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Cigar Aficionado September/October 2017

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Twenty-five cigars scored 90 points or more this impressive tasting, so it was inevitable that there were a few ties near the top. Cuba’s Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill, a robusto with a big name, stood out from the rest with a score of 94 points, the highest of the issue. Tatuajue’s La Vérité scored 92 points, outpacing all Churchills while Cuba’s Montecristo No. 3 (92 points) took home top honors in the corona category. With a 92-point rating, Rocky Patel’s Platinum Limited Edition Habano edged out the rest of the corona gordas, while three cigars—the Oliva Serie V Belicoso, 601 Red Label Habano Torpedo and Diplomaticos No. 2—scored 92 points each to top the figurados section. Another three-way tie occurred in the Lonsdale category, as the Illusione F9, Maestro…

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are you ready for some football?

No sport looms larger in America than pro football. When the weather cools and the leaves threaten to fall from the trees, we look to the new season with unbridled excitement. While we may play plenty of golf, it’s football that we watch with a passion. There’s nothing like sitting down for the big game, firing up a fat cigar and watching your favorite team take on its archrival. In the NFL, there are few unimportant games—each team plays only 16 games in the season, so most games count. As we inched closer to the first game of the new season on September 7, we began putting together our largest-ever football package for your enjoyment. It begins with star handicapper Danny Sheridan making his predictions for the 2017 NFL season. Pay attention to…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, I just read your letter to new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in the August issue of Cigar Aficionado and was moved to contact the commissioner myself. This potential act by our government must not be allowed to happen. Let’s hope that together we can all pull this thing through for the industry. Wayne McCollum Rancho Mirage, California Editors’ Response: The response from our readers to contact the new FDA commissioner has been overwhelming and impressive. Thank you for joining with so many of your fellow readers who answered the call. But more can be done, and it’s not too late to enlist others to the cause. Spread the word with your fellow cigar smokers and make sure they join the fight. Go to www.cigaraficionado.com and follow our links to let the government…

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the ritz paris

Caesar Ritz managed and bought hotels in Nice, Monaco, Lugano and Lucerne before deciding to create one himself from the ground up with the help of the culinary legend chef Auguste Escoffier, his business partner. Opening in 1898, the Ritz Paris changed the hospitality industry forever. It earned Ritz the nicknames “king of hoteliers” and “hotelier to kings,” and spawned the expressions “ritzy” and “putting on the Ritz.” For more than a century, the Ritz Paris, in the 1st Arrondissement, was the original “palace hotel,” the standard against which other luxury lodging worldwide was judged. It was the frequent abode of not only royalty, but billionaires, celebrities and VIPs of every stripe. Coco Chanel stayed for 30 years, while Gary Cooper and F. Scott Fitzgerald were regulars. Ernest Hemingway drank there…

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naim audio mu-so wireless speakers

You no longer need to buy a Bentley Mulsanne to enjoy the sound of Naim Audio. The English hi-fi manufacturer that produces the luxury sedan’s optional sound system, “Naim for Bentley,” now offers wireless speakers for the home. In addition to delivering the mellifluous sound you would expect from a high-end audio manufacturer, the Naim Mu-so and Mu-so Qb lend a modernist elegance to a living room, study, bedroom or all three. The Mu-so is less a wireless speaker than a piece of modern art. A long, low aluminum slab, the unit gradually reveals competing shapes and textures. A softly undulating fabric grille collides with angular, brushed metal casing that gives way to a vertiginous silver heat sink that spans the back of the unit. Perched on a semi-transparent acrylic base,…

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the perfect paella

There isn’t an exact consensus as to what makes for a truly authentic dish of paella, but there is certainly no shortage of strong opinions. Ask a Spaniard from Valencia—the purported birthplace of paella—and you might get a completely different answer than someone from Catalonia. Trace the history and you’ll find that this Spanish medley with crunchy rice has included everything from eels and snails to rabbits and rodents (specifically, water vole meat). Now that the dish has gone global, it’s not at all unusual to find spicy chorizo sausage in the mix, something that rigid hardliners find exceedingly irritating. And while some things are open to interpretation, the basic tenets of paella are not. “I am not a purist of the paella, for I believe that it is fine to have…