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ethical design could become standard in 2019

THE NEW YEAR COULD BRING NEW ATTITUDES New year, new you? While individuals all over the world begin to ponder this annual predicament of reflection and self-improvement, isn’t it about time tech giants around the globe did the same? 2018 will hopefully prove to be a watershed in design, development and above all, ethics in the production of the tech that we love, but have begun to distrust. And this is no surprise. Last year saw an unnerving plethora of data breaches and scandals hit the news , the most notable of which was the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, the most worrying aspect of each extensive breach was arguably not the incredible numbers involved, but instead how long they had gone unnoticed. In fact, in some instances, it wasn’t until the data…

5 Min.
netflix and chill no more - streaming is getting complicated

Streaming TV may never again be as simple, or as affordable, as it is now. Disney and WarnerMedia are each launching their own streaming services in 2019 in a challenge to Netflix’s dominance. Netflix viewers will no longer be able to watch hit movies such as “Black Panther” or “Moana,” which will soon reside on Disney’s subscription service. WarnerMedia, a unit of AT&T, will also soon have its own service to showcase its library of blockbuster films and HBO series. Families will have to decide between paying more each month or losing access to some of their favorite dramas, comedies, musicals and action flicks. “There’s definitely a lot of change coming,” said Paul Verna at eMarketer, a digital research company. “People will have more choices of what to stream, but at the…

3 Min.
what’s in a name? 5g wireless claims, but no real network

5G E? 5G Plus? 5G Ultrawideband? Will the real 5G please stand up? AT&T has drawn ridicule by relabeling the network used by some of its phones as “5G E” to signal that the next-generation wireless network is here. Problem is, phones capable of connecting to 5G aren’t coming for another few months, and a national 5G network won’t be deployed until 2020 or 2021. But Verizon, which complained this week about AT&T’s move, did something similar when it launched a residential wireless service with the 5G moniker using its own proprietary technology. Although there are now industry standards specifying exactly what 5G networks must meet, dubbed “5G NR,” there are still some grey areas, particularly when it comes to marketing. Carriers are using all tools at their disposal as they race…

2 Min.
some nevada governments using blockchain for public records

Some northern Nevada counties are using blockchain, the online ledger best known for helping secure virtual currencies such as bitcoin, to store digital versions of government records like birth and marriage certificates. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that as of December in Washoe County, about 950 couples had received secure digital marriage certificates to home computers and smartphones since the program debuted in April 2018. The newspaper found that Elko County is trying similar technology for certified digital birth certificates. Phil Dhingra at San Francisco-based Titan Seal said the Washoe County digital marriage certificate program uses the Ethereum blockchain because it has computing power that makes it hard to hack. He said he believes the number of digital certificates per year in the United States could at least match the billions of paper records that…

6 Min.
earnings: numbers are changing apple

With Apple issuing guidance on its fourth-quarter results and fewer iPhone units shifting than expected in 2018, the company’s reputation has taken a slight dent. Learn all about the latest report, discover the truth behind the tech giant’s performance, and see what to expect in 2019 as Apple works harder than ever to appease both consumers and shareholders. CHANGING LANDSCAPE Last week, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook penned a letter to investors , citing China as one of the key reasons for its 2018 sales problems. Cook said that Apple “did not foresee the magnitude of the economic deceleration” in China and that US-China trade tensions had hurt consumer confidence, causing fewer consumers to purchase new iPhone and iPad models. The note was unprecedented, and it was the first time Apple has…

3 Min.
ces 2019: people will buy more smart stuff, fewer tvs

The CES 2019 gadget show is revving up in Las Vegas. Here are the latest findings and observations from Media reporters on the ground as technology’s biggest trade event gets underway. MORE SMART DEVICES, FEWER TVS What gadgets will Americans buy this year? Lots of “smart” devices for their home, according to projections from a technology association. If that sounds a lot like last year, you’re right, but sales are still expected to grow again in 2019. The Consumer Technology Association expects nearly 37 million Amazon Echoes, Google Homes and other smart speakers to be sold this year in the U.S., a 5 percent increase from a year ago. Meanwhile, more than 29 million smart doorbells, thermostats and switches are expected to be sold, a 23 percent increase from the previous year. The numbers were…