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one quick thing

There probably aren’t many jobs in which watching a couple in the apartment across the street have sex is an inadvertent teambuilding exercise. But yesterday afternoon, I found myself suddenly surrounded by 25 staffers smooshed against my office window contemplating a particularly frisky pair with an aversion to curtains, who, it’s worth noting, went at it for a full 37 minutes. (I had to take a call in the middle of it, and when I came back, I asked if they were still going—an editor said, “Yes, because I don’t think you can cuddle with two feet in the air?”) To be honest, there’s no better group of people to anonymously cheer you on in the sack than the Cosmo staff—we uttered many appreciative appraisals of positioning and technique and…

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what your name says about you

So what the hell is this wizardry? It’s essentially a big math problem based on the magical power of numbers (aka numerology), says Michelle Buchanan, a numerologist based in New Zealand and the author of The Numerology Guidebook. There are a few ways to ~nameolify~ yourself, but the process on the next page—the adding-across method—is the simplest. So give your calculator app a break from tallying tips and find out who you should date, your strengths and weaknesses, and even your life’s purpose. Intense, right? ALLIE HOLLOWAY. HAIR: NATE ROSENKRANZ AT HONEY ARTISTS. MAKEUP: TAYLOR FITZGERALD.…

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what’s your #?

Step 1 Write the full name that’s on your birth certificate, and assign a number to each corresponding letter using the chart below. Once you’ve written it out, add those numbers together. Here’s what it would look like if you were Kylie Jenner: KYLIE 2 + 7+ 3 + 9 + 5 KRISTEN 2 + 9 + 9 +1 + 2 + 5 + 5 JENNER 1 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 9 = 8 9 Step 2 Add the final number’s digits together. So Kylie’s would be 8 + 9 = 17. Still got a two-digit situation on your hands? Check out step 3. If not, skip to step 4. Step 3 If your answer is higher than 9, add those two digits together again. So, 11 becomes 2 and 17 becomes 8. Your…

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how hard are you faking it on social?

How many shots do you need to get a pic you’re happy with? 40% Putting a number on this minimizes my process and my art. 51% However many I can get in the span of one minute. Any longer is awk. 9% Maybe one or two? Definitely fewer than three. Be honest: How many photo-editing apps are on your phone? 64% Two to five. 2% I’ve forgotten what I look like without them. 34% One, and I’m counting Instagram. What’s the most likely reason you’d ever delete a photo? 57% I no longer need 10 pictures of coffee with the Toaster filter and a border. 16% I don’t want my boss to see it. 27% It didn’t get enough Likes and we’ll never speak of it again, thanks. Have you ever posted an undisclosed later gram while you’re actually eating takeout on the couch? So, how long does it take you to…

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dates from hell

“My freshman year of college, this dude I barely knew asked me out on Facebook Messenger, and we met in the lobby of my dorm building. I was all dressed up, wearing red lipstick, and he came in after finishing a game of Frisbee wearing the free T-shirt they gave us when we moved in. I tried not to judge, but then he walked me to the dining hall on campus for dinner. He housed a bowl of Lucky Charms while barely talking about anything other than being a SoundCloud DJ. When he walked me back to my dorm, I didn’t invite him in. Not even 20 minutes later, he messaged me on Facebook, ‘Hey, what’s up;)?’” —REBEKAH K., 22 “After telling the guy I was seeing about some things I had…

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location sharing: creepy or cute?

+ I caught my BF in a major lie. “When I told my boyfriend I was worried he was seeing his ex again, he suggested a trust-building exercise: sharing his location with me from his phone. I felt like a creep, checking it every few minutes. He was always at home or a friend’s… or a department store, of all places. I sometimes met him at his house after these department-store runs and noticed he never had any bags. When I asked him about it, he said he was going just to look around. It was so bizarre. Finally, I did the Bad Thing: I went through his phone when he was asleep. I found texts from his ex, including one that said, ‘How funny would it be if you got me pregnant…