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Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

We’re in the height of spring, and hopefully the tulips and crocus that emerged much too fast this year are hanging around to brighten your days ahead. You’ll need fresh-cut flowers to decorate with for the entertaining that must ensue in the coming months, when wedding season, graduations, Mother’s Day and summer soirées begin.For any good party, you need a fun drink (virgin or otherwise), a fantastic outfit and special ambience to set the mood. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, graduation or other spring event, we’ve got you covered with this issue of Creative Machine Embroidery.I particularly love the Take a Sip Tote on page 44. It sets the mood for fun for you and the littles in your life. Help the kiddos with a lemonade stand and use…

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what do you plan to make for your summer travels?

“I’m looking forward to finally getting to wear my custom embroidered espadrilles.” ramona baird Wedding Party—page 74 asg.org/resources/conference sue o’very Painted Pouch—page 58 sueoverydesigns.com pamela cox Heirloom Effects: Shadow Work—page 30 “Im planning to stitch up a few ‘Hide Inside Travel Wallets’ for a family trip. This design from Pickle Pie Designs is so handy to keep travel documents organized!” lisa archer In the Hoop: Punch Labels—page 18 picklepiedesigns.com nancy fiedler Quilt This: Beyond the Block—page 22 janome.com/en/inspire/projects/ garment/embroidered-espadrilles julia griffey Blooms in Blue—page 40 Beach Babe—page 66 machineembroiderygeek.com joi mahon Take a Sip Tote—page 44 designerjoi.com “I already have a growing list of items I‘d like to make for summer, but at the top…

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tips & tricks

DENSE DESIGNSIf tear-away stabilizer falls off the project during stitching because the design is too dense, rehoop the project with a cut-away stabilizer.Jackie N., email TINY TIME SAVERAfter washing stabilizer out of FSL projects, place the wet design in an airtight plastic bag with a few silica gel packets to dry the designs faster.Claudia O., email BUTTON GAPSTo avoid gaps between placket buttonholes, mark the first buttonhole at the bustline center and evenly space the remainder accordingly.Jean L., email GROWING STASHIf you need more space on your thread rack, add a drinking straw to each dowel and stack the spools.Mara S., email TAKE IT EASYWind bobbins slowly when using synthetic threads to avoid bursting plastic bobbins and stretching the thread.Jen T., email Send your…

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must haves

1. If you love everything embroidery and need a new book to read, check out The Queen’s Embroiderer: A True Story of Paris, Lovers, Swindlers and the First Stock Market Crisis. Travel back to Paris in the early 1700s, where embroidery was highly desired. This book delves into a story of wealth, struggle and love centering around the Magoulet family, who were the official embroiderers for Queen Marie-Thérèse and Louis XIV and were integral to the décor at Versailles. ($30, bloomsbury.com) Free Design! 2 Treat yourself to a charmed summer with CME’s Beach Life FSL Charms Collection. This collection brings summer to you wherever you decide to use them. Picture them as wineglass charms, earrings, zipper pulls, sneaker charms, key chains — the list goes on and…

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using small hoops

LAYOUT & DESIGN • When working with small hoops, design layout is crucial. Examine a large design and notice the design elements that overlap. The overlaps indicate when and where to rehoop in order to break up the design for a small hoop.• Select designs that don’t have to precisely align. Free-flowing designs, such as florals, are great to use because they’re less structured and are easily manipulated to fit a curved layout.• Experiment with the design layout to create a continuous design with 1/8" or less overlap. Eliminating gaps between the designs results in a finished design that looks like it was stitched in a large hoop. PREPARE • Print templates of the chosen design. Mark the horizontal and vertical axis lines for each design,…

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hooping help

Use this technique to align fabric or an item that can’t be traditionally hooped and must be placed over stabilizer, whether self-adhesive stabilizer or adhered with temporary adhesive.• Push a pin through the project at the design center and stabilizer center. • Push a pin through the project and stabilizer at each vertical line end (1).• Repeat to align the horizontal lines.• Finger press lightly to adhere the project to the stabilizer, and then remove the pins. ■…