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November 2019

Share in the glamour and glitz of the movie industry with Empire, a magazine dedicated to delivering the latest interviews, movie reviews and behind-the-scenes stories from one of the most talked about industries in the world. Empire goes behind the scenes to bring you the real stories from the movie business, the stars, the latest releases in cinemas, video & DVD.

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this month at empire

DON’T ASK ME how, but it’s almost 2020. How did that happen? I thought we’d have flying cars, clear toasters and a way to figure out where I put my car keys by now. Alas. Fortunately, we have some great movies heading our direction next year and our 15-page 2020 Preview covers some of the ones that excite us the most. Dune, No Time To Die, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 are just a few of the titles you can check out starting on page 48. There’s also a bunch of must-sees left before 2019 runs out. We catch up with director Kevin Smith and talk to him about his brush with death and the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot where he brings back two of the least likely characters to…

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empire australasia

EDITORIAL EDITOR JAMES COONEY ART DIRECTOR NATHAN WYNYARD PHOTO EDITOR KRISTI BARTLETT 02 8114 9493 SUBEDITORS DAN LENNARD & THOMAS OAKLEY-NEWELL CONTRIBUTORS Michael Adams, Liz Beardsworth, Elizabeth Best, Simon Braund, David Michael Brown, Jenny Colgan, Nick de Semlyen, Fred Dellar, Andrew Dickens , James Dyer, Angie Errigo, Ian Freer, Alex Godfrey, Chris Hewitt, David Hughes, Travis Johnson, Dan Jolin, Tim Keen, Will Lawrence, Andrew Lowry, Ben McEachen, Jim Mitchell, Anthony Morris, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, John Nugent, Helen O’Hara, George Palathingal, David Parkinson, Seb Patrick, Sophie Petzal, Nev Pierce, Jonathan Pile, Olly Richards, Adam Smith, Beth Webb, Amy West , Terri White, Rod Yates. ADVERTISING Empire Brand Manager Ali McNamee 02 9263 9738 Director of Sales Paul Gardiner 02 9282 8676 Head of Agency NSW Karen Holmes 02 9282 8733 Victoria Head of Sales Will Jamison 03 9823 6301 Sales Director VIC,…

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GREATEST HITS Empire, I was reading the story on The Irishman in the last issue and it got me thinking – who is the greatest film hitman? My favourite has to be Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction; it doesn’t get much more badass than Jules quoting Ezekiel 25:17 before killing a man. Keep up the good work. STAVOS, VIA EMAIL We wouldn’t mess with Jules, and nor would we like him to lay his vengeance upon us. Good choice. COVER LOVER Dear Empire, what a dilemma your two Star Wars covers had me in! Do I pick Rey or do I go to the dark side and purchase the Kylo cover? After a good ten minutes at my newsagents, I decided I had to have both. I will read the Rey issue and keep the…

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letter of the month

SCENE TO BELIEVE I’m digging the ‘Classic Scene’ section on the last page of the mag. I had a think about it and I’ve got two favourites that I hope come up soon. The ‘Box’ scene in Se7en had a huge impact on me – I think I was 15 at the time and watching the movie at my local cinema with a friend. I still think about this scene from time to time. It’s unforgettable. The other one I’d love to see on that page is the ‘Coin Toss’ scene in No Country For Old Men. The writing here is so sharp and Javier Bardem is absolutely haunting. Anyway, just my thoughts. MARK, VIA EMAIL Both great scenes, Mark. We hope you like the Goodfellas scene in this issue.…

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no.1/ where have you been, jesse?

AARON PAUL THINKS Breaking Bad ended “perfectly”. When we last saw his character — meth-cooking, magnet-loving Jesse Pinkman — he was ragged, scarred and reeling from his enslavement by Uncle Jack’s neo-Nazi gang, speeding off into the night, high on freedom. Jesse’s story was done. Paul was satisfied. “My God, did he pay for his sins inside that buried cage,” he tells Empire. Yet, he says, during the subsequent years, “People kept asking me: ‘What happened to Jesse?’ Although I loved how it was left unclear, I’m glad that now…” He pauses and chuckles. “… it’s a little less so.” That clarity comes courtesy of the movie El Camino, written and directed by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Remarkably, it was shot completely under the radar last November in Albuquerque, New…

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no./ 2 it’s time to re-evaluate j.lo

WE’VE FALLEN PREY to one of the classic early 2000s pop blunders: we’ve all been fooled by the rocks that Jennifer Lopez has got. The star’s Oscar-buzzed role in Hustlers is a welcome reminder that Lopez is far from just tabloid fodder: she’s a hell of an actress. Lopez’s first leading role and breakthrough performance was 1997’s Selena, playing the talented, tragic Tejano pop star, putting her on Hollywood’s radar and kickstarting her music career. In Out Of Sight (1998) she and George Clooney burned up the screen as they matched wits and charisma. But (as with Hustlers) her strength there is not only in sex appeal but in substance; her US marshal is a focussed, confident career woman who knows exactly what she wants, even when her desires conflict with…