Chat 03-Jun-2021

Published by TI Media Limited Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

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welcome to this week’s chat...

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a journalist, inspired by Lois Lane on The New Adventures of Superman! I must admit it’s not quite as glam as it looked on the telly… Ayesha had a much more moving reason to pursue her dream career (p37). Her incredible story will really make you think. Meanwhile, Sasha’s dream was to become a mummy. Read why she thought it was impossible, and how she proved everyone wrong (p10). We’ve got all your fave puzzles, the latest fashion bargains (p12), health (p21) and beauty tips (p49), plus loads more. Stay safe and well this week.…

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picture perfect

My daughter Fleur, 5, loves dinosaurs and was thrilled to see this stegosaurus painted in rainbow colours on a recent visit to Teessaurus Park in Middlesbrough.Donna Gray, Stockton-on-TeesI just love this photo of our labrador Riley being introduced to Bunny for the first time. His face says it all!Tracey Pascoe, IlloganI was able to get up close with a friendly seal during a fantastic trip to Taronga Zoo in Sydney in 2018. He liked having his tummy tickled and I was only too happy to oblige!Val Johnson, KnaphillI never manage to get a picture of all three of my girls smiling. So when I snapped this one of Jessica, 8, Olivia, 6 and Rosie, 4 months, I was so delighted and just had to share it.Vicky McLaughlin, CanterburyI’m so proud…

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what was he hiding?

Vicki Glister, 32, Salisbury Perching on the ladder, I brushed pink paint along the wall. ‘Perfect colour,’ I beamed. It was October 2016, and I was eight months pregnant. Excited for the arrival of my little girl, I was putting the finishing touches to her nursery. Only, with my fiancé Liam, then 24, away in the Army, I had to decorate on my own. After three years together, I was used to Liam working long stints abroad. But sometimes, with two children from a previous relationship, Paige, then eight, and Jenson, five, I struggled. It got lonely. Now, Liam was based in Northern Ireland, and wasn’t due home until our girl was born. What do you think? I texted, alongside a photo of the painted wall. But he never replied straight away, was always busy working. Weeks later, in November 2016, my waters…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG Vittoria Bussi holds the women’s UCI hour record, for cycling a distance of how many metres in one hour? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 100 109 117 208 219 274 684 855 900 910 4 digits 2489 3249 4373 4384 4674 6733 7280 7648 8740 9401 5 digits 10302 12347 33579 43241 44977 48007 50481 52194 63302 67759 70582 77740 90008 6 digits 298791 351944 404171 407876 522285 557374 824171 7 digits 1794497 4083695 5496951 8 digits 79992288 WIN £250 Puzzle1 Your answer: PIECEWORD Decided after a poll in 2008, what is the national bird of Israel? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. We’ve added one section in! There may be two Across answers in a line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the one-word prize answer. 1 Frans Hals’ The _ Cavalier painting 3 Shy, or flirtatious • NFL _ Bowl championship 5 Realise, or work out • Alliance of countries 7 Run away to marry • _ Campbell, football manager 9 Collaboration, group effort WIN £150…

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just genius

Simply grate Use a nail brush to remove lemon, lime or orange rind from a grater. It cleans the utensil very easily without ripping any sponges to shreds. Abbey Swinburne, Hartlepool Liner ’em up! Save yourself some time by keeping the bin bags for your pedal bin underneath the current bag you’re using. It makes it so much easier for you when the time comes to change to a fresh liner. Emma Worthington, York Cheers to that If you happen to stain your carpet with red wine, blot as much of it as you can with a paper towel before covering the entire stain with salt. Let it soak into the wet stain until it’s absorbed and, when dry, simply hoover. Alexandra Low, Halesowen £25 For every photo tip that we print Winner, winner I put some unused mini toiletries in…

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all i ever wanted

Sasha Jones 26, Bangor Slipping into my fitted, white, satin gown, I took a deep breath. I can’t believe it’s really happening!. It was 1 August 2016, and today was my wedding day. My dress was simple and elegant, but it made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world – something I’d thought would never be possible. Growing up as a young boy in Bangor, I’d always known I was different. Aged 5, I was drawn towards playing with the girls at school. Teachers would drag me away and encourage me to join the boys instead. It was confusing. I couldn’t understand why there was such a gender divide. Still young, it was difficult to explain how I felt. So I buried my emotions. As I got older, the feeling of injustice grew stronger. Why do I have to…