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Break for the Border: The CollectionBreak for the Border: The Collection

Break for the Border: The Collection Road Rider: NSW Road Trips 2015

Australian Road Rider presents its very own mini-series: Break for the Border. In this collection, you’ll find the best road trip adventures from across the world and back; we give you the inside line to making your adventure as easy and enjoyable as possible. From first motorcycle touring trips along the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians to serious journeys not for the fainthearted as we capture an incredible 105-day expedition across 15+ countries! Don’t miss out on this exciting collection.

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nsw road trips

“This is simply the best biker hotel in NSW with its bunker-style dongers, motel rooms, hearty meals, bike videos on the TV, small collection of bikes in the bar and motorsport paraphernalia” When you’re travelling in a group, you only progress as fast as the slowest rider. And if there is a photo-journalist in your pack, it’s going to be even slower, especially when he takes an impromptu bath … but more of that later on. That was my role in a recent ride with nine other adventure riders intent on exploring two of the most popular adventure roads in northern NSW: Paddy’s Flat and Rocky River. The former is a north-west road that winds up and over several ranges and across a couple of creeks before hitting the Bruxner Highway near…

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gold in the hill

Hill End is a living, working monument to Australian gold-rush history. The tiny historical town is managed by the national parks people, contains an abundance of old buildings, is home to an interesting and eclectic population and still functions like any small country town in Australia. A few gold mines carry on there, albeit in a stop-start manner, and plenty of fossickers chase a bit of “colour” by panning the nearby creeks. It’s off the beaten track, and not on a road to anywhere in particular, but getting there is so much fun that you’ll always see a few bikes in Hill End on a weekend. In fact, as I headed away from Hill End the other day, I passed a couple of dozen bikes going the other way on…

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where the city meets the bush

THE BRIDLE TRACK More than four years ago, the spectacular cliff-hugging Bridle Track was closed by a landslide. This shut off a major tourist route to Hill End, and despite the painful economic impact on the town the Bathurst Council appears uninterested in re-opening it. Pushbikes can get past the slip, but it’s a different story for motorcycles. Apart from the illegality of doing so, there’s the real danger of going over the sheer cliff. Groups of riders who used to ride the Bridle Track on a regular basis have long given up on it. The track’s closure is a great shame because it was a brilliant adventure-riding route with dramatic landscapes and plenty of fun riding. You can still enjoy most of that pleasure from the Bathurst end, heading out through…

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a day out of sydney

A few years ago I wouldn’t have to even think before I disappeared for a week. But so often is the case as you get older, responsibility grows as unexpectedly and regrettably as those once firm parts of your body seem to. The need for money will do that to you. So these days, my escapes are short and they need to be precise. A few days in a row free are a seemingly impossible event, but a day here or there can happen with a bit of planning. For me an escape requires dirt, a lot of bush and a splash of water. Living on the outskirts of Sydney you’d think it’d be a tough ask. But I’m now well practised at taking advantage of a window of opportunity like this. Like…

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open for pleasure

“Other than the obligatory 4WD with wheels on our side of the road, and a red-bellied black saying hi to Anthony, it was just a good old-fashioned blast into town” As Matho reported in ARR111 in his story on Hill End, the adventurous route between that location and Bathurst was closed by a rock slide. But getting through is not as hard as you imagine. We did it recently on a two-day trip of almost 650km, including about 200km of dirt. It was a great ride on some interesting roads, during which I managed to catch up with a few friends. One of them was Loz, who handled the dirt on his ZX-10R — so much for him claiming to be out of practice — and at nearly 70 years old…