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Autumn 2019

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME collaborates with emergent and eminent architects, artisans, designers, developers, builders and realtors to create beautiful content from distinct perspectives. Through thought-provoking writing, lush layouts and vibrant graphics, the quarterly publication offers meticulously curated product and trend coverage from around the globe.

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from the editor seasons. enthusiasm.

Prior to my current fab gig, I wore many fab hats toiling the career landscape but with one constant in my life – at a celebrated clothing boutique in Englewood, NJ. La Puerta Del Sol, “La P” for short, had a vibe second to none. It had been a mainstay on the corner of the city’s dominant retail avenue for decades when I started. Quaint, unique and community minded. I worked there with various schedules for over 30 years, growing friendships and cultivating a wardrobe. The proprietor, Elaine, affectionately known as “E,” had an uncanny sense of style. And a collection of ethnic jewelry that was hard to rival. She was a confidant. I can remember in summertime, when we were knee-deep in cotton gauze, t-shirts and cropped linen pants for…

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aspire design and home

EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF Amy Sneider CREATIVE DIRECTOR Laura Soles ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kate J. King WEB EDITOR Kelly Walters COPY EDITOR Michelle Vilotti editorial contributors Thomas Connors | Gwen Donovan Alice Garbarini Hurley | Deborah L. Martin | Kate Missine Jessica Ross | Christina Valhouli Brett Williams | Cathy Whitlock PUBLISHING PUBLISHER Steven Mandel ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Sophia Koutsiaftis VP ADVERTISING AND BRANDING Lori Sheldon Lenis AD SALES Alan Wolfe Michael Mazzola ADMINISTRATOR Valerie Mangan DIGITAL Adam Alpert Nancy Donovan Satyakam Misra Intern Cooper Nugent COMMUNICATIONS Lisa McMahon CIRCULATION Thomas Smith CONTROLLER Kate Varela ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Amy Sneider…

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lush life autumn 2019

It takes a deep knowledge of history and a sure aesthetic touch to conjure the past. Too little of either can leave one feeling like a passenger caught on a time machine that has jumped gears. But there’s no doubt where you are in this Right Bank apartment. Fashioned by John Coury and Florent Maillard of CM Studio Paris, the residence is an exquisitely calibrated homage to its site – a 17th-century hôtel particulier – and the man who once made it home, diplomat Charles-Louis Huguet de Montaran, marquis de Sémonville. “The Hotel de Sémonville was built at the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV and we wanted to create the illusion that each element of the decor had been here since that time,” relate the designers. Although the team…

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upclose author

Pop the cork, pour a glass and settle in for breathtaking photos and inspiring stories of jewel-of-the-vine wineries, mostly in Napa and Sonoma counties. “I kept the book to wineries designed, or redesigned, within the last ten years, because the book is about what is happening in California wine country now. We are in the golden age of wine,” contends author Heather Sandy Hebert. “Early wineries were far more imitative of European-style estates, but as California wines came into their own, that changed,” she notes. The new architecture of wine has evolved into a celebration of the state’s topography, agricultural heritage and passion for sustainability and site-specific design. These wineries really are an homage to place. “Every winemaker will tell you that the vines and the grapes come first, always, but hospitality is also…

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book nook

AN ATLAS OF GEOGRAPHICAL WONDERS: FROM MOUNTAINTOPS TO RIVERBEDS Gilles Palsky, Jean-Marc Besse, Philippe Grand, Jean-Christophe Bailly Princeton Architectural Press • $50 This is the first book to catalog comparative maps and tableaux that visualize the heights and lengths of the world’s mountains and rivers. Produced predominantly in the 19th century, these beautifully rendered maps emerged out of the tide of exploration and scientific developments in measuring techniques. Most of the maps are from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at Stanford University. ATLAS OF MID-CENTURY MODERN HOUSES By Dominic Bradbury PHAIDON • $150 Following the release of the critically acclaimed “Atlas of Brutalist Architecture” (2018), the “Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses” presents the most complete, in-depth global survey of mid-century modern residential architecture. This fascinating collection features more than 400 residences in over 70 countries made…

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abroad cloth

Fabric & Steel’s latest collection, Texture, is inspired by the variety of textures experienced in the mountains of Andalucía, Spain. There are countless encounters of beauty and possibility and peace. Texture is earthy with some glittering sparkle – the natural fibers juxtaposed to a subtle hint of metallic woven throughout the design. Texture conveys motion, aesthetic and tactile characteristics of place in a singular expression. It asserts a moment of beautiful discovery – of escaping one reality and connecting with a new one. “Spain was awe-inspiring for me, the diverse landscape including the mountain ridges really played into my existing admiration for texture. As a textile designer, I wanted to incorporate a woven into my line that played into this - a touch of sheen when the light hits it, a mix…