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Cruising Helmsman August 17

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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THIS month’s editorial consists of a heartfelt apology to Ocean Solutions. I have written before how fraught a business publishing a monthly magazine can be: spelling mistakes, engineering errors, nomenclature misnomers, they all slip past my eyes now and then and the list is extensive. Thankfully, in general, the errors are minor or are so outrageous that they are obvious. Plus the readership of CH is usually so pragmatic that they do not read what is written in these pages without doing their own research. Usually the damage is minimal. I am always happy to print an apology and a correction where needed, otherwise I am happy to just receive the “tsk, tsk” from those that seek to point out my mistake. But it is a different matter when the error has…

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inaugural seabbatical film fest winner

BORNE out of a simple statement from Brent Vaughan during one lunch, the Seabbatical Inaugural cruising short film fest came to fruition at this year’s Sanctuary Cove boat show. Both the Multihull Central director and Cruising Helmsman thought this was a great idea but had no concept of how to get it going. Or whether it would even be successful. Certainly neither of us thought it would be such a hit as it was. The idea was simple, promote the idea to our readership and others to send in a video of under eight minutes long, telling a sailing story. It must include sailing and it must tell a story. Want to guess how many entries we received? Four hundred and thirty two. An exhausting but entirely engrossing exercise in judging. During discussions on what…

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cruiser award for 2017

RECOGNITION is such a subjective concept. We each have different ideas as to what is an exceptional achievement. In a recreational lifestyle such as ‘cruising’ it is even harder to find such achievements. Cruisers are an individualistic bunch. Yes, we may cruise in company and yes, there is something special about congregating in a secluded harbour on one person’s yacht for sundowners. But usually we just do what we want to do because of the pleasure derived, not to break records or even to win awards. So how do we recognise suitable candidates? Without naming names, personally I think it is obvious a candidate has to have done something seen by others in the cruising community as beneficial or exceptional. Top priorities in my mind then would be someone who may have…

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around the docks

TAKING an evening constitutional around Hobart’s Constitution Docks the other day (as you do) and spied this little beauty looking like the perfectly set-up and well-used cruising yacht. Noted occupants in the cockpit enjoying a well-earned sundowner so I gave them an “ahoy”. Did not wish to interrupt their soiree so just asked if I may drop round the next day and take a photo of Meridian and maybe have a chat. It helps to introduce oneself as the editor of CH, opens many a companionway hatch. Met Phil and Helen Hebblethwaite the next day and got just a part of their amazing sailing up Australia’s east coast, into SE Asia and then on to Sri Lanka before a few disasters struck and they decided to cancel their plans to the Med.…

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best of the web

MYSAILING.COM.AU/CRUISING The America’s Cup dominated mysailing.com.au, one cruising story still made the top ten: WIDE BAY BAR WARNING The Wide Bay bar is always an issue of contention. Queensland marine safety issued an update to the reference points in a Notice to Mariners. One commenter noted, however, the waypoint changes occurred before Cyclone Debbie hit so maybe MSQ needs repeat! www.mysailing.com.au/cruising/wide-bay-bar-warning-light-realigned-after-significant-shoaling TAS IS THE SPOT Latest reports from Marine and Safety Tasmania showed growth signs for yachting in that state. As of the end of 2016 Tassie had 30,818 boats registered. The vast majority of those boats are fishing tinnies as you would expect, but when they drilled into the stats. they found that yachts being used for cruising returned the largest percentage growth, probably due to the increase in marina berths available. facebook.com/CruisingHelmsman…

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beneteau pittwater cup shines again

A LARGE fleet of 26 Beneteau’s competed for the 16th running of the Pittwater Cup at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club recently. First-timers regulars and seasoned salts enjoyed the hospitality of the crew of Flagstaff Marine. However, the first two divisions did get away on time, just. Shortly thereafter, and as Division Three struggled to even make the line, let alone cross it, the answering pennant was hoisted and a 20 minute delay ensued. At 12:45hrs the rest of the fleet started and the ride north improved as the afternoon wore on. In the case of Greg Newton, helming his Oceanis 45 Antipodes of Sydney, his crew had a ball in their Hawaiian shirts, and also kicked on as that breeze filled, with their kite propelling them to a win in…