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Australian Mountain Bike Issue 173

Australian Mountain Bike magazine is Australia's leading off road cycling publication, and features extensive and industry-leading mountain bike and product reviews. It tracks down the greatest trails to ride, offers columns dedicated to both the first time rider and pro racer, plus some of the best mountain bike imagery in the world. Exclusive and inclusive - covering the full spectrum of the sport, trust AMB to give you the best advice from the sport's best journalists.

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Damian Breach adds course clearing to his photographer duties as he cleans up the loose dust on a dry corner ahead of the Flow-Motion Cup at the Thredbo Cannonball Festival 2018. Following on from several days of snow, Thredbo quickly dried up in time for prime conditions at the seventh Cannonball Festival, during the second weekend of December. It was a sibling double, with Kye and Sian A’hern taking the wins in their categories on the Saturday (above). Josh Carlson leans his way through the tall snow gums of Thredbo’s All-Mountain trail during Cannonball Festival 2018. Taking the win on the day with the toasty Thredbo summer sun shining down, Carlson shreds his way down the dry course with endurance and style, affirming why he is one of the best bike…

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get high on your own supply

Mountain biking has changed a whole lot in its lifetime, and it seems like a lot of the current growth in our great sport is due to there being more options to get uphill with less effort. And as we release our second Alpine Issue for this summer, it’s probably worth reflecting on it. Is mountain biking, as an entire sport, the same if you took all the uphills out? My argument is no. I have no qualms about using a chairlift, a shuttle, a lift with a mate, an eMTB or even an easier trail or my own two feet to get to the top of a trail to ride the descent. But if I only rode in places where I could shuttle or take a lift then I think I’d…

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cannonball goes off!

Thredbo MTB once again put on a show for all, with the Cannonball Festival continuing for its seventh year in a row during the second weekend of December last year. Over 900 competitors descended the steep slopes, with hundreds of spectators flocking to the lower sections, where they enjoyed 5 different events over 4 days under the alpine summer sun. Perfect conditions kicked off the first event of Cannonball Festival 2018, with competitors taking on the 11-minute race run down Thredbo’s Osprey All-Mountain Assault from the top of Gunbarrel chairlift. Racing kicked off by mid afternoon on the Thursday, with tight times between the top 3 in Pro categories. It would be Josh Carlson in Pro Men, and Sian A’hern in Women who would take the wins, both only several seconds…

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port to port, it’s better with mates!

NSW’s biggest mountain bike stage race is back this May, with a new twist – you can race with your mate! Tackling mountain bike challenges in pairs is a pretty big deal around the world, and that’s the concept that is coming from the global Epic Series of events to the Oceania Epic Series. So in 2019 Port to Port, Reef to Reef and Cape to Cape will all be able to be raced in pairs, just like the premier event in the series - The Pioneer. Expect four days of riding and racing on some of the best trails in the Hunter Valley and around Newcastle from 23-26 May. Choose a team mate and get signed up, and be prepared to share the highs and lows on and off the…

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canyon’s all-new strive

Canyon have hit 2019 rolling fast, with an all-new Strive with 29” wheels and their ShapeShifter feature landing on the trails. We were super impressed with the first iteration of the Strive, and this version brings some much anticipated changes, like Boost through-axles, 29” wheels and geometry updates to match progressive riding. The ShapeShifter does what you’d expect, it changes the nature of the ride. For the 2019 Canyon Strive the push of a lever, body weight shift and gas spring changes not just the suspension travel from 150 to 135mm, but also the geometry making it 1.5 degrees steeper, and of course the suspension firms up. Canyon have worked closely with Fox to get the system even more refined than before. This means the 29” wheeled enduro beast can be…

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rocky trail celebrates 10 years of the shimano mtb gp series

The Shimano MTB GP Series is a staple on the NSW endurance event calendar, and in 2019 the series turns 10. With a range of events from enduro, downhill, 12-hour events, charity events, school events, women’s only events, timing for club racing and more, we spoke to Rocky Trail’s Juliane Wisata about how the Shimano MTB GP fits in. “The Shimano MTB GP has always been our XC base of events, thinking back I see so many faces flash up at the start lines - riders who started as teenagers and are now competing on a national and international level and it is so rewarding that we can accompany so many riders on parts of their riding career - be it a hobby or professional path. The developments, growth and enthusiasm…