Chat 14-Oct-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat…

When Kimmy’s beloved Chihuahua Fifi passed away, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye. What she did next is pretty unusual…it involved putting Fifi in the freezer (p10)! Karaoke queen Katrina was stabbed after she performed – what she didn’t know was that this violent attack would spur her on to change her life forever (p37). And new mum Asher’s lovely letter to her great gran shows the true meaning of girl power (p58). There’s chilling true crime, woolly winter warmers (p12) new family fave recipes (p40) and loads more. Stay safe and well this week. GET IN TOUCH! EMAIL FACEBOOK POST Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP Subscribe from just £10.99* Subscribe online at or call 0330 333 1113 and quote code 26BW** *Payable every 3 months by UK Direct Debit. Offer closes 31 October 2021. **Calls…

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picture perfect

I might have looked the part during the shooting activity on my holiday in Benidorm, but I didn’t actually hit the target once! My audience soon took cover. Sharon Powell, Swansea Meet the newest addition to our family – our beautiful 13-week-old Maine Coon kitten, Storm. She completes us and brings nothing but pure love and happiness to our lives…Our purrfect Storm! Lara Dabrowska, Southampton Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends? My fur babies love to have a little snooze together. Sandie Gallachee, Edinburgh I turned my back for a short time only to panic, thinking my 5-year-old daughter Georgi had some terrible rash. She then explained her sister Billi, 6, wanted to play dot-to-dot on her face! Thank goodness it was washable crayons. Sue Hutchinson, Shurdington After parking up her boat, my daughter Marina, 31,…

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too good to be true

Simon Deaton, 44, Chesterfield Bacon sizzled in the pan as I sat with a mate at the kitchen table, planning a day mountain biking. ‘Coffee?’ my girlfriend Nicole, then 34, smiled, putting down a plate of fresh butties. ‘She’s a diamond,’ my mate grinned. He was right. Nicole and I had met online in April 2014. At nearly 37, I’d almost given up hope of finding The One, settling down and having kids. But when we got chatting, things felt different. Nicole, a mum to two teenagers, was easy to talk to, made me laugh. And when we went for dinner a week later, we just clicked. Nicole was a natural beauty, up for a laugh. Independent, she ran a transport company. I was an amateur racing driver and worked in the family scrapmetal business. We met online. She was easy to…

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nothing could stop her

For a time, it seemed Nicole and I had both moved on. We’d swap tight smiles when I dropped off and picked up the girls, then 5 and 4, managing to keep it civil. Our divorce was being processed and I thought I could start living my life again. In time, I heard from friends Nicole was dating. By October 2020, I’d also met someone else, Rosie. It was early days, but we enjoyed meals out and cosy nights in, and I felt the past was where it belonged. Then Nicole sent me a string of texts. So you’re seeing someone else, then? she demanded. I ignored her. Who I was seeing was none of her business. One snowy evening that December, I took Rosie for a meal while the girls were with Nicole. At home, later, Rosie and I cosied…

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just genius

It’s a date Whenever I change my Hoover bag, I write the date on the new one so I know how long it has been used for. Sharon Carey, Castlefield Posh wash Don’t throw away empty hand-soap bottles – fill them with washing-up liquid instead. A couple of squirts into the sink will give you just the right amount of liquid, and the dispenser will look much nicer beside the sink. Barbara Clayton, Dibden Purlieu Stay fresh Wrap celery in foil before you put it in the fridge. It makes it stay fresher for longer, so it doesn’t end up going limp. Roxanne Sumner, Fortis Green That’s ace! To get scuffs out of wooden floors, I rub a tennis ball across the scuff. It transfers the mark to the tennis ball, which is then easy to clean! Kira Maddocks, Cheshunt Seeing clearly To…

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stuffed with love

Kimmy Walker-Harris, 40, Alford, Lincolnshire Trotting into the garden, my tiny Chihuahua Fifi howled into the air. Then she skipped back inside for breakfast. ‘You’re funny,’ I laughed. Fifi, then 13, had been the first dog me and my partner Stuart, then 45, had got together. Our pocket pooch with the mega personality. And as we’d added to our brood, Fifi was always top dog. By now, in July 2020, we had 10 canine pals. Fifi, her granddaughter Polly, five Pomeranians, a chow chow, a pug and a Border collie. But despite Fifi’s size, she ruled the roost. She’d bark at the others if they misbehaved. Even rounded up my three horses. ‘Good girl, Fi,’ I’d grin as she led them into their paddocks. But now, watching her scoff her breakfast, I worried. She was an old girl in dog years. ‘What’ll we do…