Chat 16-Sep-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat...

During the lockdown, lots of us got screen fatigue. We celebrated birthdays, had family quizzes and some even did Christmas dinner over our computers. But Verné and her new hubby went one step further – they got married over Zoom! Find out how that all worked on p19. When Joanne’s son needed saving from a world of silence, it was a pal with a wet nose and waggy tail who trotted in and helped. And let’s say things have really developed from there (p30)! And discover how a mother’s fierce love snared her daughter’s killer (p54). With prizes, puzzles, food, fashion and fun, there’s loads to get stuck into. Stay safe and well this week.…

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picture perfect

My lovely daughter Lauren, 27, treated me to tea at The Ritz for my 61st in June. I was over the moon as it’s always been on my bucket list and we had a great time. Tina Saunders, Crowborough My favourite furry apprentice Rita, who thought she was doing a good deed by holding the ladders still while I was decorating my daughter’s room. Sweet! Julie Mckay, Redditch Little surfer Milo, 6, loved his summer holidays and the chance to enjoy the waves in Cornwall. It was so lovely to get out and about. Leona Heckman, Trefnant I spent hours making this cake to celebrate our wonderful midwives and raise some money to lift spirits during the pandemic. Louise Milne, Worthing I love this photo of my 7-week-old daughter Penny-Rose in her bath. She’s always so happy in…

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cheating bum!

Gabbie Turner, 27, Bridgend Turning at the bar, I bumped into a gorgeous bloke and felt my cheeks redden at his dazzling smile. ‘I’m Ahmed,’ he grinned. It was May 2016 and, aged 22, I’d jetted off to Egypt for the summer. I’d worked there as a holiday entertainer a year earlier and couldn’t wait to get back out to the beautiful beaches and lively bars for another season. Giving Ahmed, then 26, the once-over, I liked what I saw. Toned bod and sexy dreadlocks, big brown eyes, a smattering of facial hair. Only, he was surrounded by a gaggle of girls. ‘Do you want to come to a party?’ he smiled. I shrugged, could tell Ahmed was a flirt and didn’t want him to think I was too keen. But Ahmed was very persistent. ‘Give me your number,’ he smiled. Why…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG What do you get if you multiply the year that Kylie Minogue first topped the UK singles chart by her age at the time? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 181 250 329 419 510 517 607 730 905 990 4 digits 1097 1261 1383 1973 3199 3324 3533 4004 5464 7916 9055 9670 9780 5 digits 11258 18116 37473 37772 38060 39227 45181 50303 69809 77113 91007 93000 6 digits 207018 345411 545807 7 digits 1071208 3048125 9145374 8 digits 19330350 19394045 78143466 88082111 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer SPIRAL XWORD Qidra (using butter) and muqawlli (using olive oil) are two styles of preparing what North African dish? The answer to each clue (apart from the first) begins with the last letter of the preceding answer. The shaded squares will spell out the one-word prize answer. 1 1997 Wes Craven horror film (6) 2 _ Crook, Detectorists star (9) 3 World’s highest mountain (7) 4 Unlikely story (4,4) 5 Attempt, endeavour (6) 6 Meal bought to be eaten elsewhere (8) 7 Shouted (6) 8 Dick _, Wacky Races villain (9) 9…

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just genius

Super seeds If you’re growing a plant from a seed, ‘plant’ the seed inside a banana. They’re full of nutrients and, once it starts sprouting, you can then plant the seedling into soil. Charlotte Primrose, Lawford Oat so simple After making porridge, soak your pan or bowl in cold water for 10 mins before washing it out with hot water. This will prevent it sticking and make it easier to clean. It also works for other foods, such as custard or after making hot milk! Judi Samuels, Whitefield Storage saviour Instead of throwing away empty coffee jars, I wash them out and keep dry ingredients in them, such as rice. It makes it so much easier when writing a shopping list, as you can see at a glance when supplies are running low. Gloria Wilding, Prescot Bag it up I…

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dinner date with danger

Ruth Holroyd, 48, Chalfont, Bucks Pushing away a salad scattered with peanuts, I anxiously looked up at the brusque dinner lady who was looming over me. ‘But...I can’t eat nuts,’ I stammered nervously. Undeterred, she told me to eat it anyway. Just minutes later, I projectile vomited all over her leather slip-ons. I was only 7, and hated being different at school. I’d told the school lunch ladies that I suffered from food allergies. But it was always met with an eye roll. It was the 80s, and little was known about allergies. So, instead, I was labelled a fussy eater, forced to finish my food. My mum Jan, then 34, had taken me to the doctors, but even they couldn’t offer much advice, so I just avoided nuts. My allergies manifested in other ways, too. Asthma made it difficult to breathe without…