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Cigar Aficionado May - June 2016

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This was quite a strong tasting, particularly for the cigars of Cuba and Nicaragua. The three best scored 93 points: The Norteño Robusto Grande, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill and the Montecristo Open Master. Norteño, which combines tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, comes from Willy Herrera and the team at Drew Estate. Crafted as a stronger version of the Herrera Esteli brand, the cigar has been on sale since 2014. The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill consistently scores well in Cigar afiCionado and Cigar Insider. This is its fourth 93-point score. This is the highest-ever score for a Montecristo Open Master, a subset of the Montecristo brand named with a golf theme. Most of the other top scorers in this issue bear familiar names, such as Padrón, Cohiba…

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a visit to cuba

You want to visit Cuba. We conducted a recent poll of our audience at cigaraficionado.com, and an incredible 95 percent of you said you were eager to pay a visit to the island, which has been offlimits to most Americans for more than 50 years. Some of you reading this have already gone. Twenty-nine percent of you who answered our survey said you had been to Cuba at least once (some of you have gone several times) and most of you were quite pleased with the trip: 77 percent of you rated the visit very good or better, and 23.5 percent called it “the trip of a lifetime.” One American who made the trip recently is U.S. President Barack Obama. He made history on March 20 as the first sitting American president…

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out of the humidor

“All three of these men have a special place in my heart, but my father holds the biggest. Thanks for allowing the Big Smoke to bring us all together.”—Jeff Kolbe, Lockport, New York Dear Marvin, I’ve been reading your magazine for a few years. Being from Canada I can travel to Cuba whenever I please (I live in a free country) and I go there about eight times per annum. I get my cigars from a Cuban amigo who is a roller at the La Corona factory. Cuban cigars are severely overpriced as you know, so this offsets that. I have just a little pet peeve about your magazine— watches. I like fine things but a $35,000 watch? Every cell phone has the time. Most young people don’t wear watches for that reason.…

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compact humidors

Cabinet humidors may be the central command stations for connoisseurs with a collection, but don’t overlook the convenience of having a few satellite humidors on hand for the office, vacation home or anywhere else cigars are enjoyed. Unlike your primary humidor, which keys on capacity, secondary humidors should be versatile—both compact and elegant—as well as portable, so they can be displayed on your desktop and seamlessly tucked into your duffel bag for a weekend excursion. Travel humidors needn’t forgo style for the sake of durability. Case in point: Davidoff of Geneva’s Voyager humidor ($1,290, pictured at right) exhibits an opulent simplicity in its on-the-go design. The macassar exterior (also available in rosewood) contains a very subtle coat of matte finishing, giving it a fashionably rustic look. Rounded edges, designed for easy…

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vodka by the grain (and grape)

In the world of vodka marketing much is made of the multiple times it may be distilled and filtered, but that downplays the core factor that gives the spirit its character: the fermented plants that start the process. They deserve a closer look. Vodka can be made from any vegetation that can be fermented— and yes, there is a hemp vodka. But most premium vodkas stick to grains and potatoes, with grapes gathering a following of late. There’s little need to dispel the old notion that all vodka is strictly made from potatoes (that type is actually in the minority). But spuds yield a distinct taste and have a long tradition—especially in Poland, where Chopin ($30) is made. But they are by no means limited geographically. (Woody Creek, $37, is made in…

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cordevalle resort

Just south of San Jose, California and not far off the 101 freeway in the modest village of San Martin is the Cordevalle Resort, a golf destination with a rich championship history that will soon add another chapter when the U.S. Women’s Open is played there this July. Cordevalle is a resort that feels much more like a private club. As you sit outside one of its sumptuous accommodations overlooking the course, you will see many players late in the day walking rather than riding, playing the game the way it was meant to be. The Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf course, set in the golden foothills of the coastal mountains, has held PGA Tour and amateur events. It’s a pure California golf experience. “It’s a beautiful core course,” says Jones. “It…