simple shapes, dynamic result

finished size: 75" × 85"

finished blocks: 42 (10") BLOCKS

I’ve been quilting for over twenty years and teaching for half of that time. I love to teach because I always learn something. I’ve recently been playing with patterns, learning about composition and design—and just plain having fun doing it! I’d love for you to have fun with me.

This is an easy pattern that uses only squares and rectangles. You can make three very different quilts, all from the same simple pattern! Use twenty 2½"-wide strips and some background fabric to make twenty easy blocks. The variety comes from rotating one small part of each block. Add sashing and/or borders to find new variations. I’ve included photos of three possible variations.



This quilt is bold and graphic, but don’t think that means complicated. Start with 2½" strips and sort them so you have 2 strips of each color. You will make 2 blocks of each color to match Judy’s quilt, however, this design could easily be made with one of each block using leftover strips. This quilt is so much fun, we dare you to just make one!

Use an accurate ¼" seam allowance throughout to ensure all elements of the quilt fit together well.


Assorted bright prints 42 strips 2½"-wide for blocks

Black speck print 2½ yds. for blocks

Black dot 1¾ yds. for border 1 and border 3

Black solid 13/8 yds. for border 2 and binding

Backing 73/8 yds.

Batting 83" x 93"


Patches are lettered in order of use. Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Border strips will be pieced and cut to exact length needed. You may want to make them longer to allow for piecing variations.

Assorted bright prints

Sort into sets of 2 matching strips. Cut from each set of 2:

8 rectangles 2½" x 4½ (B)

10 squares 2½" (A)

Black speck print 168 rectangles 2½" x 4½ (B) 168 squares 2½" (A)

Black dot 8 strips 3½" x WOF for border 1 9 strips 3" x WOF for border 3

Black solid 17 strips 2½" x WOF for border 2 and binding

NOTE: Fabrics in the quilt shown are from the designer’s personal collection.


1. Lay out a matching bright print set of 4 B’s and 5 A’s, plus 4 black speck print B’s and 4 black speck A’s as shown in Diagram I. Join into rows; join rows to make 1 block. Make 2 matching blocks. Repeat to make 21 sets of 2 matching blocks (42) total.

Judy McCrosky SASKATOON, SK judymccrosky.com

NOTE: Refer to Assembly Diagram for following steps, noting placements of matching blocks.

2. Sew blocks into 7 rows of 6 blocks each; join into rows. Join rows together to complete quilt center.

3. Join black dot border 1 strips and cut to sizes shown in Assembly Diagram. Matching centers and ends, sew black dot border 1 side strips to quilt. Repeat to add black dot border 1 top and bottom strips.

4. In the same way, add black solid border 2 and black dot border 3.

5. Layer, baste, and quilt. Judy machine quilted interlocking squares and rectangles across the quilt surface. Bind the quilt.

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