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Cigar Aficionado November - December 2015

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This was a particularly strong issue for Cuban cigars, with Havana-made smokes posting the best score in four of our six categories. One of them—the bold, brawny and consistently impressive Bolivar Belicoso Fino—scored 94 points, the highest score for the entire issue. The Bolivar brand is among the smaller Cuban marques, but connoisseurs reach for them often, seeking strength and complexity. This figurado is the best in the line, a cigar built for those who prefer strong smokes. This issue marked the first CIGAR AFICIONADO tasting of the Heritage by Dunhill Robusto (93 points) and the Montecristo Churchill Añejados (91 points). TOP FIGURADO BOLIVAR BELICOSO FINO Spicy, bold and chocolaty, this impeccably crafted figurado is the best cigar of our issue, and the standout smoke in Cuba’s superb Bolivar brand. CUBA 94 TOP CORONA GORDA H. UPMANN…

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seeking the truth

A generation ago the face that described the accounts of the day on your television screen each evening was that of a trusted friend who seemed to deliver news without opinion, without spin, without agenda. Things have changed. Today, hundreds and even thousands of sources on television and over the Internet inundate you with news, and more and more often the message coming your way is biased. The same event will be presented in vastly different ways from one channel to the next, the same action described as heroic on one network even as another declares it dastardly. Guests who appear as impartial observers are often close allies touting the party line of the politician he or she purports to be analyzing. There is more information than ever before in our history, but…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Thank you for the De Niro interview. I always wanted to meet him and now I feel like I have. Keep up the good work. Phil Firich Wadsworth, Illinois Dear Marvin, As a relatively new subscriber I was surprised and pleased to see your cover interview with Robert De Niro, a notoriously private person. Not only did you get the interview, but you continually pressed forward with great probing questions gaining further insight into this legendary actor and entrepreneur. Kudos on a job well done. Chuck Campbell Malven, Pennsylvania Dear Marvin, I’m delighted you had the opportunity to interview Robert De Niro. From your comment(s) in the Editor’s Note, speaking with him had been a longtime goal for the magazine. Mr. De Niro is a brilliant actor and my wife and I have enjoyed many of his films.…

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twin farms, vermont

I’m riding my bike on the bucolic backroads of Vermont when a Mercedes (or BMW, Audi, or Jaguar) with out-of-state plates slows, and the driver’s window rolls down. I know what is coming. Befuddled travelers in this offbeat corner invariably want directions to Twin Farms. The luxury resort, with an unmarked gate on a barely marked back road, is easy to miss, but that would be a shame, because it is arguably the best small resort in the nation. Despite having just 20 accommodations, Twin Farms offers a largerthan-life guest experience, and it is the only all-inclusive awarded the highest possible Forbes (formerly Mobil) five-star rating—for each of the past 20 years. It has repeatedly won Best Small Resort U.S. in CIGAR AFICIONADO, and its 26,000-bottle cellar received Wine Spectator’s Best…

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the smoking jacket

A garment as traditional as the smoking jacket—in use since the mid 19th-century and with a pedigree that reaches back to the 1500s—isn’t expected to make fashion turns. But this coat, made for one special purpose—enjoying tobacco—has a few tricks up its, er, sleeves. No, smoking jackets are not making a splashing comeback on the runways. But the garment, once reserved for leisurely, at-home entertainment amongst a small klatch of like-minded cigar lovers, is now known to travel far afield. Going out on the town, at nightclubs and fevered parties, these cheeky coats are as likely to resemble traditional tuxedo jackets (albeit with certain flamboyant liberties) as they do the parlor robes they are descended from. Smoking jackets became a fixture of gentleman’s attire around the start of the Crimean War (1853),…

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jet-flame tabletop lighters

If your collection of cigar-smoking accessories were a chess set, the tabletop lighter would no doubt be a king. More stately in both size and appearance, it is designed not for mobility, but a more sedentary existence. At once functional and ornamental, tabletops have traditionally been displayed atop their namesake pieces of furniture or on a desk. Nowadays, however, tabletops are seen at poker tables, resting on home bars or even making the occasional excursion to the patio. One fundamental change in recent years made this all possible. In days of yore, devices that produced a soft flame dominated the category. But, as cigars have grown in girth, manufacturers have responded by producing tabletop lighters with powerful adjustable jet flames, followed by fuel windows, larger-than-normal fuel chambers and other features. For those…