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picture perfect

£25 for any photos that we use on Picture Perfect. They must not have been sent to any other publication and you must include written permission from a child’s parent/s or guardian/s. Post to Picture Perfect, Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP, or email chat_magazine@futurenet.com Unfortunately, we can’t return photos without an SAE. And please don’t forget to include your full address and a contact number.…

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double dipping

Leila Sumera, 26, Orpington Grabbing my textbooks, I shoved them into my bag and put on my coat. But, as I headed out of the classroom, I bumped slap bang into a bloke walking the other way. ‘Sorry!’ I said, flustered. ‘No worries, I’m Adam by the way,’ he grinned. It was October 2011 and my second year at college. I’d never noticed Adam, then 17, around, but at first glance, I liked what I saw. He was tall, with stubble and a sexy smile. We got chatting and, over the next weeks, got to know each other. We had loads in common. His birthday was the day after mine, we liked the same chart music. We were soon inseparable. In April 2012, our friendship naturally blossomed and Adam and I became an item. ‘I couldn’t be happier than I am…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG According to the CIA’s World Factbook, what is the total area of South Sudan in kilometres squared? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 213 243 326 335 435 778 807 888 908 980 4 digits 1582 2044 2726 3164 3183 3332 3932 5339 5425 6035 6538 8568 9238 5 digits 13066 13397 20127 24202 26600 36311 56823 66236 77334 90708 90720 6 digits 126401 262429 331374 644329 7 digits 5183482 5689895 6368815 8 digits 28603988 73276746 88774669 95192624 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: SPIRAL XWORD Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis received Oscar nominations for which 2009 film? The answer to each clue (apart from the first) begins with the last letter of the preceding one. Shaded squares will spell out the answer. 1 Reanimated corpse (6) 2 The _ catches the worm (5,4) 3 Sag (5) 4 1984 Prince album (6,4) 5 Eighth planet from the sun (7) 6 Try (9) 7 Stiff (5) 8 Academic qualification (6) 9 Country whose capital is Tallinn (7) 10 _ One, the US presidential aircraft (3,5) 11 Chelmsford’s county (5) 12 The_,…

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just genius

Close shave Leave your razor in baby oil in between uses, as it protects it from moisture and also prevents rusting. Mary Hadley, Cradley Heath Band aid To avoid having to scramble around searching for a hairband, I like to keep them within easy reach. My solution is to hang them on suction hooks in my bathroom cupboard – now they never get lost! Maria Collins, Wickford Gifts that rock I collect stones and rocks from my walks, then make paperweight gifts by painting them with acrylic paints. Frances Rutherford, Southbourne Flower power To liven up bouquets, I made decorative sticks by drawing some patterns on craft hearts and colouring them in. I then stuck on some pretty craft embellishments and glued them on to the sticks. Tina Williams, Ebbw Vale It’s a snip Don’t throw that annoying last bit of lotion away.…

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every mother’s nightmare

Thirza O’Boyle 42, from Corby, Northamptonshire Clomping around in his sister’s plastic dress-up shoes, my son Dylan, then 2 and a half, grinned. ‘Are you wearing Lily’s shoes again?’ I chuckled. Smiling, his little feet sticking out the front, he reached out for a cuddle. Happy and playful, Dylan made my heart melt. I’d had Lily, then 4, at 18. Dylan shortly after. Being a single mum so young was tough. But I adored them both. And then, when Dylan was still a baby, I’d met my partner Neil, then 24. He’d quickly become a father figure, and when I had our little girl Darcy in June 2003, our family felt complete. Now, that October, Neil and I were getting ready for a friend’s wedding reception. ‘They’ll need to go to bed soon,’ I told the babysitter, kissing Lily and Dylan goodbye…

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supermarket style

F&F at TESCO All sizes 6-22 STYLE TIP Layer in style this season with a knitted tabard, wear over dresses, blouses and thin knits for GEORGE at ASDA All sizes 8-24 STYLE TIP For a winning look, toughen up your favourite midi dress with a pair of chunky Chelsea boots. TU at SAINSBURY’S All sizes 8-24 STYLE TIP Wear a classic tan belt with a midi dress to create a flattering silhouette. NUTMEG at MORRISONS All sizes 8-22 STYLE TIP The perfect transitional cover-up, opt for a stylish checked shacket for countless autumn looks. Find out more about our commitment to REAL women womanandhome.com/real…