Chat 29-Jul-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat...

We’ve all had a dodgy ‘do in our time. Mine was some very stripy highlights back in the noughties. I’m not tempted to recreate it now - unlike Jan, who happily rocked her old hairstyle and gave us all a giggle in the process (p19). If you’ve got funny old snaps of yourself you’d like to share, please send them to the address below! We’ve loads more true life this week, including a terrifying crime that began with a Tinder date (p16) and a bride who renewed her vows, then went home with the officiant (p10)! Plus bargains galore with cheap eats (p40), bags from £8 (p12) and discount flowers to treat a mate - or yourself (p46)! Stay safe and well this week.…

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picture perfect

I loved all these inspiring slogans on display when I visited Brisbane City Hall in November 2019. The theme was equality and anti-slavery for women. Janet Dandy, Burnley Oh, to be able to nap at any time! My adorable 12-year-old border terrier Dixie always finds the comfiest spot in the room to go to sleep. Angie Jacobs, Helsby Strike a pose! My 6-week-old daughter, Kayla, has already perfected her pout for the camera. Just like her mama. Sarah Morrison, Bracknell Judging by their faces, I think it’s safe to say that my two youngest, Joshua, 7, and Poppy, 5, had lots of fun on the beach at Ladram Bay. Laura Wilcox, Glastonbury Earlier this year, I entered a face painting competition and I am so happy to say I managed to get first place with this Mad Hatter’s…

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devils on the doorstep

Janet Crowther Hindley, 62, Brierfield, Lancashire Handing my mum Dorothy, 84, a mug of tea, I watched her scroll through photos on her phone. It was October 2020 and, to Mum, her mobile was a lifeline. A way to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as keep precious memories alive. ‘Got a good one?’ I asked, peering over her shoulder and seeing an image of me and my husband Stephen, then 58, at a family barbecue. ‘One of my faves,’ Mum beamed. I felt a pang of warmth. Me and Stephen had been married 31 years. A long time, but nothing compared to my parents who’d been wed 65 years. Mum and my dad Ronald, then 87, were each other’s world. Dad had been a foreman. But an accident when he was 41, where he was…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG A tower built by 12-year-old Eric Klabel holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest structure made out of ice lolly sticks. How tall is it in millimeters? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 127 252 285 384 418 461 629 725 729 885 4 digits 1422 2167 3485 4882 5529 6157 7159 7256 8394 8701 9605 5 digits 16621 21523 36953 57209 59646 74021 78869 80558 82182 89774 90406 97600 6 digits 177427 308081 358653 430175 672556 848226 849416 7 digits 1956358 4873631 7092536 8 digits 63270290 Your answer WIN £250 Puzzle 1 PIECEWORD According to the Bible, ‘The heart of fools is in the house of’ what? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. We’ve put a section in to start you off! There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the prize answer. 1 Make or become less 3 Baked food • Theatre entrance hall 5 Depend • Freshwater fish 7 One of the five senses • Trendy, cool 9…

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just genius

A handy idea Have random odd socks? Or maybe one has holes in? Don’t throw them away. They make excellent dusters, especially for annoying spots like blinds. Just slip on your hand and dust away! Much kneaded My four-year-old granddaughter loves to help me bake, so I made her this apron from one of her old pillowcases. I added velcro, so she can fasten it herself and a pocket to hold some kitchen utensils. She loves it. Waste not, want not We use four slices of bread a day, so I was sick of chucking half the loaf away. To avoid this, I divide the loaf into sandwich bags to put in the freezer. It is quicker to defrost than a whole loaf, too. Egg-cellent When I buy eggs instead of keeping them in the carton I…

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my hubby’s other lover

Sara Creighton, 33 Lugging the last of the boxes into the cute yellow cottage, I looked around with a smile on my face. ‘Feels like home already,’ I said to my hubby Ryan, then 31. It was January 2019 and Ryan and I had tied the knot 15 months earlier in a handfasting ceremony, where our hands were tied together to symbolise our lives joining. We’d known each other since school. At 18, we were great mates, sitting opposite each other in class. I’d fancied him like mad. Liked that he was different from other boys. Artistic, like me, and into martial arts. We’d gone to different universities and drifted apart, until I bumped into him at a wedding in 2010. Still cute! I thought. After reviving our friendship, we had our first date in September 2011. Our relationship went from…