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Issue 8

Enzo is an all-new quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari… the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest models, epic drive stories, track tests of iconic racers, tales from the past, and interviews with the leading personalities in the Ferrari world.

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red lines

I’VE NEVER MET Nicola Materazzi, our interviewee in this issue, but, as they say, I’m a big fan of his work. He was Ferrari’s chief engineer during the company’s first turbo era and was responsible for its first turbocharged road car, the 208 GTB/GTS turbo, and the fabulous 288 GTO, both of which we drive in this issue. Before Ferrari, Materazzi was responsible for the development of Lancia’s Stratos, and after found a new challenge at the Romano Artioli-era Bugatti with the eB110. But the most vivid experience I’ve had in one of his creations was delivered by the last car he engineered, the B Engineering Edonis. It wasn’t the prettiest car, but this rear-drive eB110 derivative, put together in workshops not far from the Marie Celeste-like former Bugatti factory in…

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f8 tributo replaces 488

‘As you would expect, the official performance figures are staggering’ AFTER A RELATIVELY short production run of four years, the 488 GTB is being replaced as Ferrari’s mainstream mid-engined V8 berlinetta by this car, the F8 Tributo. Somewhere in-between a facelift and a completely new model, the Tributo is clearly very closely derived from the 488, but Ferrari says it moves the game on in a number of important areas. Being a Ferrari, the story starts with the engine. The F8 features the most powerful version yet of Maranello’s much-feted twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8, at least as far as non-special-series cars go, developing an astonishing 710bhp (720 PS) at 7000rpm, with a no-less-impressive 568lb ft of torque at 3250rpm (that’s turbocharged engines for you). The peak power figure is 50bhp more than for the…

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ghosts in the machine

Ferrari describes it as its most extreme one-off design yet, and when you consider what has gone into the creation of the P80/c, it’s hard to disagree. It was built for a special customer – described as a leading connoisseur and collector of Ferraris – who wanted a state-of-the-art track car inspired by the great sports-prototypes of the late ’60s, specifically the 330 P3/4 and the dino 206 s. and that’s pretty much exactly what Ferrari has given him. The project started way back in 2015, meaning it’s had the longest development time of any of the recent special Project series of one-offs. the design was executed by the Ferrari styling centre under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, and, with the P80/c being intended exclusively for track use, particular emphasis was put…

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a sleeper awakes

THERE IS PLENTY of bad news at home right now, but we regret that we must begin by bringing you some more from across the pond: at the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island auction in March, a 2005 612 Scaglietti sold for $291,000. That is more in simple dollar terms than the car cost when new, and by some margin the most we can recall anyone paying for a 612 at auction since 2007, when the model was still in production. RM’s car was, unsurprisingly, an exceptional example, with flawless Grigio Ingrid paint and fewer than 3000 miles on the clock. Its rare six-speed manual gearbox no doubt helped, too; only 199 of the 3025 612s built were equipped with the do-it-yourself transmission. Still, the old-fashioned wiggle stick has not traditionally commanded quite the…

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going places

ONE OF THE REASONS WHY the Ferrari Owners’ Club is so successful is that it enables its members to get the most out of their ownership of the world’s most exciting cars. It does this by putting on events both at a national level (racing, track days, socials, picnics and more) and also within the regions. Across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales there are 24 area groups that put on a raft of fixtures throughout the season. Monthly meetings are a focal point for many of these groups, but most of them also organise regular runs out to places of interest. Some of the best area group events happen when two or more regions combine forces, whether that’s for a weekend away in the UK, a run out to a fabulous…