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Christmas Quilts & MoreChristmas Quilts & More

Christmas Quilts & More

Christmas Quilts & More 2018

Christmas Quilts and More helps you get a jump-start on your holiday sewing with more than 40 fun and festive projects. With Christmas and winter-theme quilts, sewn holiday decorations, and quick-to-make gifts for everyone on your list, you'll love the assortment of projects in this bookazine. Christmas Quilts and More also features the new Christmas fabrics for this year—some sewn up into updated projects and others in sidebars suggesting options for the fabrics shown in the original quilt so you can get the look using the latest fabrics. As a bonus, we include links to downloadables such as quilt labels, care information, gift tags, recipes, and much more.

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season’s greetings

’Tis the season to start planning for the holidays. Many rely on lists to navigate the busyness that often accompanies this time of year. Lists usually include gifts to give and receive, items to pack for family gatherings, people to visit while traveling, and goals for the upcoming year.We’re suggesting that you make one more list: a tally of projects that you plan to make from this specially curated issue.We gathered some of our favorite projects and grouped them into three chapters: Festive Quilts, Seasonal Decor, and Handmade Gifts. In each chapter, you’ll find projects that suit many styles, employ a variety of techniques, and result in a host of endearing items—quilts, pincushions, and ornaments, just to name a few.What are you waiting for? Add a bunch of the projects…

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keep in touch!

If you're geared up for seasonal sewing, pick up the December 2018 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine, on sale October 2. It has instructions for multiple holiday-theme projects. Buy it at local quilt shops, on newsstands, or at AllPeopleQuilt.com/shop.Find us online: AllPeopleQuilt.comsearch: AllPeopleQuiltSubscription help: AllPeopleQuilt.com/myaccount apqcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com 800/677-4876Retailers: To order American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt Sampler®, Quilts and More™, and other quilting magazines, email apq2@meredith.com or call 866/378-1064.Note to readers: It is permissible to make and publicly display a single finished product of any project in this issue, including for purposes of competitive winnings up to $1,000, so long as visible credit is given to the designer and Christmas Quilts & More magazine.Our PromisePrior to publication we cut, sew, and assemble blocks for every quilt to verify the accuracy…

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candy cane

joscountryjunction.comMATERIALSDesigners Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken used rolls of precut 2½"-wide strips to cut the rectangles and squares for rows 1–4 more quickly. Additional yardages are needed for the border and binding; they are listed separately.• 35—2½×42" precut strips or 2½ yards total solid red (quilt center)• 35—2½×42" precut strips or 2½ yards total solid white (quilt center)• ⅔ yard solid white (border)• ⅔ yard solid red (binding)• 4¾ yards backing fabric• 77×85" battingFinished quilt: 68½×76½"Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width and precut 2½×42" strips.CUT FABRICSCut pieces in the following order.From solid red precut strips, cut:• 280—2½×4½" rectangles• 16—2½" squaresFrom solid white precut strips, cut:• 280—2½×4½" rectangles• 16—2½" squaresFrom solid white yardage, cut:• 8—2½×42" strips for borderFrom solid red yardage, cut:• 8—2½×42" binding stripsASSEMBLE…

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arctic circles

vfwquilts.comMATERIALS• 5 yards white stripe (blocks, setting squares, quilt center, inner and outer borders, binding)• 7—¾-yard pieces assorted white prints (blocks)• 1½ yards dark blue print (blocks)• 1½ yards light blue print (blocks)• 8¾ yards backing fabric• 105" square batting• Lightweight tracing paper or other foundation materialFinished quilt: 96½" squareFinished blocks: 12" square (A–C), 3" square (D and E)Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.CUT FABRICSCut pieces in the following order.Patterns are on Pattern Sheet 3. To make templates of patterns, see Make and Use Templates, page 92.Instead of patterns, designer Victoria Findlay Wolfe used the Victory Block acrylic template set (vfwquilts.com). If you are using this product, follow template manufacturer’s directions to cut the A and B pieces.From white stripe, cut:• 9—8×42" strips for…

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holiday party

modalissa.comMATERIALS• ⅞ yard total assorted red prints (blocks)• 1⅛ yards total assorted light prints (blocks)• 1½ yards total assorted green prints (blocks)• 1¼ yards khaki chambray (blocks)• 2 yards solid white (blocks, sashing)• ⅜ yard solid gold (blocks, sashing)• ½ yard solid red (blocks)• ⅝ yard red pin dot (binding)• 4⅛ yards backing fabric• 74" square battingFinished quilt: 65½" squareFinished block: 15" squareYardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.CUT FABRICSCut pieces in the following order.From assorted red prints, cut:• 11—1½ ×42" strips• 64—1½" squaresFrom assorted light prints, cut:• 20—1½ ×42" stripsFrom assorted green prints, cut:• 28—1½ ×42" stripsFrom khaki chambray, cut:• 6—2½ ×42" strips• 256—1½ ×2½" rectanglesFrom solid white, cut:• 2—2½ ×42" strips• 21—1½ ×42" strips• 40—1½ ×15½" sashing stripsFrom solid gold, cut:• 3—1½ ×42"…

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mosaic snowflake

mommysew.comMATERIALS• 3 yards total assorted light gray prints (blocks)• 1¾ yards total assorted aqua prints (blocks)• 2⅛ yards total assorted medium gray prints (blocks)• 1¾ yards total assorted dark gray prints (blocks)• ⅝ yard dark aqua tone-on-tone (binding)• 5 yards backing fabric• 73×89" battingFinished quilt: 64½×80½"Finished block: 16" squareYardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.CUT FABRICSCut pieces in the following order.From assorted light gray prints, cut:• 400—2⅞" squares• 80—2½" squaresFrom assorted aqua prints, cut:• 240—2⅞" squaresFrom assorted medium gray prints, cut:• 320—2⅞" squaresFrom assorted dark gray prints, cut:• 240—2⅞" squaresFrom dark aqua tone-on-tone, cut:• 8—2½×42" binding stripsASSEMBLE TRIANGLE-SQUARESMeasurements include ¼" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.Press seams in directions indicated by arrows on diagrams. If no direction is specified, press seam…