Chat 02-Sep-2021

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picture perfect

I decided to treat my adorable puppy Ember to her first puppuccino when visiting a coffee shop the other day. She definitely enjoyed it! Beth Lodge, Mirfield My son Amari and our brand-new dog Diesel are best buddies. Amari is obsessed with our little pup, but I’m pretty sure Diesel is loving the attention, too. Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath How gorgeous does my mum Mary, 70, look in this Aran wool poncho that she knitted herself? It’s a piece of art and I’m so impressed by her craftsmanship and work. Joanne Campbell, Whitehead I love this family photo. Getting everyone to smile at the same time can be tricky, though, even with this inflatable photo frame to practise with! Barbara Walker, Brigg I’m not sure that my youngest son Decker was impressed with the dinosaurs on our recent…

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childhood for sale

Jade Critchlow, 28, Liverpool Wandering through the shoe shop, my eyes were wide. ‘Pick any pair you want,’ my dad’s friend Billy Adams, then 38, said, grinning. It was May 2005 and I was 11. Billy had just moved to the area and had met my dad at a mutual friend’s house. Since my parents had split, I only saw Dad at weekends. Billy would usually be there, too, and he’d begun showering me with gifts – new clothes, trendy trainers... My parents never had much money, so it was a real thrill to be lavished with so many treats. The next weekend, Dad told me Billy had a surprise. ‘We’re going on a trip to Southport,’ he grinned. A holiday! I’d never been away before. When we arrived, Billy took us shopping for more new clobber. Then, we checked into…

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win! £500 cash

NUMBER JIG What do you get if you multiply the number of stars on the state flags of Alaska, Ohio and Rhode Island together? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 130 245 290 415 520 559 678 812 861 937 4 digits 1230 1768 1933 2153 2576 3487 5705 5721 5928 6630 7052 9050 9601 9910 5 digits 12406 13307 21420 22584 28166 34678 53915 58787 76568 93050 94010 6 digits 165644 475002 598154 7 digits 3253751 7280263 9069981 8 digits 16151424 57927924 63637979 65511548 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: SPIRAL XWORD What animal is known as huggorm in Swedish? The answer to each clue (apart from the first) begins with the last letter of the preceding answer. The shaded squares will spell out the one-word prize answer. 1 Marionette (6) 2 Netflix historical drama series (3,5) 3 _ Abbey, Jane Austen novel (10) 4 Sir Walter _, explorer (7) 5 Fast food item in a bun (9) 6 Sour, putrid (6) 7 _ robbery, blatant overcharging (8) 8 Skin decoration (6) 9 South central US state (8) 10 Preposterous (6) 11 Sausage dog (9) 12…

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just genius

On the upswing Our garden swinging seat has been used quite a lot by us and our Frenchie, Florence. The roof cover was old and split, and would have been expensive to replace. Luckily, we came up with a cheap alternative – a fitted double bed sheet. It fits well and is easily washed. Fiona Campbell, Woodhurst No more necklace nonsense Tired of all my necklaces getting tangled in the jewellery box, I decided to try hanging them on a non-slip clothes hanger. It works really well and I can see all my necklaces in one go rather than having to rummage! Kaye Richards, Worcester Screen saver To see your laptop or tablet screen better if you’re using it outside this summer, place it in a shoebox to block the glare from the sun. Sophie Undrill, Branston £25 For…

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i’m a survivor

Jill Moss, 37 Hearing an almighty roar from outside my log cabin, I rushed to the window. ‘What was that?’ I shuddered, turning to my boyfriend Jason, then 48. ‘Probably just a mountain lion,’ he chuckled. ‘Just?’ I gulped. It was November 2016, and I’d just swapped city life for rural living in California, up in the mountains with Jason. After meeting through some friends, we started dating and he offered me work as a harvester on his smallholding. It was the change I needed from my hectic life working in hospitals as a phlebotomist, taking patients’ blood. My teenage daughters from a previous relationship lived with their dad, 15 miles away. I missed them terribly, but visited once a week. In the meantime, I spent my days in the sunshine, growing crops. An hour’s drive from the nearest town, I…

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supermarket style

TU at SAINSBURY’S All sizes 8-24 STYLE TIP Team backless mules with cropped jeans to show them off. GEORGE at ASDA All sizes 8-24 STYLE TIP Add strappy sandals and a classic blazer for a dress to impress. F&F at TESCO All sizes 6-22 STYLE TIP Elasticated waists are comfortable and stylish. Make sure you tuck in a top to avoid bulk at your middle. NUTMEG at MORRISONS All sizes 8-22 STYLE TIP A belted jacket highlights your waist to give more shape. Wear over a midi dress.…