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Cruising Helmsman December 17

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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HURRICANES, typhoons, cyclones have hit the usual places around the globe so far this season. Some have even hit where they were not expected. At least two were the worst there has ever been; this includes Debbie that hit Hamilton Island and Airlie with a force and longevity not seen before. Frightening stuff but, as you can read in our article beginning on page 14, the top end has become quite resilient in regard to picking up, dusting off and getting back to business. Our first feature article finishes with a heartfelt plea from its author: do what you can and help the area begin to recoup lost profit and repay its damages bill. Another timely article turns up at the back of this issue. At the same time that the Australian National…

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cruiser of the year award nominees: david and carolyn colfelt

DAVID and Carolyn have long been passionate and dedicated contributors to Australian cruising life through various publications. While they are not as active sailors today as they were in their youth, they continue to support cruisers with every book sold. They are best known for their cruising guide ‘100 magic miles of the Great Barrier Reef – the Whitsunday Islands’, known by all who have cruised Queensland’s famed tropical islands between Bowen and Mackay. However, David and Carolyn’s lesser-known contributions are numerous. Here is a run-down of the various publications they have produced, or helped to produce in their lifetime: 1975 to 1986 Offshore magazine for the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia; 1975 to 1986 Sydney Hobart race programme; 1983 to 1985 Sailbook magazine for the Yachting Association of NSW; 1980 to…

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marine directory asia

THE cruising area of South East Asia offers a myriad of treats. The temptation to linger longer is usually front of mind. One of the problems of keeping your yacht in the area is when you need to find a berth or mooring or, more importantly, you are requiring some work to be done. A large diversity of languages exists as does the capabilities and quality of the various marine trades and facilities. This is where Marine Directory Asia is of use. Initially started in 2004 the guide to all things maritime is now available and searchable, online. It has developed into the largest database of marine businesses, marinas and boatyards in the Asian region. Marine Directory Asia connects yacht owners, managers and marine businesses throughout South East Asia. It lists over760 marine…

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pier review

The yacht marina industry has been vibrant for the last few years. Here are just two good news stories. White Bay 6 Marine Park located in Sydney Harbour has achieved level 3 Clean Marina accreditation. This comparatively new facility is a supplier of boating fuel on the harbour as well as providing boatyard and dry stack facilities and services. Further up the east coast the redoubtable Abell Point Marina received a plethora of awards at the recent Whitsunday Tourism Awards at Hamilton Island. It was awarded with ‘major tourism attraction’ for the second year running. This is despite losing 20 per cent of its on-water infrastructure just five months prior due to Tropical Cyclone Debbie sitting over Airlie for a full day. Other operators who work out of the marina also took out…

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eden marina

THE NSW Government has called expressions of interest for a wave attenuator in Snug Cove, according to Robert Bain, secretary of the Port of Eden Marina Association (POEM). This will be followed by tenders for construction for the Safe Harbour Project. Eden is the only deepwater port for small vessels in South East NSW and East Gippsland. The addition of a safe harbour in Snug Cove will be very welcome by permanent and transiting boats, including the Sydney-Hobart fleet and cruising yachts. The main criteria for the attenuator will be creating the maximum protected area in Snug Cove without impacting on the berthing pocket for the cruise ships and ensuring that marina wave requirements are met. NOTES: ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN METRES U.N.O. MARINA STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS AND PILES ARE SUBJECT TO DETAILED DESIGN. ON SHORE LAYOUT…

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maritime art award winners

TED Dansey has been named the winner of Australia’s leading maritime art awards: ANL Maritime Art Awards and Exhibition, run by the Melbourne Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV). The awards showcase artists who have created pieces based on the theme, ‘the relationship between humanity and the sea’. Since their inception in 2002, the awards have grown significantly in size and recognition, “the charity relies on the support of the artists, the sponsors and the art community in raising funds for work of the organisation established in 1857,” said Mission to Seafarers Victoria chief manager, Sue Dight. “We are thrilled with the response of the artists to the theme with both traditional and contemporary works. This year a total prize amalgamation of $29,000 will be awarded to artists across five categories. This includes Ted…