Chat 18-Nov-2021

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picture perfect

My gorgeous British shorthair cat Blue looked so relaxed in my garden last week. Just catching some autumn rays! Kaye Willan, Manchester I am so pleased we managed to get Nancy swimming lessons, as she is absolutely loving it. Here she is in my parents’ pool having a thoroughly good time, even though it isn’t very warm! Elliot Richardson, Great Leighs I took a step back in time on a recent visit to Brighton. Do the mutton chops suit me? Louise Furtado, Epsom As a huge mermaid fan, I was delighted to receive this merman cake for my birthday! Louise Milne, Worthing My dog Macey had so much fun playing on the beach and swimming in the sea during a recent trip to The Mumbles in Wales. Eleanor Breakwell, Rogerstone My best pal Carly had a great time relaxing in…

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a boy named fish

Julie Taylor, 56, Chelmsford Babbling away on the living-room floor, my son James, then 15 months, and grandson Liam, then 11 months, made the cutest pair. ‘Fish, Fish,’ James garbled, trying to say Liam’s name. Me and my daughter Michelle fell about laughing. It’d been a shock when Michelle had fallen pregnant at 18 in 1999. Especially because, at only 35, I’d already been four months gone with my fifth. But bringing our boys up together was special. ‘They’re more like twins,’ I’d laugh, watching the boys learn to talk, walk and then kick a ball about together. And James’ cute nickname for Liam stuck. Even his teachers called him Fish. Michelle had Adam in 2005, and Rachel in 2008. Shortly after, she and her partner split, but Fish proudly took on being man of the house. Taking his brother and…

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win £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG What do you get if you multiply the year of Napoleon’s death by his age at the time? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 223 453 679 714 732 791 836 842 970 980 4 digits 1599 2272 2363 2653 4809 5136 6082 6767 8321 8451 5 digits 12017 19421 29164 37494 42448 44186 47276 52792 54962 74458 86248 92703 92871 6 digits 163753 301976 407289 443241 548617 715055 846825 7 digits 1217233 6386180 8464528 8 digits 34293328 WIN £250 Puzzle 1 Your answer: PIECEWORD In 2020, the video for which Katy Perry song became the first video by a female artist to surpass three billion views on YouTube? The number next to the clue tells you which line the answer’s in. We’ve put a section in to start you off! There may be two Across answers in one line. Down words fill themselves in. The shaded squares spell out the one-word prize answer. ACROSS 1 Stiff cat hairs 3 Information • Nonsense 5 Meat substitute • Former Russian ruler 7 Glowing coal • Conflict 9 Tribunal (3,5) WIN £150…

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just genius

Save your dough To make your own play dough, add food colouring to boiling water then add flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil. Stir continuously until it combines. Kids love it and a homemade recipe is cheaper than buying it from the shops. Ria Harding, Somersham Party time Children’s birthday parties can be expensive, so we transformed our dining room into an ultraviolet shooting range. We bought ultraviolet light bulbs and soft bullets, which were cheap to buy. Then we recycled cardboard boxes and created our own targets. Caron Davies, Essex Label up I get annoyed when I don’t know what date food in the fridge has been opened. So I leave out a roll of labels and a pen, and everyone has to mark the date they open it. It saves such a lot of…

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another chance at love

Rachel Smith, 46, South Gloucestershire Seeing the postman, I bolted out of the house to meet him. ‘Anything from John?’ I asked him eagerly. It was early 2001, and my boyfriend Lance Corporal John Murphy, then 26, had just been deployed to Afghanistan. We’d met through a mate just months earlier. He was witty, full of Irish charm and, until his deployment, based at a military barracks in Essex, an hour away. His schedule made dating tricky, so we treasured our time with pub trips and nights clubbing. But then he’d been called up, and his absence hit me like a truck. With him on the front line – hell on Earth John called it – I spent my days worrying. ‘You’re in luck,’ the postman grinned. Opening the envelope, I excitedly scanned John’s squiggly handwriting. I better buy…

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what’s your style? skirts

SLIP STYLE TIP Pair with a chunky cable-knit for a daytime look or a streamlined body for the evening. PENCIL STYLE TIP A pencil skirt is great for curves. Try knitted and faux leather styles for a modern take. MINI STYLE TIP Tap into the 90s trend with a mini. Look for A-line shapes that flare out for a more flattering fit. FROM £8 PLEATED STYLE TIP A pleated midi skirt is forever on-trend. Wear with a tucked-in T-shirt or fitted polo neck to show off the waist.…