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Cigar Aficionado November/December 2017

Cigar Aficionado is a magazine for the man who enjoys life’s great pleasures: fine dining and entertaining, the finest wines and spirits, world travel and the arts. At the heart of every issue is the cigar: what to smoke, where to smoke, and how to enjoy a great smoke.

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The Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon, a 93-point-smoke, took our top score for this issue. The cigar is made with a delicious wrapper from Cameroon, a leaf that was once an industry standard but one that is getting increasingly rare in today’s cigar world. While that Rocky Patel cigar is made in Honduras, this was a particularly strong tasting for cigars from Nicaragua, as Nicaraguan cigars provided the top score in four out of our six categories. The Flor de Las Antillas Maduro (92 points) was our standout corona gorda, the Nat Sherman Panamericana Secreto (91) tied for best petit corona, the Oliva Serie V tied with two other smokes (including Cuba’s heralded Bolivar Belicoso Fino) for top figurado and a consistently superb Padrón Serie 1926 tied for best robusto.…

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editor’s note

Twenty-Five Years of Cigar Aficionado Twenty-five years ago I fulfilled a longtime dream with the birth of CIGAR AFICIONADO. My life has never been the same. The world was different in the fall of 1992. The U.S. economy was coming off a tough recession and the recovery was slow. The stock market was in tough shape and unemployment was at its highest level in about a decade, nearly 8 percent. Great time to start a magazine, right? The cigar market was also in bad shape in 1992. Sales had been flat for years, cigars were selling for low prices to an aging consumer base and some brand owners were trying to discourage their children from following in their footsteps. Many thought the business didn’t have a future. A lot of people felt the same…

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out of the humidor

“I find few things more pleasurable than enjoying a cigar on my patio while reading CIGAR AFICIONADO magazine.” —Alexander Piek Jr., New Lenox, Illinois Dear Marvin, I just finished reading the October issue today. I have been reading CIGAR AFICIONADO for several years now and the October issue is one of your best football issues ever. The article on NFL history was great. I also enjoyed “Ten Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know.” I have enjoyed cigars for only about six or seven years now and always relish any new information about cigars and the enjoyment of them. I appreciated that this article was written for both new and longtime cigar smokers. Please bring more of these informative articles to us on a regular basis. I devoured the Cigar 101 section on…

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casa de campo, la romana, dominican republic

How do you improve on one of the greatest golf destinations in the world? You go on a spending spree of $40 million to refurbish the hotel’s rooms, build a new reception and pool area overlooked by a completely redone restaurant and then add a spa to compete with the top facilities around the world. That’s what happened in Casa de Campo, with the finishing touches completed by the winter 2010 season. An additional complex of new guest rooms will also be ready for the 2011 winter season. The Sirio Maccioni family, of Le Cirque fame in New York, oversees two restaurants on the property: The Beach Club by Le Cirque, an open-air eatery overlooking Minitas Beach, and Le Cana by Il Circo, the fusion cuisine restaurant in the main hotel building.…

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fine fabrics

Remember not so many fiscal periods ago when the sartorial pinnacle was reached by raising specially bred sheep in temperature- controlled, chemical-free sheds, piping in music and hoping to break wool fineness records measured in fewer than 12 microns? To be sourcing cloth for softness bragging rights may seem like conspicuous consumption right now, but that’s no reason to give up on the joys of a suit well-tailored from fine, functional cloth with smart patterns. Holland & Sherry’s Dougal Monroe reports a focus on fabrics that combine today’s requisite standards of comfort with a durability that is not only more practical, but allows a garment to pleat and drape beautifully. This is done by weaving superfine cloths with a double-weft technique that makes the cloth slightly thicker and heavier. The company…

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james bond shrimp

Moments after dispatching an encroaching thug in the film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, James Bond, portrayed by George Lazenby, helps himself to a mouthful of caviar and declares it, “Royal Beluga—north of the Caspian.” Well-versed in Champagne, spirits and women, Bond also has a gourmet’s sensitivy (even if he does occasionally dabble in excess), and his preferences often run to seafood. Though the subject receives less mention in the films, food plays a larger role in many of the James Bond novels penned by Ian Fleming, who endowed his character with his own penchant for classic British cuisine. In Moonraker, during a multicourse dinner with M at Blades, Bond samples smoked salmon, cured in the Scottish Highlands, accompanied by toast and Jersey butter, before starting on his meal of lamb…