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picture perfect

Three boys later, and years of cowboy, pirate and soldier fancy dress, we were so excited to finally have a girl...and this is the costume she chose! Margrit Forrester, Bushbury It’s never too early to enjoy a little dress- up. I love this photo of our son in his pumpkin onesie for his first Halloween! Clare Tedstone, Willingham Everyone enjoys celebrating Halloween in our house, even our 2-year-old miniature dachshund, ‘Bat Boy’ Buddy! Way too cute to be scary though, wouldn’t you agree? Lacey Davies, Blaenavon My 3-year-old guinea pig Spice was definitely interested in my pumpkin ornament – maybe because she is a similar colour! Heather Sutcliffe, Mytholmroyd I love Halloween and thought I’d have a go at some spooky make-up, although don’t count on any conversation from me. Shannon Workman, Bartley Green After our Halloween party was cancelled…

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the naked truth

Lucy Lear, 24, from Devon Seeing my boyfriend’s face drain of colour as I broke the news, my heart sank. ‘You’re joking,’ Dale, then 19, gulped. It was April 2015, and I’d been shocked, too, when the doctor told me I was 12 weeks pregnant. At just 17, I’d put my bulging belly down to lactose intolerance. But with my mum Lyn, then 37, promising to be a hands-on gran, I’d started imagining me and Dale with a little one. ‘I’d love us to be a family,’ I begged, besotted. A week later, seeing our baby during my first scan, Dale seemed to come round.. ‘That’s my baby,’ he gushed, beaming. When Grace arrived in November 2015, I was devoted to her. ‘No matter what, you come first,’ I whispered, breathing in her newborn smell. But Dale floundered. ‘I don’t know…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG According to Guinness World Records, the longest will on record belonged to Frederica Evelyn Stilwell Cook and ran to how many words? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 109 191 202 410 526 530 713 817 900 941 4 digits 3060 4256 4961 5800 5869 8102 8144 8216 8379 9034 5 digits 13757 14065 14860 26863 40337 40434 44007 44011 71501 90105 91060 95300 95940 6 digits 162487 427015 461934 479310 593184 846841 904039 7 digits 1179300 1995008 4445047 8 digits 52095478 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD Nick Helm played the title character in which BBC sitcom? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. We’ve put a section in to start you off! There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the prize answer. 2 Participation in • Rowing blade 4 Gerald Durrell’s My Family _ Other Animals • Truck 6 _ zirconia, synthetic crystal • New Zealand parrot 8 Rod Hull’s anarchic puppet • Sign of indifference or doubt WIN £150…

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just genius

Mini mummies For a spooky party buffet, I made these little mummified pizzas by carefully arranging the cheese into strips, and using jalapenos or black olives for eyes. The kids gobbled them up! Amanda Hadley, Cradley Heath Frightening fries To create an inventive spooky meal, I carved a face into a small pumpkin and added some ketchup ‘blood’ to the chips. My son loved it. Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath Crumbs, that’s spooky! For easy Halloween cupcakes, I mix up some orange frosting, then just add some Halloween-themed jelly sweets to the top. The kids love them! Alexandra Low, Halesowen No trick, just treats My guests loved these inexpensive party goody bags. All I did was fill some plastic gloves with sweets, tie with a ribbon and add a spider ring. Lynne Newton, Spennymoor Making faces I made some cute decorations for my daughter’s…

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it started with a selfie

Julia Tinetti, 32 Stacking glasses on the bar, I looked up to see the new barmaid walk past. It was spring 2013 and it was her first shift in the local pub where I worked, but I quickly spotted the blue and red flag tattooed on her arm. ‘Hey, nice tatt, I’m from the Dominican Republic, too!’ I grinned. ‘I’m Cassandra,’ she said to me, smiling back. We got chatting and Cassandra explained that, while she was born in the Dominican Republic, she was adopted. ‘Me, too!’ I gasped, ‘My adoptive mum Mary moved me here when I was a few weeks old. We quickly bonded over our similar backgrounds. It turned that out Cassandra was 25, a year older than me. We had loads more in common as well, both taking college courses studying Mental Health, working shifts…

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how to wear... midi dresses

STYLE TIP Opt for a thin-knit roll-neck in a neutral tone that you can layer underneath for added warmth. STYLE TIP Elevate your knitted dress for evening wear by pairing with on-trend mules and chic gold jewellery. STYLE TIP Add a belt to cinch in your waist and create definition on loose-fitting frocks for a flattering silhouette. STYLE TIP Transform your favourite dress for autumn by layering a sweater vest on top and choosing knee-high boots. WE WANT YOU! WE'RE LOOKING FOR WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU TO APPEAR IN OUR MAGAZINES. EVERYONE'S WELCOME, SO APPLY TODAY!. Go to to find out more details…