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Autos & Motorräder
Australian Motorcyclist

Australian Motorcyclist July 2019

"The brainchild of two of Australia’s best known motorcycle journalists – Peter “The Bear” Thoeming and Stuart Woodbury. Together The Bear and Stuart provide you with all of the latest and greatest motorcycles and especially all of the best places to travel on your motorcycle. Each month you get our regular Pub of the Month column, along with our two free pullout maps – the only motorcycle magazine in Australia to provide such a unique feature. On sale around the middle of each month and of course you can guarantee your copy each month by subscribing! Make sure you are part of the AMM motorcycling community and enjoy your motorcycle even more."

Australian Motorcyclist Magazine Pty Ltd.
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2 Min.
editor speaks

What’s wrong with these fools ARE WE AS A NATION getting dumber? I think we could be judging by the stupidity I witnessed on a recent trip north out of Sydney. More and more drivers (and some riders) are looking at the edge of their bonnet (front tyre for the riders) and not taking in what’s happening around them – whether that’s in front, to the side or especially behind them. People don’t give a stuff what the road rules are and it is no wonder so many accidents happen on the major roads out of our cities – no doubt out of frustration from other road users. In particular I’m talking about speed limits and the Keep Left Unless Overtaking rules. I’m all for going fast (most of the time) but…

4 Min.

LAND OF ADVENTURE Whether it’s road or off the beaten track, Paradise Motorcycle Tours NZ has you covered. For those who like to get dirty check out their 11 day Adventure Tour of the South Island. Starting and finishing back at Christchurch this tour will take you to all the best trails and the best roads. With a professional and experienced tour guide as lead rider, and a professional and experienced tour guide driving a support vehicle carrying your luggage, you can ride unencumbered and worry free. Upcoming dates include - 07 - 17 Jan 2020, 17 - 27 Mar 2020, 09 - 19 Nov 2021. The tour guides carry a satellite phone, so while you’re enjoying the splendour of remote areas, you’re still in touch in an emergency. All guides…

5 Min.
bmw r 1250 gs rallye

THE KING OF adventure land, the BMW R 1200 GS, has been given an update recently with a displacement increase, meaning more power and torque, and some fancy tech inside the engine called Shift Cam Technology. I rode the new R 1250 GS Rallye version (similar to the previous Rallye X) at the recent BMW GS Safari – the perfect platform to test all the new features. The new 1254cc engine combines the power and response of a high-performance motor with aggressive high-lift cams, with the docility, economy and emissions of an engine which has much softer cam profiles. How? By using two sets of cam lobes on the inlet camshafts. The idea of employing two distinct cam lobe profiles in one engine isn’t new. Honda’s VTEC system – the one it…

1 Min.

PRICE: $26,390 (plus on-road charges) WARRANTY:Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 12,000km or 12 months ENGINE:Air/liquid-cooled boxer twin cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder BORE x STROKE: 102.5 x 76mm DISPLACEMENT: 1254cc COMPRESSION: 12.5:1 POWER: 100kW @ 7750rpm TORQUE: 143Nm @ 6250rpm TRANSMISSION: 6-speed, wet multi-plate clutch, shaft final drive SUSPENSION: Front, 37mm telelever fork, electronically adjustable, travel 190mm. Rear, monoshock, electronically adjustable, travel 200mm. DIMENSIONS: Seat height 850-870mm, weight 249kg (wet), fuel capacity 20 litres, wheelbase 1514mm TYRES: Front, 120/70/R19. Rear, 170/60/R17 FRAME:Tubular steel BRAKES: Front, twin 305mm discs with radial mount four-piston switchable ABS calipers. Rear, 276mm disc, dual-piston switchable ABS caliper. FUEL CONSUMPTION: 6.06 litres per 100km, premium unleaded THEORETICAL RANGE: 330km COLOURS: HP: Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red VERDICT: KING OF THE BIG BOYS…

10 Min.
indian ftr 1200s

INDIAN’S flat-track-inspired FTR1200 has been the most eagerly anticipated motorcycle since the time of Christ – which is unapologetic hyperbole, but it’s kinda true. Here was an entirely new type of bike from a factory that made its very recent bones building traditional cruisers for a very traditional market. The FTR is such a departure from what you’ve come to expect from Indian, its advent caused social media to stop celebrating the consusmption of dishwashing liquid, and to start high-fiving itself in anticipation of the FTR’s arrival. Which was by no means certain. But the wheels were certainly in motion a few years back. In the background, Indian was busily beating Harley-Davidson to death on the flat-track circuits of America with its potent 750cc dirt-weapon. But since this part of the world doesn’t follow the…

1 Min.

PRICE: $20,995 - base model, $22,995 - S, and $24,995 - Race Replica (ride away) WARRANTY:Two years, unlimited distance and includes two-years roadside-assist. SERVICING INTERVALS: First 800km, second 4000km, third 8000km, then every 8000km or 12 months. ENGINE: Liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder BORE x STROKE: 102 x 73.6mm DISPLACEMENT: 1203cc COMPRESSION: 12.5:1 POWER: 91.7kW @ 8250rpm TORQUE: 120Nm @ 5900rpm TRANSMISSION: Six-speed, assist and slip wet multi-plate clutch, chain final drive SUSPENSION: Front, 43mm inverted fork, adjustable preload and rebound, travel 150mm. Rear, monoshock, adjustable preload and rebound, Piggyback IFP, travel 150mm. DIMENSIONS: Seat height 853mm, weight 222kg (dry), fuel capacity 13litres, wheelbase 1524mm TYRES: Front, 120/70/19. Rear, 150/70/18 FRAME:Tubular steel BRAKES: Front, twin 320mm discs with 4-piston calipers. Rear, 265mm disc, 2-piston caliper. FUEL CONSUMPTION: 6 litres per 100km, Premium unleaded THEORETICAL…