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CBS Soaps In Depth

CBS Soaps In Depth

March 2, 2020

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2 Min.
adam gets put on notice!

The In Depth Story: Curled up in the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis once again listens to her recording of Adam and Chance’s Sin City conversation, in which the former confesses to killing a man (albeit in self-defense). While the vixen might not have her next moves fully fleshed out, she can’t resist taunting her onetime partner in crime when Adam strolls into the hotel. Slinking over to him, Phyllis whispers that she knows what happened in Vegas! Given the fact that Phyllis has been pestering him about his time in Nevada for weeks, Adam barely raises an eyebrow. But when he points out that Phyllis is once again beating a dead horse, she offers a sly smile and reveals that she has uncovered new info. Of course, rather than coming right…

1 Min.
y&r gets renewed for four years!

The cast of Y&R had a huge reason to celebrate when CBS renewed the soap for not one, not two… but four more seasons, keeping it on the air at the very least through 2024! “Having the No. 1 show for any length of time in any daypart is a tremendous accomplishment,” said CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl in a statement. “But Y&R has been daytime’s top drama for over three decades!” The new deal with CBS will put the long-running soap past its 50th anniversary in 2023. “I think it’s safe to say,” tweeted Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), “that a four year renewal is not only amazing for Y&R but a very good thing for all of daytime drama. We are in this together! Thank you, CBS Daytime, and most importantly,…

1 Min.
thomas pops the question!

The In Depth Story: Although Hope may be the woman Thomas really wants to be with, in a spectacular act of twisted love, he proposes to Zoe this week at a special Forrester family dinner! Setting the stage to ensure that Hope — but, more importantly, Douglas — are present for his significant ask, Thomas aims to affect maximum drama… but what’s behind his mystifying move? Clearly, there’s some psychological manipulation at play, the sort only an ace schemer like Thomas knows how to pull off. Will the chips fall where he hopes they will when all is said and done? “Thomas sees Zoe as an opportunity,” explains his portrayer, Matthew Atkinson. “Everything he’s doing is tactical.” Meanwhile, despite having come to the realization that his future is with Flo, Wyatt’s mind…

1 Min.
indecent proposals

ERIC & SALLY The designer presented his fashion rival with a phony diamond, which Sally happily accepted — not knowing it was all a ruse to prevent the redhead from stealing Forrester designs! JAMES & SHEILA James proposed to Sheila to gain full custody of their daughter, Mary. But he got caught in his own trap when his guilt over conning the con prompted him to go through with the wedding! BROOKE & GRANT After mistaking a good-bye kiss between Brooke and Grant as something more, Ridge proposed to ex-wife Taylor. In turn, Brooke both married Grant and promoted him at Forrester to make Ridge jealous. IVY & LIAM Liam semi-grudgingly got engaged to Ivy when she informed him that she was about to be deported. As it turned out, she’d had dual-citizenship all along, a fact…

1 Min.
gl soap legend has died

Daytime veteran Marj Dusay passed away on January 28 at the age of 83. According to a Facebook post in the actress’ fan group made by her stepdaughter, Dusay died peacefully in her sleep. Best known for her work as Alexandra on GUIDING LIGHT, she also played CAPITOL’s Myrna, ALL MY CHILDREN’s Vanessa, briefly DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Vivian and SANTA BARBARA’s Pamela. She also appeared in a host of primetime programs. Look for a tribute to Dusay in the next CBS issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale Monday, March 2.…

2 Min.
will nelle ruin chase’s life?

The In Depth Story: Before either Chase or Nelle arrived in town, she’d nearly destroyed his career by seducing him while he was investigating the death of her fiancé — then reporting the cop to his superiors! Thankfully, since moving to Port Charles, Chase has managed to rebuild his life. He’s become Jordan’s most trusted detective, helped pal Michael take down Nelle, forged a relationship with estranged brother Finn and found love with Willow. “Why does Nelle keep popping up in his life?” However, Nelle still has the ability to make waves for the guy who once fell hook, line and sinker for her innocent act. “It’s painful when Chase is in the room with her,” sighs his portrayer, Josh Swickard. “There’s this very odd element of Nelle possibly being Chase’s first…