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how theaters can evolve in the age of streaming

BRICK-AND-MORTAR CINEMA ISN’T DEAD JUST YET When you are in the mood to watch a great film, how do you watch it? Do you schedule a visit to the local theater, or do you simply load up the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad? Chances are that you would be happy to do either, depending on where your mood takes you. Right now, the traditional, theater-based model of film consumption is locking horns with the more modern, streaming-based approach pioneered by Netflix, but it remains unclear exactly how this battle will unfold. Netflix itself has given traditional theaters a lot to think about on quite a few occasions over the years. This includes as recently as this year, when the streamer was locked in negotiations with major theater chains for months…

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muted launch for google’s game-streaming service stadia

Google’s new game-streaming service Stadia demonstrates the possibilities of gaming from the cloud, but experts say it’s hindered by a lack of compelling video games and a convoluted pricing scheme. Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games research at IHS Markit, called Tuesday’s launch more of a public beta test than an actual debut. He said the real test will come next year, when Stadia begins to compete with new video game consoles due out from Sony and Microsoft. “It is not at the moment a challenger to console companies or PC gaming,” he said. “At this stage it is really about getting the product into market and into hands of consumers.” Google can learn from that and fine-tune the service as it grows and competition intensifies, he said. Much like movies and music, the…

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supreme court steps into google-oracle copyright fight

The Supreme Court said it will referee a high-profile copyright dispute between technology giants Oracle and Google. Oracle says it wants nearly $9 billion from Google. The case stems from Google’s development of its hugely popular Android operating system by using Oracle’s Java programming language. A federal appeals court found that Google unfairly used Java without paying for it, the second appellate ruling in Oracle’s favor. A trial court has yet to assess damages. The justices agreed to review the appeals court ruling, and arguments are expected early next year. The first Android phone went on sale in 2008 and Google says more than 2 billion mobile devices now use Android. The dispute stretches back to 2010, when Oracle filed suit over Google’s use of 11,500 lines of Java code. In the first of two…

7 Min.
macbook pro: the ultimate pro notebook

With Apple lifting the lid on the new MacBook Pro with a stunning 16-inch Retina Display and an 80% performance boost over previous generations, we take a closer look and explore the firm’s ongoing push into empowering its professional user base with cutting-edge hardware. THE WORLD’S BEST PROFESSIONAL NOTEBOOK First introduced back in 2006 by Steve Jobs , the MacBook Pro has become one of the world’s most iconic notebook brands, the compute power behind some of the biggest projects in history. From editing blockbuster movies and TV shows to writing chart topping books and mastering number-one singles, the MacBook Pro has been with its power users every step of the way, offering cutting-edge performance in a compact and portable device. With the all-new MacBook Pro, described by Apple as the “world’s…

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twitter details political ad ban, admits it’s imperfect

Twitter’s new ban on political ads will cover appeals for votes, solicitations for campaign contributions and any political content. But the company quickly acknowledged that it expects to make mistakes as individuals and groups look for loopholes. Twitter is defining political content to include any ad that references a candidate, political party, government official, ballot measure, or legislative or judicial outcome. The ban also applies to all ads — even non-political ones — from candidates, political parties and elected or appointed government officials. However, Twitter is allowing ads related to social causes such as climate change, gun control and abortion. People and groups running such ads won’t be able to target those ads down to a user’s ZIP code or use political categories such as “conservative” or “liberal.” Rather, targeting must be…

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ford mustang suv starts a blitz of new electric vehicles

Ford is unveiling its first all-electric SUV, marking the start of an avalanche of battery-powered vehicles coming from mainstream and luxury automakers during the next two years that industry analysts say will boost electric vehicle sales. The “Mustang Mach E,” which will go 230 miles to more 300 miles per charge depending on how it’s equipped, was unveiled last weekend ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show press days. There are 18 now for sale in the US, and IHS Markit expects that to grow to 80 in 2022, including pickup trucks and SUVs that are in the heart of the American market. Yet last year, pure electric vehicles made up only 1.5% of new vehicle sales worldwide, and the consulting firm LMC Automotive predicts that will rise to 2.2% this year.…