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Cigar Aficionado January/February 2017

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Our top-scoring cigars in this latest taste test come from around the cigar world, and each of the industry’s three largest handmade cigar-producing countries—the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Nicaragua—are represented here. The Ashton Symmetry Belicoso earned our highest score in this blind review, earning 93 points. It stands alone among Ashtons for its Nicaraguan tobacco, something Ashton says doesn’t exist in its other blends. It’s rolled by the Fuente family. A host of cigars scored 92 points, including a legendary Cuban Churchill, a newer Nicaraguan robusto and a well-known short smoke from one of the cigar world’s most vaunted brands. Fat cigars continue to enthrall cigar consumers, and our Grande category of 60-ring-gauge smokes saw a four-way tie for top score at 91 points. For insight on fat cigars and…

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arnold—he’s back

There are plenty of celebrities around the world who love a great cigar. We challenge you to find one who enjoys them as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He began smoking cigars in the 1970s and he still adores them today. He’s a man of many nicknames. The Terminator. Conan. The Austrian Oak. The Governator. But for most people, and for us, he is quite simply Arnold. And he’s back. Arnold makes history with this cover appearance, as no other person has ever appeared three times on the cover of our magazine. (His first cover was Summer of 1996, when we were still a quarterly, and his second was August 2003.) He’s not only back in our book, he’s back in the lime-light in a big way, stepping into the shoes vacated by…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, It was sad for me to read your story about the passing of Carlos Fuente Sr. [“Death of a Legend,” December 2016]. Back in the spring of 2011, my brother, my nephew and I took a mini trip to Tampa to celebrate my retirement from the fire service and to watch our beloved Chicago White Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays. While down there, we went to the “Little Cuba” area of Tampa, Ybor City. We visited some small shops, ate local fare and went cigar shopping. My brother Tom said we need to check out this factory where cigar “seconds” are sold. Walking inside, up a flight of wooden stairs, we entered a small shop filled with many boxes of cigars. Inside were three people who turned out…

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the joy of tawny port

If your take on the classic combination of Port and a cigar includes only the thick, dark wine labeled as “vintage,” you’re not giving Port all the credit it deserves. It’s time to consider tawny Port. Each type brings its own charms to a cigar pairing. Richer in feel and flavor, vintage Port exudes notes like fruitcake, licorice, bramble and cobbler. Its racy sibling, tawny, emphasizes more elegant notes of caramel, hazelnut, almond, cinnamon and dried fruits and flowers. Both are fortified wines, born from the same process. During fermen-tation a neutral brandy is added to the grape must (juice, skins, seeds and stems), which stops the conversion of sugar to alcohol. The wines end up sweeter, but with more alcohol (about 20 percent, or 40 proof). It’s in maturation that the two…

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ritz-carltons of naples, florida

For sand traps and sandy beaches, for scrumptious eats and opu-lent shopping, well-heeled northerners who would rather wear sandals in the winter have long gone to Naples, Florida. Naples sings a song of casual affluence, and what better place for Ritz-Carlton to play a duet. It has two properties in Naples, the Ritz-Carlton Naples on the beach and the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort Naples at the upscale inland Tiburon development. The properties bring the world of Naples together with golf, tennis, surf and sun through a connection of a shuttle and sophistication. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort has the higher visibility of the two. The Greg Norman’s Franklin-Templeton Shootout event held on the Gold Course has been a fixture for 15 years, and the LPGA’s final event of the season, the CME Group Tour…

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the camel hair jacket

It’s easy to think of camel hair strictly as the fabric for dowdy jackets or overcoats worn by the polo set. But take another look. The breathable winter fabric is getting more versatile. Once seen strictly in solid tan, camel hair jackets, like the one pictured from Kiton ($5,845), are sporting patterns and rakish peak lapels. Last year, Caruso took a bold step making an entire suit out of blue pinstripe camel hair. The fabric house Loro Piana further boosted camel hair’s image by spin-ning from fibers as small as 17 microns, comparable to a Super 120 fabric. Camel hair has always had its natural thermostatic properties, providing insulation in the cold and keeping its wearer cool in the heat. You can thank the Bactrian camel—from which hair is collected to…