Chat 15-Jul-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat…

How adorable is baby Dolly in our feature on p10? Those chubby cheeks are all the more amazing when you read what her mum Ashley had to go through to get that special first cuddle. I’m loving Cydni’s story (p19). I’m not sure I could pull it off, but she is rocking the bushy look! Would you give it a go? And Annabella went from a high-flying career to shovelling cow poo (p37) – but she’s never been happier! We’ve got irresistible-looking fruity puds (p40), a summer skirt style guide (p12), prize puzzles, health and beauty advice – and loads more of the stuff you love. Stay safe and keep well this week.…

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picture perfect

Here I am with my beautiful daughter, Melina, having a meal out on our holiday to Morocco in 2018. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can enjoy more dreamy holidays like this one. Lynda Guiney, Dublin My lhasa apso, Leah, just loves to sunbathe and so she always makes sure that she gets in the comfiest spot. Isobel Muirhead, Falkirk I can’t help but smile myself when my twins, Sebastian and Aurora, give me cheeky little grins like this! Danielle Hopkins, Stockport After the devastating bushfires in Australia last year, it was so lovely to see this pre-lockdown picture of my friend, Kirsty, cradling an injured koala, who is now safely on the mend in an animal sanctuary. Sue Angus, Wolverhampton Here is a funny snap of my hamster, Frank, who looks like he’s choosing what…

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under his spell

Samantha Shrewsbury, 54, Oxford Watching my daughter Jayden sobbing down the phone to her boyfriend, my blood boiled. It was December 2012 and we were visiting family in France. Only, Jayden, then 16, had barely stopped crying. ‘He’s not worth it, love,’ I said, comforting her. Jayden had met Ben Blakeley, then 21, a year or so earlier. I worried from the word go. Ben was older for a start. But he’d promised he’d look after Jayden, and she thought he was a proper Prince Charming. Only, now, my fears were coming true. He’d slept with another girl, Jayden had found out. ‘Ditch him,’ I urged. Heartbroken, Jayden couldn’t crack a smile all week, but I hoped she’d show Ben the door. But she did the opposite. She forgave him, seemed even more besotted than before. She’d disappear for days, sometimes weeks. Please just let me…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, is located how many seconds of latitude north of the equator? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 568 625 642 645 683 770 773 884 885 918 4 digits 1032 1458 3745 4528 6073 6095 6391 9400 9800 9921 5 digits 13300 18751 22107 23352 27324 50143 50593 57709 61206 66098 68441 69040 6 digits 185318 229238 271371 474159 486927 566728 602175 657267 7 digits 2467701 3332844 8055465 8 digits 38722491 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD The Northern Irish town of Enniskillen stands on which river? The number next to the clue tells you the line the answer’s in. We’ve put a section in to help you. There may be two across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the prize answer. 2 Word of greeting • _ anglais, woodwind instrument 4 The _ at Night, TV series • Swedish currency unit 6 The day after yesterday • _ Direction, boy band 8 Marry • _ Buck, 1990 comedy film WIN £150 Puzzle 2 Your answer: TAKE THREE Which is the most populous…

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just genius

Odd box It makes more sense for me to store my eggs in a large egg box and to top up regularly with smaller boxes when needed. To make sure I use the older eggs up before the fresh ones, I mark the older egg shells with a tick. Bailey McGuire, Cleethorpes Clean sweep To clean the bottom of your iron, sprinkle a dash of salt on some aluminium foil before running the hot iron over the top. The salt will scrub away any stubborn residue on the bottom, leaving it smooth and clean. Grace Carmichael, London Down to a tea I use an empty chocolate box tray to freeze cubes of milk. That way, if I have run out of milk and can’t get to the shops, I can have a cup of tea any time. Manisa…

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againstall odds

Ashley Hughes, 28, Bolton Settling down in front of the telly, I turned on my favourite show and as soon as the theme tune started, so did my tears. One Born Every Minute always made me well up. I loved the emotional stories, the happy parents and tiny babies. My fave moment was seeing the newborn placed on its mum’s chest. ‘You’re hooked on this show,’ my partner Josh, then 22, laughed. He was right. I’d known since I was 16 that I wanted to be a mum. Couldn’t wait for my own magical first cuddle with a baby of my own. But we weren’t trying yet, so I was surprised when my period was late shortly after, in August 2014. I took a test and couldn’t believe it was positive. ‘You’re going to be a dad,’ I gasped. Josh was as…