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BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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Bike of the Year always provokes an argument, stopping just short of fisticuffs, in the Bike office. It continues in the pub after work. Usually we’ve got a clear idea of the front runners at the start, but not this time. So, possibly while still in the pub, we decided to spice up the 2020 contest by making it a knockout competition. It’d keep some surprising bikes in the running for longer, but we’d still end up with a worthy champion. Value, practicality, looks and riding experience seemed like reasonable categories on which to separate the contenders. We added to the Bike team’s expertise by asking artist Grayson Perry to separate the semi-finalists on looks. He’s always got interesting things to say about why things look the way they do and…

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happy birthday gs

BMW have sold 1.2 million GS motorcycles since the first R80G/S (above) appeared in 1980, and justifiably claim to have created the template for the adventure market. But because the modern GS has evolved into such a phenomenal road bike, it’s easy to forget just how good the old bikes were in the dirt. We ask the boss of BMW’s Off-Road Skills school (and seven times Dakar finisher) Simon Pavey to pick his GS favourites. BMW have sold 1.2 million GSs… and justifiably claim to have created the adventure market’…

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king of the norvins

As motorcycle mash-ups go, this has to be one of the most beautiful. It’s wildly exotic too, using a genuine Norton Featherbed frame and the engine from a Vincent Rapide. ‘We’ve built Triumphs, Nortons, Guzzis, Laverdas, Ducatis and Japanese, but this time we wanted to build the nicest cafe racer ever,’ Gianluca Tiepolo, boss of Stile Italiano in Pordenone, Italy, tells Bike. ‘We wanted perfect curves that were classic but different, crazy attention to detail and quality everything. So we used Japanese race drum brakes because the quality is top, and then fitted upsidedown Öhlins forks [from a Ducati 888 race bike] to break the rules of the classic style.’ The engine is, unsurprisingly, not stock. The legendary 998cc air-cooled V-twin has been bored out to 1140cc, there are forged pistons and…

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speedier speed triple

Triumph’s next Speed Triple will be a significant step forward if this spy shot is anything to go by. The new bike – expected next year – has all new engine cases, frame, exhaust, rear suspension, wheels, dash and lights. The new engine cases suggest there’s been serious fettling beneath – we’re guessing there’s a 100cc capacity increase to help counteract losses due to Euro5 emission compliance, plus the latest advances from the 765cc Street Triple RS. The current Speed Triple’s 140bhp feels more than enough on the road, but Triumph will no doubt want to edge closer to rivals’ power outputs – the KTM Super Duke R makes 177bhp, for example. The layout of the engine is different to the current bike’s too, with a smaller clutch lifted higher behind the…

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Wise old motorcyclists often say the perfect bike for British B-roads would weigh no more than a 125, have an engine you can thrash without going to prison, and be kind to ancient, groaning, knees. Well, here it is: the Langen, a low volume production bike to be launched in September. And it’s built by CCM’s ex-chief engineer Chris Ratcliffe. Take it away Chris… What’s the engine? It’s a Vins direct-injection two-stroke that makes 80bhp at 11,700rpm [the Langen only weighs 113kg dry, so its power-to-weight ratio is on a par with the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS]. The Vins engine is not like the two-strokes I remember from days gone by. Because of the direct injection and the reed valves, it’s got a very linear torque delivery right from tickover. It…

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super duper leggera

‘Racing needs something newness I hope this bike helps inspire people to think about racing in a different way’ Roland Sands’ latest custom build isn’t merely a modern take on 1980s naked superbikes, made famous by the likes of Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey, it’s a call to arms. ‘Racing needs something new and it needs it bad,’ Roland tells Bike. ‘It needs excitement, it needs to get people talking and it needs to get manufacturers excited. Superbikes aren’t doing that. I hope this bike helps inspire people to think about racing in a different way.’ Roland’s dream is a naked superbike series starring Triumph Speed Triples, KTM Super Duke Rs, Yamaha MT- 10s and, perhaps, bikes like this - a 2014 Ducati Panigale 1199 Superleggera with all the bodywork stripped off,…