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Fast Ford

June 2019

Featuring performance-tuned road and track cars, product news, buying guides, technical advice, engine tuning, plus a massive section of Fords for sale, it provides a complete guide to the modified Ford scene for the first-time Ford buyer through to the full-on Ford fanatic.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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welcome to the june issue!

I hope you all enjoyed the 'Old vs New' theme running through the May issue? When we were working on that issue, it got me thinking – should we include more old-school content in Fast Ford to complement the already awesome selection of new age stuff we cover. Naturally, the answer was a resounding 'yes'! So, from this issue onwards you'll notice that we've added a hint of retro flavour to blend in with the more modern stuff too. This issue sees a new 'Motorsport Memories' feature looking back at some of the best-loved competition cars Ford has ever built – starting this month with the Escort WRC, a quick 'Back in the Day' page where we crack open the mag's archives, and the introduction of our 'Old School Hero' feature…

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fast ford

EDITORIAL EDITOR Jamie King Email: jamie.king@kelsey.co.uk ART EDITOR Mark Field CONTRIBUTORS Dan Bevis, Adrian Brannan, Graham Robson, Darren Mallinson, AS Design, Simon Holmes, Motorbase Performance, Paul Linfoot, Hannah Ward, Jason Dodd, Jon Cass, Jamie Arkle, Ian Allen ADVERTISEMENT SALES ADVERTISING SALES Natalie Harman, 01732 446757 natalie.harman@talkmediasales.co.uk PRODUCTION TEAM LEADER Melanie Cooper, 01733 362701 PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Samantha Tomkins, 01733 362705 Email: Kelseymotoring@atgraphicsuk.com MANAGEMENT MANAGING DIRECTOR Phil Weeden CHIEF EXECUTIVE Steve Wright CHAIRMAN Steve Annetts FINANCE DIRECTOR Joyce Parker-Sarioglu RETAIL DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Eleanor Brown AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Andy Cotton BRAND MARKETING MANAGERS Debra Hagger & Nikolas Lovely EVENTS MARKETING MANAGERS Kate Chamberlain EVENTS MANAGER Kat Chappell PUBLISHING OPERATIONS MANAGER Charlotte Whittaker SENIOR PRINT PRODUCTION MANAGER Nicola Pollard PRINT PRODUCTION MANAGER Georgina Harris PRINT PRODUCTION CONTROLLER Alicia Stewart…

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the element of surprise

Stealth goes a long way in the world of modified cars. There’s no greater joy than that of wiping the grin off somebody’s face who’s pulled up alongside you at the lights and assumed you were easy prey – whether you’re rocking a rough-and-ready sleeper, a huge-engined rat project, or a stock-looking car that hides surprising firepower, the effect is the same: the underdog scores another victory, and the balance of equilibrium is restored. A Series 2 RS Turbo could never be regarded as a sleeper, of course – its overt hot-hatch styling boisterously walks the walk, from an era when lipstick red wrote all the cheques and in-your-face spoilers were a must. It’s fair to say this model has passed into the pantheon of all-time greats, a car that so…

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FIESTA ST PERFORMANCE EDITION IS A UK-ONLY SPECIAL The Mk8 Fiesta ST has been universally winning hearts and accolades, just like the Mk7 that came before it, with its combination of stellar performance, playfully agile chassis, generous equipment and affordable pricing serving up the perfect package for today’s hot hatch enthusiast. And because the performance car buyers of the United Kingdom have always been such eager advocates of the hot hatch genre, we’re set to receive a UK-only special edition. The Fiesta ST Performance Edition will be a strictly limited run of just 600 cars, each one based on the three-door model in ST-3 trim. They’ll be distinguishable by their eye-catching Deep Orange paint, and the performance credentials are taken seriously with the upgrades focused on the chassis: the fresh 18in…

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news in brief

COMING SOON – 80S BOOKAZINE If you like fast Fords from the 1980s (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you’re in for a real treat. The teams behind Fast Ford and Classic Ford magazines are currently working on a special 100-page glossy bookazine, dedicated to the cars from a decade that defined fast Fords. Official on-sale date isn’t until the end of August, but keep an eye on the Fast Ford website and social media channels for further updates nearer the time. FORD FAIR TRACK TIME ON SALE Track time slots at this year’s Ford Fair are selling out fast! If you’re planning on attending the annual Silverstone extravaganza (and let’s face it, you must be – this is a no-brainer for every Ford fan) and fancy taking your car out on the…

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new stuff

REDLINE TUNING DASTEK UNICHIP From £780 (modern turbo engine) Remapping a car’s ECU is a key process when it comes to performance tuning, allowing the user to adjust the engine’s calibration to suit any hardware upgrades installed. And one way to do that is with Dastek’s Unichip – a clever system that works in harmony with the car’s factory ECU (therefore retaining all the same safety features and advanced engine control systems) but allows specialist mappers to adjust the parameters to remap the car for optimum performance. It’s all very clever stuff, and even allows wirelesslyswitchable maps and loads of other cool features – there’s detailed descriptions of how it all works on the website, it’s worth a look. www.unichipeurope.com DIRENZA MK7 FIESTA ST CAT-BACK £250 The Mk7 ST platform continues to be massively popular, with more…