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welcome to this week’s chat…

Every week in Chat there’s something I never knew before. This issue it’s Nina’s rare condition, which causes her to see zombies and demons (p30)! She’s raising awareness to help others, like so many of the fab women who feature on our pages. We’ve got Ceara who’s letting it all hang out — literally — to show the consequences of extreme weight loss (p34). And Dr Kerry Daynes gives us an insight into her fascinating job, working with the country’s most dangerous criminals (p44). There’s more real life, prize puzzles, food (p40), fashion (p12) and fun you love — and a free three-day gym pass (p46)! Stay safe and well this week. GET IN TOUCH! EMAIL chat_magazine@futurenet.com FACEBOOK facebook.com/ChatMagazine POST Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP DON’T MISS CHAT MONTHLY ON SALE NOW…

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picture perfect

We miss Canada so much, we can’t BEAR it! Here’s a happy memory of my partner Matthew, enjoying meeting a new friend at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in 2019. Chani Saunders, Orford Mill Buddie, our 2-year-old poodle, didn’t let his operation get him down for too long. He was back to his usual perky self and causing mayhem in any way he could after a week or so. Kay Cooper, Waltham Cross Of all the places to fall asleep! My daughter Evie, 2, woke up with a face full of sand after she thought the beach was the perfect place for a nap. Amanda Hadley, Hayseech My lovely husband Dennis and I like to brighten up the place wherever we go – as shown by this snap of us wearing our most colourful outfits. Sue…

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in the club

Lorna Simpson, 34, from London Feeling my sister Natalie, then 22, tap me on the shoulder, I spun around. ‘This is Orlando, the guy I was telling you about,’ she smirked. But me and Orlando had already locked eyes, our mouths widening into grins. He was muscley, brooding, gorgeous... I felt an instant attraction. Six years older, he rode a motorbike and shared my love of dancehall, reggae and pop music. I was a singer, performing gigs in pubs and bars. I’d just come back from a stint working abroad, while Orlando was a DJ with his own carrenovations firm. We saw the world in the same way, too, and didn’t stop chatting all night. ‘You’re my soulmate,’ he said, kissing me goodnight. That summer in 2007 we spent wonderful, endless sunny days and balmy evenings together. Me riding pillion on…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG What do you get if you multiply the number of different colours on each of the flags of Comoros, Mauritius and the Seychelles? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 100 106 236 247 269 410 522 555 684 922 990 4 digits 2200 2767 3200 3676 4846 5902 5974 6467 6900 7181 9002 9090 9201 5 digits 14772 17101 18970 19929 34456 46475 68494 74758 76081 80316 83182 6 digits 406184 460073 501173 7 digits 4364915 6401252 9739554 8 digits 19750930 30112007 43094326 82156863 Your answer: WIN £250 Puzzle 1 SPIRAL XWORD Released in late 2019, what was the lead single from UK singer-songwriter Celeste’s debut studio album, Not Your Muse? The answer to each clue (apart from the first) begins with the last letter of the preceding answer. The shaded squares will spell out the one-word prize answer. 1 Actor, _ Caine (7) 2 Set free (9) 3 European country (7) 4 Australian animal (8) 5 Giving instructions (8) 6 Colour of grass (5) 7 Bad dream (9) 8 Stylish (7) 9 Big cat (5) 10 Most wealthy (7) 11 Honest (8) 12 Myth (6) 13 Precious…

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just genius

Sharpen up When tweezers don’t work as well as they should, grasp a double-sided nail file between the pincers and drag them along a couple of times. The grip will be amazing afterwards! Angie Knight, Hornsea Got that sinking feeling? Stubborn stains around your taps? Wrap them in vinegar-soaked paper towels, leave to soak overnight and in the morning the hard water stains will be gone. Hannah Bryan, Huyton Food for thought Don’t buy expensive fertiliser for your house plants. Instead, keep banana peels in a jug and cover with water. Leave for three days, then pour the water over your plants. It’s filled with nutrients. Stacy Chapman, Kingswinford Plants to go After I had some food delivered, I decided to reuse the polystyrene container in the garden. I made holes in the bottom, for drainage, then put in some…

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gone in 55 seconds

Robbie Jones, 25, Hove Walking through the door, my dad Gareth, then 67, grinned, rustling the Sunday papers. ‘I’m back,’ he called. ‘Great timing, coffee’s ready,’ my mum Shirley, then 66, smiled, popping the cafetiere down on the dining table. It was our weekend tradition. Breakfast round the table, chatting about politics over poached eggs on toast. I still lived at home and, often, one of my older sisters Rhian, then 31, and Gemma, 29, joined us, too. ‘The only thing missing is a dog,’ Dad said to us in April 2019, over a drink at the local. Our adorable family mongrel Clara, 12, had died that month and everyone missed the pitter-patter of little paws. Looking online, Mum found a litter of cockapoo puppies nearby. I went with her to meet them soon after, and Mum immediately fell…