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Empire AustralasiaEmpire Australasia

Empire Australasia July 2019

Share in the glamour and glitz of the movie industry with Empire, a magazine dedicated to delivering the latest interviews, movie reviews and behind-the-scenes stories from one of the most talked about industries in the world. Empire goes behind the scenes to bring you the real stories from the movie business, the stars, the latest releases in cinemas, video & DVD.

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2 Min.
this month at empire

DO YOU REMEMBER the first time you saw Pulp Fiction? I sure do. Schoolie’s Week 1994, somewhere in Queensland. (Yes, I’m aware that several thousand sordid anecdotes from bogans Australia-wide begin with those exact same words.) Out of the dozen or so school friends who were away with me for a relaxing week of drinking tinnies in a squalid flat and not much else, not a single one was interested in attending the local cinema on opening day to see Pulp Fiction. Not. One. (This is even after I showed several of them a VHS of Reservoir Dogs at my parents place a few years earlier. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them wade in the gallons of fake blood with a side order of severed…

1 Min.
empire australasia

EDITORIAL EDITOR JAMES JENNINGS ART DIRECTOR KATIE SMITH PHOTO EDITOR KRISTI BARTLETT 02 8114 9493 CONTRIBUTORS Michael Adams, Liz Beardsworth, Elizabeth Best, Simon Braund, David Michael Brown, Jenny Colgan, Nick de Semlyen, Fred Dellar, Andrew Dickens , James Dyer, Angie Errigo, Ian Freer, Alex Godfrey, Chris Hewitt, David Hughes, Travis Johnson, Dan Jolin, Tim Keen, Will Lawrence, Andrew Lowry, Ben McEachen, Jim Mitchell, Anthony Morris, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, John Nugent, Helen O’Hara, George Palathingal, David Parkinson, Seb Patrick, Sophie Petzal, Nev Pierce, Jonathan Pile, Olly Richards, Adam Smith, Beth Webb, Amy West , Terri White, Rod Yates. ADVERTISING Director of Sales Paul Gardiner 02 9282 8676 Head of Agency NSW Karen Holmes 02 9282 8733 Victoria Head of Sales Will Jamison 03 9823 6301 Sales Director VIC, SA & WA Jaclyn Clements 03 9823 6341 Sales Manager Western Australia Nicky…

2 Min.

EMPIRE: MIND-READERS In the words of the old Warner Brothers cartoons’ pint-sized gangster Rocky, “I dunno how yaz dunnit, but I know yaz dunnit!” You read my mind. How you managed to put articles on so many of my favourite subjects into a single issue defies modern, or even ancient science. Tarantino. Avengers: Endgame. Spidey. Peter Jackson. Dark Phoenix. The Blair Witch Project. Tolkien. Scorsese. American Werewolf. Can... can you actually see me right now? Wait, how many fingers am I holding up? Whoah. Damn you’re good. You can bet a six-pack of choc tops I’ll be renewing my subscription. But then, you already knew that, didn’t you? RAY MILCZARSKI, HAMILTON VIC You bet we did. We even know that you’re reading a copy of Empire AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT. ACE GRANDMA I just moved…

1 Min.
letter of the month

I wanted to say thank you to Eloise for politely and articulately responding to Daniel (‘Don’t Drop The Politics’ in ‘Comment’, Empire June issue). I had to give up after several drafts of unpublishable expletive-riddled angry-ness. I absolutely love the inane, but I think there’d be few in the business of making film who didn’t want us arguing about their creations beyond the technical. If they have ‘human’ players they are political – the word comes from ‘polis’ = city / ‘polites’ = citizen: if it’s about us, it’s political. If someone doesn’t say something that pisses me off each and every month I feel ripped off – keep it up... sometimes you actually change my mind. ANN STUHT, VIA EMAIL Thanks for your articulate response, Ann (although we kinda wish we…

2 Min.
could she terminate a terminator?

JAMES CAMERON’S FIRST two Terminator films both rested upon the shoulders of a powerful female hero. But even the black-clad paramilitary Sarah Connor of T2 couldn’t hope to go punch-for-punch with a Terminator and come out on top. That all changes in Dark Fate, with the arrival of Mackenzie Davis’ Grace. “She’s been specially enhanced to fight Terminators,” explains director Tim Miller. “In the movie’s first big action sequence she’s just beating the living fuck out of him with a sledgehammer. It’s great!” Last seen changing nappies and downing shots in Tully, Mackenzie Davis’ latest role is a million miles from Jason Reitman’s super nanny. As a battle-worn fighter she’s all muscle and menace: a saviour from the future who’s neither human nor Terminator but somewhere in-between. “Mackenzie is fantastic,” says…

3 Min.
peggy carter is captain america?!

IN THE LATEST trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home (out 1 July), Nick Fury casually drops a bombshell: new pal/ potential villain Mysterio has come from another dimension. And while much of what Mysterio claims should be taken with a rather large pinch of salt, it seems to confirm a longstanding rumour: the MCU now exists in a multiverse. A long-established feature of Marvel comics, the ramifications for the MCU are huge, and far-reaching. Infinite universes mean infinite possibilities; nothing is off the table. So what is on the table, then? SPIDER-WOMAN — AND MORE! The thing about multiverses, as illustrated neatly by Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, is that it gives you options. What if Gwen Stacy were bitten instead of Peter Parker? Or Aunt May? (Aka — seriously — Spider-Ma’am). What…