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Published by TI Media Limited Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

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welcome to this week’s chat…

I bet everyone reading this has something that makes them feel self-conscious. So we loved Ren’s fab attitude to her 4ft 4in long legs. She stands out from the crowd – and is proud of it (p34). Aryana grew up feeling different too, and is sharing how she came to celebrate that fact (p58). Jessica is another inspiration. What happened to her is truly every woman’s nightmare but she refuses to let the events of one terrible night define her (p6). There’s so much more in this packed issue, including food, fashion and all your fave puzzles. Stay safe and well his week.…

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picture perfect

Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy some good, old- fashioned fun. We had a great ride on an open-top tram along the promenade in Blackpool at the end of last year. Managed to get the Blackpool Tower in the shot! Adrian Grove, Lytham St Annes How photogenic is our cocker spaniel Buddy? Here he is posing in his favourite field. Sadly, he passed away in December 2020, but he brought us so much love and joy. Thank you Bud! Kara Crompton, Leyland Here is my border terrier Eddie, modelling my lockdown knitting project – the Gryffindor scarf. Although I’m biased, I still maintain that he makes a very cute ‘Hairy Potter’. Caroline Palin, St Helens Like my apron suggests, I was ‘King of the Barbecue’ cooking food for everyone at my mum’s 50th birthday party in 2019.…

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stranger on the stairs

Jessica Mabbott, 28, north Devon Flopping on the sofa with my little girl, 2, in my arms, I was so glad to have finished work. ‘Bedtime soon,’ I smiled, stroking her hair. It was 21 May 2019 and my friend had been looking after my daughter while I was working my shift as a cleaner. I was totally exhausted. That night, I couldn’t wait to watch some TV and have a soak in the bath. Hours later, my daughter was sound asleep as I turned on the taps and poured in some suds. It was past 11 by now. The only sounds were the odd passing car on the residential street outside my terraced house. ‘Bliss!’ I whispered as I dropped into the tub. Only, minutes later, I heard a noise downstairs. ‘Not again,’ I sighed. Next door’s cat kept tapping…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG To the nearest whole inch, how tall is St Peter’s Basilica in Rome? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 232288314445495723808862884929 4 digits 10592543339644824872505851485377609765277464787484209467 5 digits 1715318143302403661437746379003952363294633487872990107 6 digits 352716438353783243 7 digits 205742564879947706782 8 digits 52827693558285448764827894113737 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: SPIRAL XWORD The holder of which post traditionally wore the combined white and red crown known as the pschent? The answer to each clue (apart from the first) begins with the last letter of the preceding answer. The shaded squares will spell out the one-word prize answer. 1 _ Suspect, TV police series (5) 2 The _ in the room, a subject everyone avoids (8) 3 Mausoleum in Agra, India (3,5) 4 Maze (9) 5 West Yorkshire town (7) 6 Percussion instrument (9) 7 _ Isle, poetic name for Ireland (7) 8 Yellow spring flower (8) 9 _ Be a Lady, song…

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just genius

Brr-illiant If you don’t have an ice cube tray, simply fill a few egg cups with water instead, before leaving to freeze. They make perfectly sized ice cubes. Shirley Spencer, Rotherham Smart cookie Removing cookies from the tray after they’ve been baking in the oven can sometimes be messy. To make it easier, slide a strand of dental floss under your cookies to lift them off. They’re less likely to break and stick to the tray. Duncan Kinloch, Blackburn Fresh idea When your toothpaste is getting low, fold down the top end of the tube and secure with a bulldog clip to help squeeze out every last bit. Gill Knowles, Oxford Cover up If you’re prone to accidentally leaving your house without a mask, hang multiple ones alongside your house keys. It makes it easier to remember to take one…

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trapped in his mind

Sarah Brown, 34, Deal Reaching for my buzzing phone, a message from an unfamiliar name made me raise an eyebrow. Please don’t think I’m weird, it began, but I’d like to get to know you. It was February 2010, and after scanning his Facebook profile, I could vaguely remember the mystery man. I’d met Jeff, then 29, a few months earlier on a night out. He had dark locks, was handsome and had the most luscious eyelashes. But there’d been no time for boys on our girls’ night. So we never exchanged numbers, and I didn’t think I’d see him again. Yet now, four months later, he’d found me online. ‘He must really like you,’ my girlfriends giggled when I told them. I was wary, but flattered to be on his mind still. After exchanging messages, we met at a local…