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CBS Soaps In Depth

November 25, 2019

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how low will kyle go?

The In Depth Story: Increasingly frustrated by Billy’s constant rejection of his ideas, Kyle takes it upon himself to make a unilateral business decision. Not surprisingly, Billy is furious and admits that he doesn’t trust Kyle’s instincts… which has the younger man reminding his uncle that he was the one who embezzled company money and lost Ja’Boat in a card game! And, of course, it’s Kyle’s low blow that Jack walks in on! “It’s like what happens in sports: You never see the first punch; everyone sees the retaliation strike,” sighs Michael Mealor (Kyle). “Jack walks in on that, and Kyle looks childish for throwing all that stuff at Billy.” “No matter what Kyle does, Jack doesn’t trust him!” Not only childish but meanspirited. “Even though these are truths that Kyle is…

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veteran soap scribe retires

Patrick Mulcahey — a well-regarded writer for B&B who has had a hand in scripting the show’s Emmy-winning storylines for more than a decade — is retiring. Prior to joining B&B, Mulcahey lent his talents to other daytime shows, among them GENERAL HOSPITAL, GUIDING LIGHT, LOVING, SANTA BARBARA and the soap where he got his start, the ANOTHER WORLD spin-off TEXAS. “Insightful and completely original, Patrick is a legend in our industry,” says B&B executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell. “His singular voice contributed to some of the finest episodes of the series. We wish him the very best on his future endeavors.”…

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liam and ridge are reeling!

The In Depth Story: When Hope tells Liam that Thomas signed the paperwork giving her joint custody of Douglas, he’s stunned. Having never really imagined that Thomas would so easily give away his parental rights, Liam doesn’t understand how Hope managed to get him to agree. What he also doesn’t realize, of course, is that there’s so much more to the story than Hope is actually letting on! While Liam is surprised by the recent turn of events, it’s Ridge whose world is absolutely rocked by the revelation that Thomas signed off on the docs. Furious with Brooke for playing puppetmaster with his grandson’s fate, Ridge quickly confronts her and Hope, blasting them for manipulating his son. Ridge’s wrath comes as no huge shock to Brooke at this point, but Hope gets…

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ava’s biggest challenge yet!

The In Depth Story: “Ava is one of the most resilient characters on the canvas,” says co-headwriter Dan O’Connor, “but everybody has a breaking point, and she has been slowly pushed to hers this year.” Despite the best efforts of Ava’s nearest and dearest, she continues to struggle. In fact, things have gotten so bad that some folks are beginning to wonder if perhaps she has had — or is about to have — a nervous breakdown! “She’s in a pretty dark place right now,” agrees co-headwriter Chris Van Etten, pointing out that Ryan’s continued (unwanted) presence in her life is not helping. Ava hoped that her visit to Pentonville would convince Ryan that there was nothing and never would be anything between them, but the fact that the serial killer soon…

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emmy changes ahead!

The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that next year’s Daytime Emmys will be divided into three ceremonies, taking place on Friday, June 12, Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14, 2020. Says president/CEO Adam Sharp: “We have seen how the Television Academy’s expansion of the Primetime Creative Arts ceremonies has made room for more honorees to have their well-earned moment in the sun, and we hope to replicate their success.” As in the past few years, all three events will take place in Pasadena, CA.…

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what happens next!

Love And Loss As Sarah’s baby drama takes a surprising turn, she and Nicole are riddled with guilt over their deception. Meanwhile, Brady tries to make sense of the drastic changes in his life over the past year — might those have something to do with the reason Kristen’s no longer living in Salem? And although Kayla pressed pause on her romantic life after Steve left town, that’s all about to change! What Happened To Jennifer? The Deveraux family is reunited when Chad and Abigail come home from Paris. And though Jack tells Jennifer that the person responsible for her fall is behind bars, she may still be in danger! A Shocking Death! The town of Salem is rocked by a rather unexpected death, while Ben gets a load off of his chest with a…