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Cruising Helmsman September 17

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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ring out the bells

IT IS the month where one’s thoughts once again turn to where we shall go in the warmer weather. As such we offer a diverse range of destinations for you to think, or dream, about. Both mid latitude and high latitude and one in-between. Cruisers tend to be solitary types, preferring the entertainment of their own company or, at most, of their compatriots. Shunning crowds is the norm, one of the main reasons regarding getting out there and experiencing the world. This is easy enough to do, there is plenty of space to get away but, sometimes it is worthwhile thinking about those places that do attract those noisy, bothersome tourists. Why are they so popular? Usually it is because they are easy to get to while providing those very experiences you…

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yotreps, 20 years young

FOR decades, commercial vessels taking part on the voluntary observing ship (VOS) scheme contributed observations to weather forecasting agencies to provide feedback on forecasting predictions as well as provide real time information for other ships. But, until 1996, there was no such facility for yachts crossing oceans. Most long term live-aboards will be familiar with the many amateur and commercial marine radio stations available as a source of forecasts. For safety reasons, many also run traffic lists taking daily reports of positions and weather from boats on passage. As anyone could imagine the volume of data collected would be quite considerable. Mike Harris often wondered what happened to it after it had been logged. On further investigation he found that often it was kept for a short time then dumped. This…

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three peaks png style

PAPUA New Guinea’s Skel Rice sponsored ‘Three Peaks Race’ was recently held in Port Moresby under clear skies and light winds in the beautiful Fairfax Harbour. This is a fun race that brings together sailors from multiple classes while also including swimmers and runners in an exciting event which circles the harbour. Runners swim ashore and race to the peaks of surrounding islands, ending with a gruelling race up and down the aptly named Burns Peak situated behind the Royal Papua Yacht Club (RPYC). This year attracted A Class racers, cruising yachts and Hobie catamarans making it a colourful start. The race brought together 59 sailors, 34 runners, 20 volunteers and the communities of Manuabada Island and Burns Peak with great spirit and a sense of adventure. Competition was close with mere seconds…

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anything but wooden

WHILE all the boats at this year’s Tasmanian ‘My State Wooden Boat festival’ were wooden, the fest was not. Around 220,000 visitors stopped by over its four days. Paul Cullen, AWBF general manager, said they expected some growth this year but, while attendance may have been static, all traders reported excellent results with some claiming record sales in the Maritime Marketplace. Record numbers of international visitors made the festival for 2017 another big winner for Tasmanian tourism. The United Kingdom recorded the largest percentage of overseas visitors (22%), with New Zealand (20%), Netherlands (13%) and the United States (12%) making up the numbers. A total of 150 boats made the trip from as far away as Western Australia plus ten boats from overseas, including the seven Dutch feature vessels, plus one each from…

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best of the web

CARIBBEAN CONCERNS The 35th America’s Cup dominated our website: mysailing.com.au during the last period. But two cruising stories still made it into the top ten. Once again it is a disaster story that people love to read about. While a couple had to be rescued off their yacht in the Caribbean after the engine failed, compounding the problem was the emergency services difficulties due to faulty equipment. TOP CRUISING TIPS The next top story was a lot more useful. Petrea McCarthy, editor of the Ideas Locker page and rigger in northern Queensland provided her ‘Twelve top tips for cruising’ as a simple wake-up call for all those thinking of heading out this coming summer. Maybe the couple in the Caribbean should have a CH subscription. Why not turn it into a tick list? facebook.com/CruisingHelmsman…

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not the news

WINS FACEBOOK As Cruising Helmsman Facebook page edges up to 5000 viewers we hit an all-time high. A video was found of a couple of young Indian boys demonstrating the unique sound of a Lister engine. Clearly India has a long affiliation with these old engines and this young boy has its recognisable sound down pat, all he needs is an empty plastic bottle. The laughter from his friend is definitely infectious. Over 56,000 people viewed the video! BAG THE EDITOR This photo also generated some Facebook interest. It showed CH editor Phil Ross hauling in the Code 0 on a Dufour 56 during a gybe. A few people took the opportunity to give Phil a subtle dig at his sailing ability, which he took with his usual aplomb. Check out the full test for this yacht on…