Chat 09-Sep-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat…

When I was a kid, school lunch boxes were a cheese sarnie with a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar if you were lucky. These days, things have moved on and we’ve got some fab ideas to send your little ones back to class with. So cool they won’t notice they’re healthy (p40)! Talking of school, top of the class this week has to be Hannah (p19). She went to extraordinary lengths to pass her exams and for such a lovely reason. There’s tons more gripping real life in this issue plus shocking crime reads, easy fashion, prize puzzles – and the chance to win a holiday in Spain! Stay safe and well this week. GET IN TOUCH! EMAIL chat_magazine@futurenet.com FACEBOOK facebook.com/ChatMagazine POST Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP…

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picture perfect

Having a lovely pamper evening with my kids. Who said boys can’t get involved with a little self-care?Graham Steer, Wangford My old girl Lexi isn’t a big fan of walking, especially during the heatwave we had earlier this summer. She’d rather hitch a lift with my son!Debi Smith, Caerphilly My dog, Riley, never fails to crack me up. I think he might be a bit confused by the mirror, as he’s growling at himself!Donna Davies, Welshpool This photo of me and my partner, Scott, has me dreaming of holidays abroad. We had just boarded our first cruise at the Port of Miami in November 2019. Little did we know it would be our last holiday for a while!Nicola Dickson, Perth On a recent visit to Norland village in West Yorkshire, we noticed each house…

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i’d never even been kissed

Helen Morgan, 38, Caerphilly As I watched my springer spaniel Chum run around the footy field, a stranger plonked himself on the grass beside me. ‘You alright?’ he asked. I nodded, meekly. He looked about 19, and I was only 12. It was 1995, and stranger danger had been drilled into me at home and at school. ‘I’ve seen you around,’ he continued, his hand snaking on to my thigh. I flinched. Apart from his name – Andrew Higgs – he didn’t say much else. Just sat there. After letting Chum play another few minutes, I scurried off. Only, in the following weeks, I saw Andrew everywhere I went. Waiting in his car at the bus stop when I got home from school. Lurking by the corner shop whenever I popped over for some sweets. I ignored him at first, but then he started…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG Including the days he took up and left office, for how many days did Sir John Major serve as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 176 251 262 388 640 690 786 802 893 900 4 digits 1442 1856 2115 2348 2369 2405 4352 4794 6255 7191 8526 5 digits 18013 32933 36960 45653 60598 60697 63302 63557 71957 84276 90003 99190 6 digits 172287 205996 232063 470199 682481 804732 859296 7 digits 3126299 7757926 9393531 8 digits 82685938 WIN £250 puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD What species of duck derives its scientific name, Mareca penelope, from its supposed association with Penelope, the wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. We’ve put a section in to start you off! There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the one-word prize answer. 2 Young owl • Mysterious object in the sky 4 Sea _, old or…

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just genius

Hot drink hero I save my coffee lids and use them to keep flies and bugs away from my drinks in summer. The lids can also be used as coasters and are ideal if you want to keep your tea warm.Heather Kealey, Rotherham Bowled over If, like me, you always have flat cola left in the fridge and hate to waste it, instead of chucking it away, use it to clean your toilet. Simply pour it in the bowl and leave it for a few hours. Flush the fizz away and your toilet will look as good as new.Debra Stapley, Whitfield Luscious lawns My husband struggled to evenly distribute dry lawn food, so he drilled holes in the lid of an empty fatball container and used it like a pepper pot. It works amazingly well.Dorothy…

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help me hug my kids

Sue Neill, 51, Chichester Leaving the dentist, I could feel a small nick in my gum. I ignored it, assuming it would go away quickly. But a week later, the pain was worse. ‘It’s really bugging me,’ I told my husband Dean, then 51. A few days later, in January 2017, I looked in the mirror and the right side of my face had swollen. I was diagnosed with an abscess by the same dentist, given painkillers and antibiotics. And for a while, they worked. ‘I feel much better,’ I told Dean. And I was able to go shopping with my children, Chris, then 31, Connor, 20, Stacey, 26, Chloe, 17, and Kalee, 4. Only, a day later, I woke up feeling funny. With a headache and a serious temperature. ‘I might have flu,’ I told Dean.. For the rest of the day,…