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Cigar Aficionado November/December 2018

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traveling in cigar country

There’s nothing quite like it—visiting a country where cigars are made. You can walk through tobacco fields and tour cigar factories, witness tobacco being harvested and cigars being rolled. You’ll never forget the alluring, sweet and earthy aroma of a room filled with aging tobacco, nor the sound of the rolling gallery as hundreds of pairs of hands turn leaves into beautiful cigars. It should have a place on every cigar lover’s bucket list. Longtime readers are familiar with our frequent profiles of Cuba, the birthplace of the handmade cigar. But you’ve never seen anything like what awaits you in these pages—our extensive travel guide to the Dominican Republic. Cigars have been rolled in the Dominican Republic for more than a century, and this Caribbean country has been at the forefront of…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, I enjoyed your wide-ranging interview with Alex Rodriguez in the October CIGAR AFICIONADO. For someone as well-known as A-Rod, it was surprisingly full of revealing insights. If Hall of Fame voters had the opportunity to read the interview, I believe A-Rod’s chances of joining the Hall would greatly increase. Rich Foley Fayette, Ohio Dear Marvin, It’s been super interesting to see the way public perception of Alex Rodriguez has changed the past couple of years. In his playing days, he seemed to suffer from comparisons to Derek Jeter, despite being the superior player. I always felt like he came in for a bit too much flak. Since then, there’s been a reversal of fortunes with Jeter’s Marlins ownership getting a ton of criticism, while A-Rod has been a huge hit as a broadcaster. Dan Hester Fremont,…

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japan: present and past

Tokyo’s vast skyline, its towers aglow with blinking red lights, fans out beneath the 33rd-floor windows of your room at the new Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho hotel. The mesmerizing urban landscape is the focal point of the design through spans of glass with a daybed in the window inviting you to contemplate the futuristic metropolis. And yet, in Kyoto, just a few hours to the southwest by bullet train, the same hotel collection presents Suiran, where Japan’s ancient cultural traditions are still preserved and revered. Visitors can have the best of both eras. In its way Kioicho leaves some of the frenetic buzz of Tokyo’s pulsing streets solidly on terra firma as the 36th-floor reception area reveals an overlook of the dramatic two-story Levita lounge with the skyline beyond. The hotel…

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first-class fruitcake

You’re to be forgiven if you think of fruitcake as a punch line rather than a culinary treat. We’ve all encountered that stale doorstop of a cake embedded with iridescent fruit that inspired the old joke: There’s only one fruitcake on Earth and people endlessly regift it to each other. Prepare to rethink this holiday tradition/terror. Today, there’s an extremely refined version that even fruitcake haters will love. Robin McKay, a professional chef in New York’s Hudson Valley, first attempted a fruitcake for her British boyfriend, himself a fruitcake connoisseur, and ended up taking it to a level that even Americans will appreciate. It’s 100 percent natural. No preservatives of any kind. Not a single radioactive looking candied red or green cherry. The result is a dense flavor bomb, each slice…

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2019 bmw 5-series m5

While the 3-Series may be the most popular—read: financially attainable—BMW, the brand’s heart and soul is in the 5-Series, a sedan that blends luxury and performance into one delightful package. At least it was until the last-generation 5-er seemed to lose a little bit of the passion that made it such a standout. So it was with trepidation that auto scribes awaited the latest version of their midsize model, the 2019 BMW M5. Would it lack some of the crisp steering and handling of earlier models? Could any BMW really be an M if it swapped out the manual or double-clutch gearbox for… wait for it… an eight-speed automatic? What about the idea of punching power to all four wheels, rather than the back axle? On a day’s drive through the badlands…

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in-vest in your best

In the movie Catch Me If You Can, when the young imposter/con man Frank Abagnale sees Goldfinger and sets his sights on impersonating 007, the ejector seat and grille-mounted machine guns on Bond’s Aston Martin aren’t what he insists on getting just right. It’s the three-piece Savile Row suit. A vest on a man goes a long way to making him look suave, confident and powerful without having to revert to gadgets. Consider also Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. He’s always the coolest man on the screen and in the caper, often styling with a gold chain and pocket watch. Part of the charm of a vest—or waistcoat, if you want to put on Anglo airs—is the way it tidies up an ensemble. It can hide away billowing shirtfronts…