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Finweek - English 24 October 2019

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from the editor

ja, né. We forget so quickly. And so easily. We forget to buy a stash of candles. We forget that we should keep our phones charged at all times, because, you know… We forget that traffic might be affected. We forget to save our files regularly to avoid any losses when the power goes out and the company’s generator takes just a tad too long to kick in. (Some businesses forget to refuel generators.) When things go well, we forget exactly how fragile South Africa’s power supply is. Then, one morning, about two weeks before Moody’s Investor Services’ next review of South Africa’s sovereign debt is due, the lights are out again. (Moody’s is the last ratings agency that’s kept SA’s debt at investment grade.) Reasons given by Eskom included “among others” that five generating…

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the second renaissance of finance

for much of the last five centuries, the core functions of banks have changed little. Their primary role as financial intermediary between a saver who deposits money and a borrower who receives a loan has remained. This exchange facility lowered transaction costs and allowed banks to ‘create money’, loaning out more than they had in deposits. This made banks pivotal in capital formation, which is essential for economic development. But technology is changing both the role of banks and the money they manage. Opening a new bank account at Tymebank requires only an ID and cellphone number. Tymebank’s ATMs are found in Pick n Pay stores and provide all the necessary services. No need for expensive bank branches and employees, keeping monthly fees to zero and transaction fees minimal. The bank had…

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in brief

“WHETHER IN THE COUNTRY OR OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY – [WE] WILL FOLLOW THEM UP.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa said he is confident the National Prosecuting Authority and crime intelligence authorities will be going after those complicit in state capture, the cost of which he placed at R500bn (one of several estimations) during his opening address at The Financial Times Africa Summit in London, reported fin24. Meanwhile, the US Treasury announced sanctions against the controversial Gupta family and their associate, Salim Essa, over their alleged role in state capture, referring to them as “members of a significant corruption network in SA that leveraged overpayments on government contracts, bribery, and other corrupt acts to fund political contributions and influence government actions”. “I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT IT’S GOING TO BE THIS DIFFICULT.” – CEO of PSG…

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coal train heading for disaster

safety concerns about a passage of Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) line operating near Ermelo in Mpumalanga province looks like it may trump the morality of producing more coal in the country. Speaking at a recent conference in Johannesburg, Exxaro Resources’ general manager for coal, Nombasa Tsengwa, said there was an urgent need to expand the Overvaal tunnel – if only because the project would avoid a potential collapse of the infrastructure. Until recently, the primary reason for expanding the Overvaal tunnel to two rail lines from the current one was in order to maximise coal railings to Richards Bay, some 850km away in KwaZulu-Natal. In so doing, more black-owned coal miners would have access to the export coal market through the Phase V expansion of Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), the export facility…

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why ditching coal isn’t clear-cut

Anglo American said it had no intention of distancing itself from the World Coal Association (WCA), of which it is a member. “We took a conscious decision that is probably in our best interests to remain in the World Coal Association so that we can shape both policy and debate about what is the right way to transition into the future,” said July Ndlovu, Anglo Coal CEO. Earlier this month, the Church of England Pensions Board, which has been active in lobbying for safer mining practices and for more aggressive adoption of climate control measures by the sector, urged BHP to distance itself from lobby groups inconsistent with global climate change limitation. The matter has been set down as an item in its annual general meeting. Ndlovu’s comments are consistent with Anglo American…