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Cigar Aficionado January - February 2016

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High scores abounded in this issue. Our highest review, 94 points, was given to a cigar of great pedigree, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. Perhaps the most revered of Cuban robustos by cigar smokers in the know, these short Hoyos keep putting up good scores. A pair of newer cigars—from established cigarmakers—scored 93 points. The Ashton Symmetry Prestige, which has only been on sale since late 2014, continued its run of high ratings with this 93 point score. The cigar is made by the Fuentes in the Dominican Republic. Our best toro, or corona gorda, comes from the Garcia family of Nicaragua. Their new El Centurion H-2K-CT Toro Box Pressed is blended with a Havanaseed leaf from the Connecticut River Valley. Note the presence of a newcomer to…

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thoughts for the year ahead

As we write this editors’ note 2015 is coming to an end. It has been a stellar year for CIGAR AFICIONADO, with some of the most impressive subjects ever to grace our covers: Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Vince Vaughn, Jon Voight and the incomparable Robert De Niro. At the same time, Cuba, the birthplace of the cigar world, is in the midst of great change. The reality of open visitation for all of our readers—not just a few—is closer than ever. In November we held our 20th annual Big Smoke in Las Vegas, attended by more than 4,000 people from around the United States and the globe. And we have chosen a superb Cigar of the Year, which you can read about on page 48. Yet there is trouble in the…

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out of the humidor

“Your Editors’ Note came during a very, very important time. We do live in a media-crazed era where ratings and drama thrive. I struggle with finding my own outlets . . .” —Matthew Dwyer Hingst, Denver, Colorado Dear Marvin, Your Editors’ Note came during a very, very important time. We do live in a media-crazed era where ratings and drama thrive. I struggle with finding my own outlets and often find myself turning to international sources. I see this struggle through my peers. While some hold their sources on a pedestal, others denounce anything that contests their standard. Jim Morrison said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” So far that quote has rung more true than not. Alas, I do have faith. I hear questions being asked and I see status quos…

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mukul resort, guacalito de la isla, nicaragua

Undulating forested topography dramatically meets the sea where sandstone cliffs rise above the water to define a cove that protects Manzanillo Beach at Mukul. The resort serves up a beautifully balanced experience, blending environmental sustainability, social responsibility and native culture and people, amid the exotic splendor of tropical flora and fauna to create an allure that facilitates a rapid discarding of woes. And if that weren’t enough to recommend Mukul, my personal cigar wish list was waiting on arrival through a preorder service with food and beverage director Raul Zeledon. This luxury boutique hotel, set in Nicaragua’s Guacalito de la Isla on the country’s Emerald Coast, has a lot to offer. The development, with its four miles of beach strands on the Pacific Ocean side of the country, is a secluded 1,670-acre…

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bmw 7-series

BMW has long billed itself the maker of “the ultimate driving machine.” Models like the new M3 performance sedan certainly live up to that expectation. But what to do in an era when autonomous cars are migrating from science fiction to everyday reality? Could the Bavarian maker eventually build the “ultimate self-driving machine” While the completely redesigned 2016 BMW 7-Series won’t let you take your hands off the wheel and pick up your iPad or Wall Street Journal, it does come tantalizingly close. This year’s iteration is as much a tech junkie’s dream machine as a car for those who consider performance the ultimate high. In developing the 2016 7-Series, BMW engineers intentionally set out to one-up the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, until now the high-tech automotive benchmark. And, at least in terms…

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cigar jar humidors

Sometimes cigars come packaged in ceramic, glass or porcelain jars that typically end up as decorations in a smoking room. They look good lined up on the shelf in your man cave. But using these containers as ornaments is rather like keeping a classic car as a showpiece and never using it on the open road. It’s especially a shame since turning a jar into a working humidor is rather easily done. Contemporary consumers have the luxury of refilling, and reusing, their cigar jars time and time again, thanks to modern humidification technologies. In transforming your jars into full-fledged humidors, you’re actually carrying on an old Cuban cigar tradition that dates back to the early 1900s, when Cuban cigar brand H. Upmann first introduced the glass “Amatista-style” jar to the cigar-smoking…