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Christmas Ideas


Christmas Ideas® magazine serves and connects women who are passionate about decorating their homes for Christmas and the Christmas experience they create for their family and friends. Christmas Ideas inspires her to dream and gives her the confidence to move from dreaming to doing.

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from the editor

* Twinkle Little StarMY FAVORITE ITEM THIS YEAR? LITTLE FAIRY LIGHTS POWERED BY BATTERIES ON A TIMER. THEY’RE PERFECT FOR WREATHS AND GARLANDS, AND THEY GO ON AND OFF EVERY NIGHT BY THEMSELVES!Odds are, it’s a little chilly outside, so grab a cup of cocoa, light the fire, and sit back with this issue of Christmas Ideas. Thanks to the homeowners who opened their doors to us, you can enjoy several “open houses” without even leaving your sofa. We also bring you ideas and projects for creating beautiful trees, wreaths, wrappings, ornaments, and more—virtually everything you need to deck your halls.People often ask me if I enjoy Christmas when it arrives in December. Like many people, I believe Christmas is the most meaningful when it’s personal and traditions are honored.…

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GORGEOUS HOLIDAY INSPIRATIONOur Holidays and Celebrations newsletter offers great ideas, including crowd-pleasing recipes, seasonal decor and crafts, entertaining tips, and more. Sign up now for fresh tips every day!BHG.com/HolidayNLMAKE IT MERRYFollow us on Facebook @BHGHolidaysandCelebrations for the best tips and ideas to create a memorable holiday full of cheer and celebration.SHARE YOUR HOLIDAY MOMENTSHow do you celebrate the holidays? Use #howiholiday on Instagram to join the party and share your photos with us all season long!@thisisourbliss@driftwood_decor ■…

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mini but mighty

1. FELTUse our pattern to cut holly leaves from felt. Tie the centers around a piece of twine. Hot-glue pom-poms to the leaves for berries.2. BEADSGet creative with acrylic paint and faceted wooden beads. We chose jewel-tone paints and strung beads onto a length of twine.3. TRIMNo cutting, gluing, or sewing is required for this idea—simply cut a length of mini pom-pom trim to make this garland.4. PINECONESCollect pinecones from your yard or purchase them by the bag, then paint the cones with metallic paint and sprinkle with glitter. Tie twine around a sturdy part of each cone when dry.5. CARDSTOCKUse our pattern to cut a set of two triangles from green cardstock for each tree, making sure to cut the slits where indicated. Slide the pieces together at the…

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a royal paint job

* Brushing UpAN ORDINARY PAINTBRUSH IS PERFECT—JUST MAKE SURE IT’S A CLEAN ONE DEDICATED FOR KITCHEN USE.Cookie Decorating1 If you don’t mind imperfections, just spread royal icing on cutout cookies using the back of a spoon, a small knife, or a paintbrush. For cleaner edges, pipe a border with stiffer icing, let it dry, and then thin the remaining icing to “flood” the center of the cookie. Let dry completely—ideally overnight.2 Gather your colors. For the best results, do not use ordinary liquid food coloring. Instead, look for gel paste dye in little jars. (Wilton is the most common brand, available in lots of hues at crafts stores.) You can also use a liquid gel dye, such as Americolor, but that’s harder to find.3 Dab colors on a plate, like…

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sweetness of the season

JOYOUS GATHERINGFrosted Christmas trees bring a wintry feel to the dining room. “Our family meals are loud, messy, and full of little girl giggles,” Erin says. “We really try our best to eat dinner as a family around the table each night, especially during the happy chaos of the holiday season, and it’s such a special way to really see each other in the midst of the swirl of Christmas.”Let It SnowTHANKFULLY ERIN LOVES THE LOOK OF FLOCKED FAUX TREES—RUSSELL IS ALLERGIC TO FRESH PINE TREES!We find comfort and warmth in many things during the holidays—a crackling fire, freshly made cocoa, and childhood memories that we share with our children. These are the very traditions that Erin Kern and her husband, Russell, are creating for their four daughters.Erin, a home…

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hoop dreams

Erin decorates for Christmas with embroidery hoops throughout her home, most notably above her bed (see page 23). Here’s how to bring the romantic look into your home.1 Choose your hoops. Erin’s traditional wood embroidery hoops range from 6 to 24 inches in diameter. Then select decorative accents, fresh or faux, to attach to your hoop. “I’ve used faux eucalyptus stems, paper flowers, Christmas berries, and evergreen sprigs—the possibilities are endless!” she says.2 Lay out stems and cuttings to plan their placement, then loop a small piece of kitchen twine around the stem and hoop, tie it off, and cut away the excess twine.3 Leave a bit of wiggle room when tying off sections of the faux stems. “As you build out your wreath, you might want to nudge the…