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Cruising Helmsman November 17

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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the mixing of racing and cruising

I HAD the opportunity to catch up once again with the product marketing director at Beneteau, Gianguido Girotti, during the last Sydney boat show. He is always up for a discussion and open about where he sees the international sailing market heading and where he is taking Beneteau in particular. Since the Beneteau Group are the largest yacht builders in the world, you tend to hang on his every word and you can be certain what he predicts is most probably true across the market. Coming from his racing yacht design background Gianguido looks to the innovations that racing yachts bring, to see where it can be utilised further down the ‘food’ chain. To this end, the boat builder recently launched its Figaro 3 class: the first production foiling, one-design monohull ever…

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cruiser of the year nominees: jack and jude binder

THE short tory of the Binder’s cruising history says they met, travelled, built a boat while having kids and then cruised. Magic some would say, or maybe it was fate. Either way a perfect nomination for ‘Cruiser of the year’ award Jack began life in America amongst skyscrapers and super highways, smog and streetlights so he rarely saw the stars. Except for wide sandy beaches and beautiful surf, he had few escapes from city life. A memorable time came when his parents took him on a donkey ride deep down the gloriously carved Grand Canyon that awakened his love for the great outdoors. Judith, a.k.a. Jude, had a completely different upbringing in a quiet north England town. Her family often explored the green hills overlooking the North Sea, fishing for tiddlers in…

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best of the web

MYSAILING.COM.AU/CRUISING THIS WEATHER IS NUTS You have probably heard of ‘Pacific Island time’ which runs much slower than usual time. Now we also have ‘Pacific Island weather reporting’. Here is Neil Bailey’s photo of a Fijian version of the old dangling string weather indicator. CHICKEN FEED There is the old saying that if you pay your sub-editors chicken feed you will get chickens as sub-editors. Well, here is contributor Rosemary Jildert’s proof. While writing next month’s excellent article on LPG regulations around Australia, she was constantly reviewed by her sub-editor Emmy. Nice work Em and, as an added bonus, you provide eggs. facebook.com/CruisingHelmsman…

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just the first day!

Deb Bott reports on the first day of the Sail West Kalimantan Rally for 2017. THE Rally was ready to kick off with five yachts plus ten eager Australians. We have done rallies before and usually the welcoming ceremony has been held at night with cultural dancing, speeches from the Regent and other officials over a well-prepared dinner featuring local fare. But this time we all headed ashore for our welcoming ceremony at 10am. What greeted us was overwhelming. It was as if everyone in Sambas had turned out to greet us, all the fleet members were mobbed with children gathering around, mums and dads all extending their hands for a warm handshake and everyone else looked on from a distance. We all felt as if were famous, everyone wanted a photo…

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letter of the month

PAPER CHARTS AND NO ROCKS CONTINUES Dear editor, Only belatedly I read the note by a Richard Evans’ (CH May 2017, page 10) under the caption ‘Paper, scissors, rocky road’. Are the requirements he stipulates for a chartplotter not already available? Evidently, one thing he wants to be able to do safely is to clear a reef at low tide when it happens to be on his vessel’s course. This is indeed brave. An electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), which uses as database an approved electronic navigational chart (ENC) or alternatively a so-called raster chart display, can interface with other navigational devices than just the GPS. Such as with gyro, radar, sonar etc. Companies which produce electronic navigation equipment are basically bound to comply with the standards set by the IMO. Provided…

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rendezvous raises a half million

WHAT do pirates, cruise liner dinner guests, sleeping beauties and yachties have in common? They were all in the Whitsundays for the last weekend of August 2017. A total of 205 boats and several hundred people converged on the Gloucester Passage for this year’s Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club Rendezvous. Among them were cruisers Rick and Glad Smith, who planned their costumes long before weighing anchor on the Clarence River for the event. Dressed in outfits incorporating Y-fronts, suspenders, cold cream, 1950’s hair rollers and cucumber eye patches, their interpretation of this year’s theme ‘what were you wearing when the ship went down?’ won them the coveted accolade of ‘best dressed guy and girl’ on the Saturday night. But it was their pirate treasure attire for the final day that really set them…