Chat 12-Aug-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat...

We know Chat readers love pets, but do you love them as much as Lisa-Marie (p30)? She’s always been animal mad and, when her lovely dog passed on, she thought, ‘Why not get a monkey?’ As you do… Strangers taunt Kathrein, saying her fella should leave her because of her disability. She’s proving the doubters wrong, what an awesome woman (p34). Just a warning, you’ll need a strong stomach to read this week’s You’re the Judge. It’s a particularly gruesome case (p16). And you’ll find all the prize puzzles, food (p40), fashion (p12) and fun you love every week. Stay safe and well.…

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picture perfect

I was so proud of my first-ever wild weave on a day out at Silverburn Park that I even bought the T-shirt…and the hat! Duncan Mitchell, Glenrothes Just a little hint! My gorgeous daughter Taya 6, chose her own outfit for a day at the park as she ‘needed’ to visit the ice cream van. Andrea Rose, Hull This clever cat likes to dive into my postman son’s trolley to check the mail before he delivers it through the litterbox. Iris Jones, Kewstoke Don’t waste your money on baby walkers or gardeners! Here’s my 15-month-old son Jackson multitasking by learning to walk and ‘mow’ my lawn at the same time. Don’t worry, it wasn’t actually plugged in! Mark Colerangle, Bramcote I took my friend’s 5-month-old dachshund Fudge out for the day and treated him to a small ice…

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child killer on our streets

Lauren Holmes, 36, from Corby, Northamptonshire Stamping my feet, I gave my mum Karen, then 36, my best scowl. ‘It’s not fair!’ I wailed. Mum wouldn’t budge. Whenever I asked if I could play out after school, she said no. It was summer 1993, and I was 8. While my mates ran about outside, I was kept in the perimeters of our garden. Told to watch TV or play with my little sister Claire, then 2. A year later, aged 9, I sneaked to the woods with friends. I didn’t go far, but when an older boy jumped out of nowhere and shouted, we all got scared. I sprinted back to a friend’s house, shaken. Waiting for Mum, I thought she’d shout at me, only, she turned up stony-faced, silent. Back home, she ordered me to my room, throwing some newspapers on…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG According to the CIA World Factbook, what is the area of Chile in kilometres squared? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 163 279 560 579 610 630 650 717 890 929 4 digits 2080 3954 4025 4221 4610 6220 6644 7396 8604 9802 5 digits 12815 16174 17588 29066 42917 48429 77684 80309 80604 81861 82288 89089 6 digits 124646 128544 311683 476944 691113 732294 756102 888202 7 digits 4706362 4797437 6283246 8 digits 70003245 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD The Golden Knights ice hockey team and the Raiders American Football team play in which US city? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. There’s a section in to start you off! There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the prize answer. 1 Chimney pipe • Monk’s hood 3 Pleasant, enjoyable 5 _ Larkin, The Darling Buds of May character • Alcoholic spirit 7 University city 9 Big cat • _ and Dolls, 1950s musical WIN £150 Puzzle 2 Your answer: TAKE…

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just genius

£25 For every photo tip that we print A blooming great idea If you’ve just redone your garden and find yourself with extra cuts of artificial grass, use it to line hanging baskets. It’s great for when you’re watering, as the overspill goes through the drainage holes. Brian Hamer, Godley Hyde Cooking up a solution If, like me, you’re tired of converting oven temperatures in your head or having to stop cooking halfway through to double-check weight measurements, stick a conversion chart inside your kitchen cupboard door. No more having to search the internet with flour-y hands! Judith Cairns, Rowhedge As good as new… Tired of tea stains at the bottom of your mug? Just fill it with water and then drop in a dental cleaning tablet. Leave for a few hours and it’ll be spotless. Works with…

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two bumps, one daddy

Karina, 32 Grabbing my phone, I smiled when I saw my mate Kelly’s name flash up on the screen. ‘Hey, you!’ I said, smiling. It was 2011, and Kelly, then 23, and I had been friends for years. We’d been inseparable at school – sharing everything, gossiping about boys and doing each other’s make-up. We both loved science, going on to study Biomedical Engineering at uni. ‘You’re like peas in a pod!’ friends and family joked. ‘She’s my right arm,’ I’d reply. And I truly didn’t know what I’d do without her. By 2011, we were living in the same city. We’d chat on the phone most days, meet for dinner at weekends. ‘I’ve met someone,’ Kelly beamed one day over drinks in early 2013. They’d only been on a few dates. ‘But it’s going well,’ she said, smiling. ‘Oh, right,’ I replied. I should’ve…