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Cruising Helmsman May 17

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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everything old is new again

IT HAS been over ten years since Cruising Helmsman had a makeover. January 2007 saw CH begin the year with a slight change to its look. Back then the headlines included cricketers Justin Langer, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath announcing retirement from Test cricket; the first Apple iPhone was launched, beginning the slow death of the ubiquitous Nokia 'brick' and Barack Obama had not even been elected for his first term as President of the United States. It all seems so long ago. But some things never change, that first issue of the previous redesign included an article by none other than Jill Knight; and look who appears on page 18 of this month's issue! Other contributors in the January 2007 issue, still hanging around and providing excellent content, were names such as:…

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enter the cruising helmsman short film competition

DO you think you have the story-telling skills to send a short film into Cruising Helmsman’s Seabbatical Film Fest? In a first for Australia and working in conjucntion with Multihull Central, we are offering all sailors the opportunity to send in a story. But not for the Cruising Helmsman print magazine, but our own short film competition. The judged winner will receive a Wasp action camera supplied by All Marine Spares and valued at $460.00. We are searching for the world’s best cruising short films, shot in the spirit of adventure and capturing inspirational experiences caught on camera while cruising on some of the world's most breathtaking bodies of water. Video entries are open worldwide to anyone who has filmed an experience, culture, destination and wildlife above or below the water. But it must…

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cruiser of the year: two of last year’s best

ONCE again the Cruiser of the year award is on for 2017. After Alan and Patricia Lucas winning the first award in 2016, the nominations have been opened again for this year. If you know of anyone deserving recognition for their cruising accomplishments then send your nomination into Phillip Ross using the contact details on page four. Potential candidates must have done something seen by others in the cruising community as beneficial or exceptional. Top priorities in my mind then would be someone who may have written guides, or books that are of use to the cruising community. Or maybe some altruistic people who helped disadvantaged communities in Australia or overseas. These are both endeavours without recompense or, at least are not a major source of income. Other considered candidates may be a…

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best of the web

MYSAILING.COM.AU/CRUISING LISA BLAIR Solo Antarctica circumnavigator Lisa Blair continues on her trek to be the fastest around the ice continent. This article describes her trip through 'iceberg alley'. http://www.mysailing.com.au/ cruising/lisa-blair-in-iceberg-alley-with-heavy-fog-and-no-visibility DEBBIE HAMMERS HAMMO Destructive Cyclone Debbie hit Hamilton Island with over 140 knot winds and stays the night. http://www.mysailing.com. au/latest/debbie-batters-the-whitsundays-cyclone-update GATHERING ON THE BAY The self-help support group Women Who Sail Australia held its second successful Gathering at Port Stephens in April.http://www.facebook.com/Women-Who-Sail- Australia-1497242983914517/ facebook.com/CruisingHelmsman…

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letter of the month

JONATHAN Neeves article regarding anchors and chain (November 2016) is spot on and should be the final say in dispelling the myths about the effect of catenary in anything more than light to moderate winds; that is, winds of less than 20 knots. I am surprised that many yachties still cling to the myth that catenary matters when it counts, winds above 20 knots. The internet has a number of calculators that measure the effect of catenary, the forces caused by different wind strengths and the pulling power of different anchors. Peter Smith’s thoughts (see http://www.petersmith.net.nz/boat-anchors/catenary.php) also provides other evidence to reinforce what Jonathan is saying. After living on board for six years and anchoring in strong winds a number of times I can assure readers that catenary does not exist in…

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get the mania my state wooden boat festival

LANDING at Hobart Airport in a howling southerly is usually a fraught affair. The weather tried to play a starring role during the four days of the My State Wooden Boat Festival AWBF), but it certainly did not dampen spirits. We landed on the tarmac with a heavy thump and a lot of rolling and yawing. My seat neighbour made many 'Signs of the Cross', so that helped. An amusing anecdote from the landing, however, came afterwards when everyone stood up to get their bags out of the overhead lockers. I think that plane had more boat shoes in it than a Sperry warehouse sale. How many other planes landing in Hobart were just like ours? THIS IS BIG Anyone who has been to Australia's biggest boat show, Sydney International Boat Show, will probably recall…