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July 1, 2020

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have your say on the future you want

AT THE END of the month, the government’s consultation on the ban of all non-pure-electric cars by 2035 – or sooner – will end. It’s the single most significant change our industry has faced since its conception in the late 19th century, practically legislating out of existence the highly developed and still developing internal combustion engine. We’ve written our own submission for the consultation (see p52). We take a pragmatic and realistic view that helps protect the many specialist low-volume manufacturers the UK car industry is rightly proud of while recognising that the ICE deserves to live on with hybrid assistance. Making all transport zero emissions for all of the time will require massive investment from the government in infrastructure and buyer incentives. Even then, it simply will not be achievable for…

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ineos reveals grenadier as rugged off-roader for 2021

GOT A STORY? Email our news editor lawrence.allan@haymarket.com Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s rugged new off-roader, the Ineos Grenadier, has broken cover with a variety of clear design references to the old Land Rover Defender and a specification that could easily pass for a modernised version of the 1948 original. Despite this, the Grenadier is an all-new 4x4 created by a ground-up team and brand, with modern components, a state-of-the-art powertrain and possibly an even more singular purpose than the icon that it seeks to supplant. Similar in size to the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class and powered by a modular range of six-cylinder BMW diesel and petrol engines, it’s expected to be priced from £40,000 when it hits the market late next year, initially as a five-door station wagon then “soon afterwards” as a four-door pick-up truck.…

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can ineos make the grade?

With the emergence of his Land Rover Defender successor, any suggestion that the Grenadier is simply billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s vanity project must be declared dead and buried. The project is far too thorough, well-founded, plausible and visually convincing for that. When the digital wraps first came off the Grenadier, I was instantly impressed by the quality its designer Toby Ecuyer describes over the page, my ability to read the design and its purpose. Sure, you think of the Defender. The Grenadier was always going to refer to its iconic inspiration: Ratcliffe actually fought Jaguar Land Rover in the courts to ensure that there could be no question of any patent being infringed. But the Grenadier is very much its own car, and an instantly desirable one at that. Of course, Ineos still has…

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q & a

So you’re not a car designer? “No, at least not until now. I grew up on a farm in Derbyshire around tractors and Land Rovers, but I was interested in cars. “When I was about nine, I wrote to Austin Rover with some car sketches. They wrote back politely, basically saying the cars were terrible but that they had a design department and, when I was old enough, I should try to join their training scheme. Until then, I didn’t realise design was an actual job, and that really sparked my interest to know how things were created.” How did you get into design? “I trained as an architect and then got into boat design – long projects, 80-metre superyachts and for private customers. That’s how I got to know Jim Ratcliffe. I designed…

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bentley aims to fend off dbx

Bentley is hoping to restore its place at the pinnacle of the luxury SUV segment with its redesigned Bentayga, which is set to go on sale in the coming weeks before deliveries in the autumn. The update includes an altered look, new technology, more space and – in the UK and Europe – the removal of the unique W12 engine option. The Bentayga has become a core model for Bentley, with more than 20,000 examples finding homes since it was launched back in 2015. The changes aren’t radical as a result, rather serving to bring the SUV into line with the brand’s newer models, the Continental GT and Flying Spur. The exterior changes echo this, with design director Stefan Sielaff claiming that he wanted to create more of a “family feeling” between models.…

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behind the wheel of a new bentayga prototype

THE BENTAYGA HAS been a huge hit for Bentley, accounting for 45% of the brand’s global sales in 2019. But the need to keep it fresh in the face of increasing competition – such as fellow Brit, the Aston Martin DBX – has resulted in a mid-life refresh. Not that we got to see the new look on the heavily disguised prototype we drove in South Africa back in February, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. On some of the many fine roads close to Cape Town, the petrol V8-powered prototype’s effortless low-down muscularity felt familiar, with instant torque and lag-free responses. It will also pull hard and make some pleasant noises while it does so. Although some will mourn the passing of the W12, the V8 is hardly a slouch, feeling barely slower…