As the prince faces up to life outside the royal realm, he’s feeling regretful

Santa Barbara journalist Robert Eringer did not hold back.

Meghan gave the world a glimpse of herself.

This is one problem Harry will have trouble rewriting!

Prince Harry has returned to Montecito with his tail between his legs after being treated like a pariah by much of the royal family – and sources say things aren’t great on the home front, either.

“Going to London for his grandmother’s jubilee was rough,” says a source. “Harry experienced just how far he’s fallen down the pecking order.”

Our insider says Harry was also left “fuming” after Meghan, 40, threw his court row with the Home Office over whether he deserves Royal Police Protection into jeopardy by rolling down the window of her chauffeur-driven car to smile at onlookers after the Trooping the Colour parade.

“It made it look like she wasn’t worried at all about the very real threats they face.”

‘Harry experienced just how far he’s fallen’

But if the 37-year-old expected things to get better back at their $20 million mansion, he was mistaken. The family of four’s private jet had barely touched down when an opinion piece in the Santa Barbara News-Press savaged them.

“The British royal family is more popular than ever and has moved on mightily despite the efforts of Meghan and Harry to soil [their] image by laying the family’s dirty laundry on an Oprah Winfrey special,” writes Robert Eringer. “The duke’s new nickname might as well be ‘Second Row Harry’ based on the seating arrangements at St Paul’s.”

Sources suggest Harry was quite “stung” by the newspaper spray and reveal Harry and Meghan thought they’d be welcomed with open arms into celebrity-riddled Santa Barbara. “It appears they miscalculated,” says an insider.

Harry is also feeling the pressure from other parts of his life. “Netflix and Spotify are baying for content to fulfil his and Meghan’s contract and his publisher has ordered rewrites of his memoir.

“Harry has bitten off rather more than he can chew and if the past month is anything to go by, he can no longer fall back on royal support. It’s starting to dawn on him that he’s made a huge mistake in following Meghan to America and alienating their families.”