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Cigar Aficionado September - October 2015

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This was a superb taste test. Four cigars scored 93 points. Three of them are from brands that have been around for decades or more, and one has only been sold for one year. Cuba makes two of the 93s. The Partagás Serie D No. 4, our top-scoring robusto, is not only a superb smoke, but it’s the best-selling Cuban cigar, in terms of revenue volume. With a performance like this, it’s easy to see the allure. The Punch Punch from Cuba, which tied for top corona gorda, is another legendary cigar. This particular version was leathery and rich. The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Belicoso, named for the patriarch of the Arturo Fuente family, Carlos Fuente Sr., has long delivered stunning and sophisticated flavor with brilliant construction. Finally, the Laranja…

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the interview

He has won two Oscars, the first for his classic portrayal of young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II, the second for his intense performance as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. In 2011 he won the Cecil B. DeMille award recognizing a lifetime of contribution to the world of film. He is also an award-winning restaurateur and a successful businessman who is only expanding his already impressive holdings. And he is an intensely private man. I’m speaking, of course, of Robert De Niro. One of my goals as the editor and publisher of CIGAR AFICIONADO magazine is to bring you into the world of truly unique people. People who don’t normally sit for interviews. People whose inside stories have largely gone untold. Over the years, I’ve sat down and interviewed: • 1994:…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Thank you for the great article on Barry Melrose [August 2015]. My wife and I were season ticket holders while the Kings played at The Forum. The years with Wayne Gretzky coached by Barry were magical in the team’s history. Barry said he would love it if a husband turns to his wife and says “I’d love to have a beer and cigar and talk sports with Barry Melrose.” Well, I am one of those guys. I have the beer (and a wine cellar) and a humidor with aged OpusX cigars if you and Barry want to come over and drink and talk sports. I’ll even show you my Kings memo-rabilia. One thing that was unintentionally left out of the article was Barry’s sense of humor, which is incredible. Ken…

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eggs benedict

The origins of Eggs Benedict, as with so many recipes, are by time obscured. Competing claims have it invented for a bored Delmonico’s patron, as a hangover cure for a breakfaster at The Waldorf Hotel and as the whimsy of a banker/yachtsman. All assertions have two things in common: diners named Benedict and the will to boost normal morning fare to a new level with this layering of muffin, Canadian bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. But much more than a century after the dish was created (by whomever), Eggs Benedict is now served at most diners and has lost some of its luster. It may be time to reconsider how to build this treat. Happily, its tiered construction makes renovation a snap. You can swap out ingredients by module without…

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the smart humidor

With network integration a pervasive part of everyday life, it’s no longer good enough for your appliances to simply function well. If you can’t manage them wirelessly, then you’re not keeping up with the technological Joneses. So it isn’t surprising that cigar humidification should be joining the 21st century with the Smart Humidor from Cigar Oasis. The WiFi unit ($119) attaches to the company’s humidifiers and allows you to not only monitor the conditions of your humidor from a mobile device, but also to do some resetting. While checking on your humidor’s relative humidity level by smartphone isn’t terribly new, actually being able to change the level is. The Smart Humidor’s app-based WiFi system can incrementally raise or lower humidity all from your iPhone, smartphone or whichever iOS- or Android-based wireless…

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Your man cave seems complete. You have the requisite flat-screen television ready to beam in every NFL game on demand, a bar fully stocked for thirsty guests, and a ventilation system that circulates cigar smoke better than most retail shops. It’s a perfect space to which to retreat and reflect. Well, almost perfect. To augment your male sanctuary, we suggest a leisure activity (with the emphasis on leisure) for you and your pals to enjoy. Darts—currently enjoying a bit of an upswing in popularity, as last year’s British Dart Organisation finale was watched by 2.2 million viewers—has long been the king of indoor sport. Its origins trace to medieval times, when English soldiers would gather in pubs and throw shortened, wooden arrows at the butt of a wine or beer barrel.…