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Australian Mountain Bike Issue 179

Australian Mountain Bike magazine is Australia's leading off road cycling publication, and features extensive and industry-leading mountain bike and product reviews. It tracks down the greatest trails to ride, offers columns dedicated to both the first time rider and pro racer, plus some of the best mountain bike imagery in the world. Exclusive and inclusive - covering the full spectrum of the sport, trust AMB to give you the best advice from the sport's best journalists.

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alpine experiences

It’s summer, and it should be no surprise that you have an Alpine Issue in your hands. I’m not going to apologise about it as I think riding trails up high is part of what makes mountain biking so good. Here in Australia we have a pretty big alpine plateau, and while it lacks the drama of alpine ranges around the world, year on year we can get more access to the terrain. In part that’s from the expansion of dedicated mountain bike trails by land managers and alpine resorts – but it is also thanks to riders equipping themselves to get out off the marked mountain bike routes to have an overnight adventure, just like Adam Macbeth did in his feature in this issue. Now is the time to ride…

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fry and fearon rule blue derby

Derby, Tasmania, has just played host to the final round of the Shimano Enduro Tour for 2019. The course traversed the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails, with riders covering nearly 37km and climbing 1360m over the five stages. Snaking through some of the rowdiest trails Blue Derby has to offer, the course pitted riders against the infamous boulders on Detonate, and the rock gardens on Shearpin which not only challenge racer’s bike handling skills but also how long they can avoid the brake levers. It’s not all tech and gnar, and competitors were clocking high speeds on the smooth and flowy Flickety Sticks and earning more than their fair share of hang time on Air-Ya-Garn. In truly un-Tasmanian fashion, there was nothing but blue skies and sunshine in the days leading up…

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cape to cape pairs a success

The 2019 Cape to Cape was the first year the prestigious stage race in the south west of Western Australia was raced as a pairs event, just like Port to Port and Reef to Reef. And in keeping with that, the overall men’s, women’s and mixed pairs winners read just like the race in the tropics. While Anna Beck and Briony Mattocks won the women’s pairs race after taking the lead on Stage 3, Jon Odams and Brendan Johnston maintained a narrow gained thanks to their time bonus in the event’s opening elite time trial. A glance at the results sheet doesn’t show how close the racing was, with a sprint finish for the men’s pairs on every stage! The Mixed category was one of the most competitive and exciting races,…

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bosch update performance cx emtb motor

In the middle of the year, Bosch released the latest generation of the Performance CX eMTB motor. One of the most obvious differences is weight and size, and this has a huge impact on bike design. The previous Bosch Performance CX motors did leave bike designers struggling to create the geometry that some riders wanted from their eMTBs. Chainstays would end up quite long, which was awesome for stability at speed and seated climbing – but not so good for agility on tighter trails and where riders were taking their bikes. The weight saving is significant, The Bosch Performance CX Gen4 is a full 1.3kg lighter than the Gen3 while also being about half the size. There’s a direct benefit here beyond the bike design benefits noted above – as a…

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your singletrack odyssey

Throwaway your misconceptions that a marathon mountain bike race is just hills and fire trails, as the Otway Odyssey has the perfect mix of raw trail, purpose-built singletrack, flow trail descents and... ok hills and fire trails too. The classic mountain bike race sets pulses racing in Forrest, Victoria, each year as mountain bikers congregate in the Otway Ranges to tackle events from 10km through to 100km. With the Grommets event and the 30km Odyssey Angels women’s only event you can be sure there is something for everyone. The race falls on 22nd February Better yet, why not stay for the Great Otway Gravel Grind on Sunday 23rd February? With two distances on the dirt roads in the ranges, and along the Great Ocean Road on the long distance, this is…

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shimano mtb gp in 2020

The Shimano MTB GP continues to grow, and in 2020 there will be a massive 9 rounds in New South Wales and in the Australian Capital Territory and at least one in Queensland. You don’t need to do each one, but there is a series pointscore if that’s what you’re into. Each race has 4 and 7 hour options and you can race solo or as a team. It’s up to you for how you choose to tackle the challenge. Each location uses a mix of fun singletrack and open trails to make sure the courses are a lot of fun without congestion. There’s a DJ, food and drink and lots of other mountain bikers to hang out with. Check out the Rocky Trail Entertainment website for full details and race…