bennett, founder and CEO of Heroic Cybersecurity in Provo, explained, the “internet is the information exchange protocol,” and “blockchain is the value exchange protocol.” Just as the internet changed the way society, at a very basic level, exchanges information, blockchain advocates say this new technology will change the way society…

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augmented reality revolution apps you need to get your hands on

WWDC 2018 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2018) is taking place in San Jose, CA, from June 4 to June 8. Attendees can enjoy valuable sessions, labs, consultations, get-togethers, guest speakers and more. Over 1,000 Apple engineers typically attend. Tickets are offered on a lottery system, and registration opened on March 13 2018. Most importantly, it is a platform for Apple to unveil their most exciting developments, technology, and products coming this year. The event’s first-day keynote allows Apple to introduce upcoming software and hardware. This keynote not only sets the stage for the rest of the week, but it sets the precedent for technology to come in the next year. Apple officially announced the event this week and designer Martin Hajek created a set of 16 wallpapers, inspired by…

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airplay 2: music multiplied

APPLE CONTINUES THEIR LEGACY For many of us, the first piece of Apple tech we owned was an iPod, used in conjunction with iTunes. Apple has long been the king of music, and technology, and strives to create a seamless integration across all Apple products, and the latest addition to the Apple family does just that. AirPlay 2 works to create a seamless transition between our devices and allows multi-room control directly from your iPhone. AIRPLAY 2 IS ABOUT TO SHIP Apple AirPlay 2 is the latest version of the AirPlay protocol, and it is finally on its way . The original AirPlay was first introduced in 2010, so it is certainly outdated, and finally it will feature universal device support. It allows you to share music from your MacBook or iPhone to…