Chat 21-Oct-2021

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welcome to this week’s chat...

Claire’s story really touched me this week. After losing her lovely little boy, she didn’t know how to carry on. But what she did, in spite of her grief, is a real inspiration (p10). Just one foot at a time. Amanda’s paying tribute to the furry face who got her through a difficult year (p58). And there’s a terrifying true crime story of a killer who police thought had fled the crime scene – but he was closer than anyone knew… (p54) There’s loads of real life, plus all your usual faves and a free pendant for every reader (p14)! Stay safe and well this week.…

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picture perfect

My 9-month-old dog, Lolly, is modelling the latest neckwear item for puppies and posed beautifully for the camera. She’s such a good girl! Donna Flint, Cleethorpes My 3-year-old Logan is sea creature mad, so when we took him to the Sea Life London Aquarium recently I couldn’t get him to tear his eyes away to smile for the camera. His favourites were Nemo (clownfish), jellyfish and the sharks. Lianne Lovell, Walton-on-Thames My daughter Faye, 31, certainly enjoyed spending time with the locals while on a break in Boulders Beach penguin colony, Cape Town. Carol Clayton, Warrington The cheek! My husband thought it was hilarious to stop and get this snap of me and my daughter Beth on a walk along our local canal towpath. Melanie Lodge, West Yorkshire Joe, our 11-year-old, absolutely loves cooking…

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blonde bombshell

Dominique Thomas, 25, from Cardiff Chatting to Connor, my boyfriend of two years, as we made dinner, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ‘You’re kidding?’ I blurted, as he explained again what my neighbour Jessica had said to him. It was May 2020 and I’d lived a few flats down from Jessica Verallo, then 27, for five years, since before my daughter from a previous relationship – Daisy, then 4 – was born. Me and Jessica weren’t close, I didn’t know her well at all really, but we went to the same gym, said hello. So as Connor, then 19, told me she’d propositioned him in the street a few days earlier, I was gobsmacked. ‘We’re both young and can have fun,’ she’d apparently said to Connor. ‘I wouldn’t worry about it,’ he shrugged. While I…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG In the TV series Star Trek: Voyager, what is the Iregistry number of the USS Voyager? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 207367401444511512544617634797 4 digits 2152226136813974462554265839626263429300 5 digits 138582927840587428044328449841507025573660470 60859715297465690002 6 digits 123911324273347063377995554312677595772253 7 digits 247371958250329371004 8 digits 86815929 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD What is the name of the spaceship that visits Earth in the film WALL-E? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the one-word prize answer. 2 Jazz instrument 4 Rubbish dump • _ Lee, US film director 6 Ring-shaped coral reef • Wager 8 Receptacle, vessel WIN £150 Puzzle 2 Your answer: TAKE THREE Which satirical novel by Andrew Sean Greer won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction? To find out, solve…

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just genius

Cool trick Picking up the children on a hot day, I was worried that the chocolate treats I was bringing would go soft. Fortunately, the plastic bars controlling the flow from my car’s air conditioner acted as handy ledges. Maggie Cobbett, Ripon No tissue? No issue! Instead of buying expensive tissues, just use a toilet roll! Remove the cardboard tube, then pull some tissue out from the centre, as shown. You can also cover the roll with wrapping paper of your choice to finish off. Jayne Walker, Wolverhampton Sweet nothings I couldn’t get out to buy my husband an anniversary card, so I cut heart shapes out of sticky notes, wrote a loving message on each one and scattered them across his pillow instead. He does deserve hearty congratulations for surviving 48 years of marriage!…

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just keep going

Claire Wright, 47, Sutton, Cambridgeshire Lacing up my trainers, I felt a wave of fear. What am I doing? It was the end of 2015 and I couldn’t run for a bus, never mind complete 10km. Snatching a glimpse of my size 18 frame in the hallway mirror and fear was swiftly replaced with determination. I’d lost a couple of stone since joining Slimming World the year before. But I had to lose more. If not for me, then for my beloved son Jacob. We hadn’t been able to save his life – but I could still save mine. I turned on the Couch to 10k app and gingerly began. There were moments my body screamed to stop, yet one thought kept me going. Jacob. My beautiful, smiley baby boy had arrived in December 2010. He was born with a cataract in one…