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Cigar Aficionado July - August 2016

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Nicaraguan cigars continue to perform at the very highest level in our blind tastings. This issue’s top scores went to Nicaraguan brands of unparalleled pedigree, Padrón and Oliva. The Padrón was crafted to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the brand, which was created in 1964. Cigar afiCionado had already rated the widely available boxed version, but this is our first rating for the version available only in humidors. Thanks to a refill program from the company, and the fact that retailers are selling the cigars individually, we decided to put the cigar in our blind tasting process—and we are quite happy we did. Tying it at 94 points is the Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto, crafted in honor of the first member of that family to grow tobacco. Among our…

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obama administration overregulates cigars

In yet another example of Washington’s antibusiness policies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced sweeping new regulations on the American cigar industry on May 5. If left unopposed, they will radically reshape the handmade cigar business in this country and threaten your legal right to smoke a cigar. The rules are onerous. They include the banning of free cigar samples, a prohibition on releasing new cigar brands (even new sizes to existing brands) without lengthy and expensive government approval and the requirement for large government warnings on cigar boxes. This is overregulation of the worst sort. Requiring government approval for new products is the harshest of the FDA rules. Any cigar that was not on the market on February 15, 2007—nearly 10 years ago—will have to undergo a registration and approval process…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Thank you very much for standing up to Nick Enns’ comments [Out of the Humidor, June 2016]. I was surprised to read his ridiculous views. I, for one, only buy the best cigars I can afford and own an Omega Planet Ocean 600 meters and an Oris BC3 Silver Lake Edition. These watches are my most important possessions, after my kids and wife. I completely disagree with his opinions that young people don’t use fine timepieces because every phone has the time. This is like telling a young lady you don’t need a $15,000 diamond ring because you can see pictures of one on your phone. Ernesto Valenzuela San Diego, California Dear Marvin, Since I can remember, the cigar has been a part of my life. Growing up I remember my grandfather and my…

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gear for the great outdoors

It’s summertime—that means barbecues, the beach and boating. You’ve got your sunglasses on and your favorite cigars in hand, but you’re unsure which cigar accessories to take with you. Pocket space is limited, and some of your finer, more delicate tools are poorly suited for the outdoors. Others are just too heavy or cumbersome to carry around. Happily, cigar gear engineered for on-the-go performance won’t weigh you down while you’re enjoying the weather. For transporting cigars, consider the GRAMM Works Travel Humidor (top left, $80). Made with sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum and sporting a built-in hygrometer cap and lower-level humidification cap, this travel piece can carry four to five Churchill-sized cigars at constant humidity, thanks to the Boveda pack in the bottom of the cylinder. If you’re going anywhere near the water,…

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2017 camaro convertible

If the muscle car called Camaro set hearts aflame in 2009 when Chevy revived it after years of abandonment, it truly gave its long-dominant rival, the Mustang, a run for its money with the completely made over 2016 edition. Now, it’s partner, the 2017 Camaro Convertible, is shaking up the ragtop sector with its own impressive credentials. Both models ride atop a new and, unexpectedly, smaller platform, shared with the Cadillac ATS sedan. That pairing may have been a concession to the bean counters’ bent for “economies of scale,” but buyers made out, too. The underlying platform and suspension are more sophisticated and nimble, transforming what was long little more than a straight-line sled into the sort of machine you can happily flog around the tightest of corners, giving chase not…

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the gin & tonic

The quintessential summer drink has its recipe right in its name: Gin & Tonic. But it’s not that simple. Ignore the details and you squander the chance to make this classic quaff sublime. Choose wisely and you’ll build an effervescent testament to tropical refreshment. Mix blindly and you’re headed for the doldrums. Or worse— consider that in some unenlightened cultures Gin & Tonic is available in a can—you can’t even choose the proportions! Happily, the individual ingredients are enjoying a renaissance. The primary element (gin) is being revived as mixologists have rediscovered its place in timeless tippling, and craft distillers are widening the possibilities with novel botani-cals. Gin is essentially very complex, flavored vodka. Dozens of aromatics can be added (either during distillation or afterwards, the former is usually better), but…